THE Queen

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Venus in Leo is a stage-driven, dramatic, warm-hearted show-pony.  She shines brightly, filled with creativity and regal flair due to influence of the Sun.   The thing to understand about this Venus is the prep behind her – backstage is the beginning – calculation and creation takes place long before she hits the stage for the big show.

This is a powerfully imaginative Venus who enjoys games, laughing and having fun.  Artistic and original, Venus in Leo has the dignified power of the Sun behind all self-expression.  She is charming, graceful, warm-hearted and kind, this placement of Venus is loyal due to the fixed nature of Leo.

Venus in the sign of Leo is pleasure-seeking, they play long into adulthood and need little encouragement to bust loose with some flamboyant scheme for creating fun.  This Venus is friendly and warm, and their penchant for play attracts the favor of children, they have an endearing quality and tend to be kind of goofy.

Leo Venus is generous, and under good aspects – she joyfully shares her charms and creativity.  Under difficult aspect this Venus can be vain, proud and self-centered, overly concerned with upstaging everyone else and being the whole show.

This Venus is in love with love, craves elaborate demonstrations of affection, constant praise and worship.  They crave excitement and large-scale stage-production style romance.  They in return give the same magnificent gestures to their mate, with pride and affection.  It is of utmost importance to remember they insist upon being Numero Uno in their mates love life – anything less will greatly offend their pride- put others above them at your own peril.

This Venus will attract money and wealth in the fields of the creative arts, beauty, fashion, social graces and entertainment.  Their earning potential is pronounced when they are able to freely and creatively express themselves in the lead role.

Venus in Leo doesn’t want to be A Queen she wants to be THE Queen.


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  1. Personal story:
    Years ago in a velvet dark hot, wet, night amongst the clamor of carnival ride squeals, sparkling flashing lights and the sticky sweet smell of cotton candy, I spied a ring.

    It was a weighty, gaudy sterling silver jewelry puzzle fashioned into the shape of a hand.
    What was it hiding underneath ?

    I wrestled with the bulky clasp until the tattooed biker selling it helped me pry it open.

    What popped up turned me 99 shades of red and I burst into fits of embarrassed giggles.
    It surprised me then ….. it surprised me even more years later.
    (You know who you are. x)

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