Quickdraw, you interpret !
Card above is the spirit card (card undearneath the deck) aka message from spirit.

Shiny little Leo creative head… I love it !  Leo is creativity & kids & fun !

ErosFlood of Pisces at the moment…pic via StarWalk

The quick astro on current transits of Venus and Mars here.
Venus in Pisces here.
Mars in Pisces here.
Neptune here.
Chiron here.

Eros and Venus are bang on today ! (read below)
Note: Venus moves out of orb quicker, but Eros and Mars are on (in orb, aka interacting) for the next 20 days or so.

imageThe card above points to is the high qi expression of current astro.

Eros (asteroid 433) is joie de vivre, passion for life !

Eros delivers pleasure + pleasure seeking, flirtatiousness, artistic urges, creative solutions and living life by the seat of your pants.  Eros in tandem with Venus and Mars in Pisces is spiritual love, soul recognition, the desire to connect, turned on to the max.
Sneaks up on you kinda thing.

Enjoy all the creativity flowing in, through and around you.

peace & LOVE peeps
WoOoHoOo !
Gneiss Moon