mercurial minutia

Alexandra BellissimoAlexandra Bellissimo

Quickie transit illustration of my weird astro minutia.

T. waning void moon (home) in Virgo conjunct natal Sun/Ura/Plu (self, health).
Mars (action) conjunct natal Mercury. (doors)
T. Uranus (high winds) conjunct natal Saturn (cold) in 3 (doors again) which trines Mars by the backdoor (12th house Sag) which in turn Q natal Uranus.

Worked all day (fulltime gig) & night (here at GMA) Sunday with the beginnings of sore throat.  Last night (Monday), restless sleep, crazy wind gusts. We were under a weather advisory (-10 + blizzard) that I was not aware of before retiring.

I wake up early am for meds to alleviate stomach issues (moon rules) found my backdoor was flung wide open and blowing snow was all over my living room, not to mention it was very cold.  Indeed, I now definitely have a sore throat. (My natal moon is in Toro (the throat) in 4 (home).

Had I read my cards last night this 5 pentsprobably would have come up, but alas, I did not.

Yet another good reason for 2 daily draws says T. Mars on Mercury in Libra, Moon in Libra.

Noted. Lesson learned.  (Mercury)

peace + health

4 thoughts on “mercurial minutia

  1. Take care of yourself dear Gneiss. I wish we could do a slight temperature transfer.
    Very hot down South here last few days. Yesterday I just had to clear out under the house and set up the bunker again under the house as it is too hot in the house in afternoons, not having cooling systems. 3 states have had terrible fires but it has lessened for now.
    38* C forecast here today! I am going into town today to do a card reading for a friend.
    1 because she has 4 dogs who love me! and 2 because she has an inviting spa in the yard

    • 38c/100 for you while tonight we expect -17c/0. Extremes both !
      Wondering why my OCD cat flips out over stray nibbles yet snow blowing *in the living room* is not worthy of tap dancing on my head. ?!
      Enjoy your visit, reading, spa w/friend and critters, sounds lovely.
      Sorry about flipping out over your dude. I was up too late, caught the whiff of fear-mongering, Sag Mars let ‘er rip. : / I will give him another go w/diff interviewer. I have read the 12 chakras via Sufian Chaudhary, there was some worth gleaning, so thank you for sharing.
      I read about the fires, thought of you, am very glad you are ok. x

      • so funny re: the cat. She’s the Virgo right?
        1 of the things I really liked about Bartzis, if you go further, is that he is totally against that whole fear mongering process, and I feel has a good balance on the perspective. It helped me get some thoughts right on that fear issue as it is something that really makes me back away in distrust from “the Armageddon let ‘er rip!” evangelists. Those dudes are creepy.

      • Yeah, she’s the Virgo/Felix one.
        I spoke hastily, will listen again. This Cap rising w/ Saturn falling backwards has a few touchy fear buttons. I’m a work in progress, patience is required. thank you x
        Agreed, Chicken Littles are not only infuriating, but missing the point. Wisdom rather than fear. We are all going to die at some point. End of the world doom and gloom shizz … is as old as Methuselah. Next !

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