UP Periscope

photo 13Mary – El Tarot

Pulled these two cards this am to gain a higher perspective upon the astrology I already know. I call it :: UP PERISCOPE :: as I know what the ‘energies’ are, but want more specific guided focus.
I hook my 9th house Virgo Sun/Uranus/Pluto directly into the collective – intent being the highest manifestation for all my readers via not only my question – but also my answer through what the cards spur me to SEE in the current transits, therefore write.
Big wheel, I like to hone in. Capisce.?  Good.

Ace of Disks
Manifestation in it’s purest form, plain and simple.
As without. so within.
Prometheus stole fire from the gods while also finding it within himself.  Within the multitudinous universe, within the flesh and bone and heart lies the golden seed, the golden star, the golden soul – in essence the spark of the cosmos.

Pictured is the minotaur (named Asterion, which means star) representing a star bound by the form of flesh, trapped into matter.  Asterion weaves his way throughout the labyrinth, its riddles and challenges as do we in our earthbound lives.
We must develop parts of ourselves from the stage of one, as we face the challenges of the maze, we learn, grow.

I am drawn to delineate both the Sun/Mercury conjunction in Leo – as well as the Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Leo.
Leo is life, spirit , creativity and will
Scorpio is hidden depth – mysteries, the unseen, power control, death, metaphysics.

The Venus Jupiter square Scorpio Saturn is what we are manifesting within (square) and without (Jupiter and Saturn are social planets, Libra rules others). Personal Power is off the charts for fixed signs at the mo via squares – inner tension.
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius.

Self-control is of utmost importance, when that is established – then move outward. 

photo 12Spirit card – Justice.

Know thyself.
Ground wishes with action, create thy reality – be the crux of the real and the sublime.

Maat is Life, inside the Hall of Two Truths – Body & Soul.
Chaos is the undivided source of life.
The whole world is in labor pains with Uranus square Pluto – – are we not ?

Saturn and Pluto in mutual reception with Uranus square Pluto means old corporate/authority paradigms are crumbling while new shifts of power and perspectives are being born to replace them.

I have been getting spirit messages right and left -nothing new really, I always have- but, I am keenly aware many who are not used to getting spirit messages – are getting them and likely getting a bit wigged out by it.  Remain calm.

I have been receiving/reading the signs all my life – but animal totems, strange occurrences, oddball things popping up, auditory clues, tons of synchronicities etc… are stepping it up a notch or two with both Uranus square Pluto and Saturn and Pluto in mutual reception.

I am also hearing from people who do not normally get these messages, asking what do they mean ?  Do not panic, remain calm – the veil is getting thin between worlds under these aspects – we are able to sense a wider perspective than just the material world more readily.

Synchronicities are signposts on your journey. 

Each message is personal to you and yours, you and your life, you and your experience – the message was meant for You and You Alone are the expert interpreter of your message.

Eight (Justice) is the internal process of reconciliation where one is purified and transformed.  If you pass the test – you will manifest your true self, you will become the vision of your Eternal Magician.
It is important to remember the true heroes journey lies within, then without.  
People do not view life through the same lens.
Try addressing viewpoints first, try to clear misunderstandings of tone/voice/thought before immediately firing up the weapon/pen/tongue lashing.

Pointing fingers at others is aggression – that leads to the dark side.
A Jedi uses the force for defense only.