cerebral root cellar

Peter by Brom
Brom !

New Moon 10 Aquarius
Thursday January 30
3:39pm CST, USA

Venus direct 13 Capricorn
Friday 31
2:49pm CST, USA

New Moon sextile the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, shifts perspectives, delivers electricity and a fabulous chance to break free into house Aquarius.
Check what house it lands in your chart, for specifics.

Aquarians are re-inventing themselves with this new moon.  Toros and Scorps are delivered creative tension, obstacles to overcome that make them hustle.  Libras and Gems find creative, intellectual ideas spin easily.  Aries and Sagittarius are called to shift perspectives, make new starts, esp. with others.

New moon, fresh starts.
Set your intent and move it on UP.

House Aries is one to watch – Uranus is focal point of a T-Square with Venus Rx/Pluto in Capricorn opposite Jupiter Rx in Cancer.  Home, teaching, networking, women, family and career are pushing forward in revolutionary ways.

Pisces Chiron is trine Jupiter Rx in Cancer at this lunation bringing super philosophical personal healing up from the depths of the well.  Chiron is also sextile Venus Rx/Pluto indicating deep rotted (ha mistyped, apt, leaving it) and deep-rooted healing is available if we only knock at the door of our own personal power.

Uranus waits for none, shifts gears instantly.  In tandem with this new Moon/Sun quincunx Jupiter Rx, we are adapting, expanding, changing attitudes and altitudes.   Venus and Jupiter Rx in closed mouth, restrictive signs, during a dark moon it is more like a rolling boil of pressure to succeed, our foundations in our world are shifting quietly, profoundly.

New Moons in Aquarius in particular are great for change – BIG change, breaking free, eccentric brainpan insight zaps will be in full force.
Use all the insights gleaned from Venus/Jupes Rx digging deep in the past, in the cerebral root cellar to propel you forward, to incite the desired change in your world at this new moon.