Whenever I see a hawk I think of my brother.
He had Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury all in Aquarius.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and both rule flight and birds.
Aquarius is an air sign, although Aquarius is called the water-bearer because February brings the purifying spring rains.

Birds / Air = messages and communication
The message may be written or spoken, but it may also be intuition (Uranus) calling.

I was followed by hawks when my brother died…they were everywhere and I was dreaming of them too, making artwork revolving around hawks and I found it comforting.  It eventually slacked off a bit, then happened only occasionally.

Neptune entered the fixed electrical sign of Aquarius in 1998, Neptune is my most highly aspected planet.  In 1998 my life turned ugly real quick.  Then it got worse.  Those of you who have read my blog awhile know I am quite keen to get Neptune out of Aquarius and back into Pisces.  

A few months ago hawk came again.   Hawk swooped towards me, low over my head late summer while I stood in my driveway, then flew over my house.  Not long after, maybe a day or two, hawk flew me home.  I was in my truck and hawk was overhead following me into my driveway then flew over the hood of my truck into a nearby tree.  Hawk brought changes.

Hawk medicine brings swift changes.  Air messages are not only spoken but also represent thoughts and where they lead.  Thought is the basis of future action, use hawk higher vision to make wise choices.
Wind is the life of hawk, signaling a need to use intent to cleanse the body with each breath of air.  Breathing and quiet meditation makes higher / sharper vision possible.

Observe where the winds of life are blowing, and ride the updrafts when possible.  Hawk reassures us we are on the correct path using keen instincts and clarity of vision.  Hawk has long-range vision, sees the truth and symbolizes that new opportunities are about to become visible.


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  1. My hawk just came to visit and rest awhile. Let me know that he was watching over me. What a beautiful and comforting thought.

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