Love Matters

FullSizeRenderOracle of the Radiant Sun

Quick heads UP prior to New Moon at 29 Aquarius.
Interp/deets here.

Query:  Focus points prior to New Moon to enhance highest manifestations of personal goals for all.

Saturn exalted in Libra – balanced thinking/responsibility.
Scales & Sides.
Life & Death

Ambition coupled with justice.  
Trying hard to please and promising more than can be delivered.
Read the fine print prior to partnership.

Form stable enduring efforts, solid relationships.
Love matters.
Awareness/concentration re: an agreement of importance.

peace out
Gneiss Moon

Ride the Lightning

The Way by AudreyBenjaminsen on deviantART
Audrey Benjaminsen

Wednesday February 18
New Moon 29 Aquarius
Chicago 5:47pm
London 11:47am
Tokyo 8:45pm

New Moon/Sun in Aquarius is conjunct Neptune in Pisces while square Saturn in Sagittarius (out of sign).  Here we have a lovely dark moon wildcard – heady silent undercurrents of personal resolutions – past/future/now collide.  Dark moons are restful, contemplative and quiet – this moon awakens interior tectonic shifts.  Work it !

Culmination degrees are filled with energy expression of that sign, this Uranus-ruled new moon delivers innovation in spades.   We are heading into the last exact square of Uranus and Pluto on March 17 at 15 degrees of Aries and Capricorn, respectively.  This time both planets are direct and ready to seal the deal.

Mars at new moon is also at the culmination degree of Pisces ready to rock n roll into his ruling sign, Aries on the next day, Thursday the 19th, 6:11pm Chicago time.
Venus follows Mars into Aries the day after at 2:05pm Chicago time.  These two lovers meeting in Aries delivers an onrush of brand new shiny hot to trot energy that is backed up by Uranus in Aries trine Jupiter Rx in Leo.  Note the illustration above was also chosen as a nod to Chinese New Year of the Sheep…more on that soon.

This new moon we’ll be revving our engines & layin’ tread at the 29 degree stop light.  Get your head right prior to, these energies are ripe for change – juicy red fruit is ready to be picked.  (Just got a visual of Sharon Osbourne pitching a ham over the fence at her noisy neighbors, so putting it out there for ya.  Like I said, 29 degrees – over it.)  

New Moon in Aquarius accentuates change, innovation, polarity therapy, yin/yang, electricity, angelic intervention, clairvoyance, and the curious.  If you are seeking a shift in perspective, output/input, altitude – this is your new moon !

Squares to Saturn in Sagittarius with Jupiter Rx indicates rolling with your changes, though you may not SEE the whole enchilada or bullseye goal set at this time.  Just keep walking, swimming, flying or crawling if you have to.  This new moon delivers the beginnings of lasting change – it is upon us, we may as well ride the lightning.

peace out
Gneiss Moon

Star of the Ship

FullSizeRender 3Book of Doors

Jan 20 New Moon 0 degrees Aquarius
7:14am Chicago

Jan 21 Mercury retrograde in Aquarius at 17 degrees 
February 11 Mercury at 1 degree (out of shadow March 4)

New Moon in house Aquarius brings new intellectual and emotional beginnings, particularly with Moon conjunct Sun both quintile Uranus (rules Aquarius and this New Moon).  Here is a gift from the universe, a spiritual talent to be expressed – look to your houses of Aquarius and Aries for more clues.

New Moon/Sun sextile Saturn in Sagittarius shoots a beam of invention, creation and new possibilities into envisioning work.  Manifestation is limitless in the mind’s eye of Sagittarius, and it begins with having some fun and getting out of old environs, blowing the cobs out.  Shift stagnant energetic perspectives by driving a new route or changing the stuff that surrounds you in your environment.  Creative polarity shifts are further highlighted by Uranus in trine to Jupiter Rx in Leo.

Mercury stationing retrograde near this lunation delivers more perspective shifts – inward focus will be the reinvention, reintegration of mind, messages, where we have become too fixed in mindset will become more obvious as the retrograde works its magick in Aquarius, the house of allies, wishes, angels and fellowship.

Note also Uranus is square Pluto with one more hit left to go, on March 17, card below speaks to the metamorphosis inherent to this aspect.

Now for the card pulled for perspective shifts/insights.
Nef: Bennu: The Family of Wind
“To Shine, To Rise”

Bennu is the Phoenix, the elixir of immortality, the quintessence of physical rebirth, rising from the alchemical furnace.  It represents a new condition, new beginning.
The sacred Heron of Heliopolis, it was later called phoenix (see Pluto) by the Greeks.  Bennu is the soul of Ra, Sun God, guide to gods in the Duat.

Also of note: the planet Venus was called the “star of the ship of the Bennu-Asar” mentioned as the morning star in this invocation.  I am the Bennus, the soul of Ra, and the guide to the gods in the Tuat; let it be so done unto me that I may enter like a hawk, and that I may come forth like the Bennu, the Morning Star.

Hawk totem here.
Heron totem here.

This card symbolizes great purity and being free as a bird.

Gneiss Moon

cerebral root cellar

Peter by Brom
Brom !

New Moon 10 Aquarius
Thursday January 30
3:39pm CST, USA

Venus direct 13 Capricorn
Friday 31
2:49pm CST, USA

New Moon sextile the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, shifts perspectives, delivers electricity and a fabulous chance to break free into house Aquarius.
Check what house it lands in your chart, for specifics.

Aquarians are re-inventing themselves with this new moon.  Toros and Scorps are delivered creative tension, obstacles to overcome that make them hustle.  Libras and Gems find creative, intellectual ideas spin easily.  Aries and Sagittarius are called to shift perspectives, make new starts, esp. with others.

New moon, fresh starts.
Set your intent and move it on UP.

House Aries is one to watch – Uranus is focal point of a T-Square with Venus Rx/Pluto in Capricorn opposite Jupiter Rx in Cancer.  Home, teaching, networking, women, family and career are pushing forward in revolutionary ways.

Pisces Chiron is trine Jupiter Rx in Cancer at this lunation bringing super philosophical personal healing up from the depths of the well.  Chiron is also sextile Venus Rx/Pluto indicating deep rotted (ha mistyped, apt, leaving it) and deep-rooted healing is available if we only knock at the door of our own personal power.

Uranus waits for none, shifts gears instantly.  In tandem with this new Moon/Sun quincunx Jupiter Rx, we are adapting, expanding, changing attitudes and altitudes.   Venus and Jupiter Rx in closed mouth, restrictive signs, during a dark moon it is more like a rolling boil of pressure to succeed, our foundations in our world are shifting quietly, profoundly.

New Moons in Aquarius in particular are great for change – BIG change, breaking free, eccentric brainpan insight zaps will be in full force.
Use all the insights gleaned from Venus/Jupes Rx digging deep in the past, in the cerebral root cellar to propel you forward, to incite the desired change in your world at this new moon.