Ride the Lightning

The Way by AudreyBenjaminsen on deviantART
Audrey Benjaminsen

Wednesday February 18
New Moon 29 Aquarius
Chicago 5:47pm
London 11:47am
Tokyo 8:45pm

New Moon/Sun in Aquarius is conjunct Neptune in Pisces while square Saturn in Sagittarius (out of sign).  Here we have a lovely dark moon wildcard – heady silent undercurrents of personal resolutions – past/future/now collide.  Dark moons are restful, contemplative and quiet – this moon awakens interior tectonic shifts.  Work it !

Culmination degrees are filled with energy expression of that sign, this Uranus-ruled new moon delivers innovation in spades.   We are heading into the last exact square of Uranus and Pluto on March 17 at 15 degrees of Aries and Capricorn, respectively.  This time both planets are direct and ready to seal the deal.

Mars at new moon is also at the culmination degree of Pisces ready to rock n roll into his ruling sign, Aries on the next day, Thursday the 19th, 6:11pm Chicago time.
Venus follows Mars into Aries the day after at 2:05pm Chicago time.  These two lovers meeting in Aries delivers an onrush of brand new shiny hot to trot energy that is backed up by Uranus in Aries trine Jupiter Rx in Leo.  Note the illustration above was also chosen as a nod to Chinese New Year of the Sheep…more on that soon.

This new moon we’ll be revving our engines & layin’ tread at the 29 degree stop light.  Get your head right prior to, these energies are ripe for change – juicy red fruit is ready to be picked.  (Just got a visual of Sharon Osbourne pitching a ham over the fence at her noisy neighbors, so putting it out there for ya.  Like I said, 29 degrees – over it.)  

New Moon in Aquarius accentuates change, innovation, polarity therapy, yin/yang, electricity, angelic intervention, clairvoyance, and the curious.  If you are seeking a shift in perspective, output/input, altitude – this is your new moon !

Squares to Saturn in Sagittarius with Jupiter Rx indicates rolling with your changes, though you may not SEE the whole enchilada or bullseye goal set at this time.  Just keep walking, swimming, flying or crawling if you have to.  This new moon delivers the beginnings of lasting change – it is upon us, we may as well ride the lightning.

peace out
Gneiss Moon