in full blood

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February 6 
Mercury Rx 3 Pisces
February 12
Mercury into Aquarius
February 28
Mercury Direct 18 Aquarius

Mercury stationing Rx while conjunct Neptune in Pisces, trine North Node in Scorpio is the last intellectual dip into emotional deep wondering wandering woolgathering waters.
All brain pistons firing on reviewing and recalibrating how we will be in service to and execute the crafting of our desired destiny.

First the intuition of the creative spirit moves us, then as Mercury moves into Aquarius, the creative intellectual spirit moves us to revise and reinvent old patterns of action in order to attract more balance into our daily lives.  This is particularly strong with Mercury trine to Mars in Libra.

Quickie draw from the Mary-El deck
Intent: What do we need to keep in mind during Merc Rx for best outcome, garnering biggest insights ?

photo 17

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
-William Blake

Judgement is all symbols simultaneously, innocence and experience joined.
It is the highest exaltation of life, through death and rebirth are redemption via change.  
A new consciousness awakens, arises; change in the face of everything.

Ace is the purest form of creative action, a seed of strength, energies channelled by the will and the power that drives personal expression.  Fire in the belly and wings of the spirit moving outward onward and upward – monumental momentum – seeing and sensing the world – vision crafted into unique creation from your own hands.

The creative process in full blood.