photo 14Tarot of the Origins

New Moon 2 degrees Virgo
August 25
9:13am Chicago
August 26
2:15 Wellington

New Virgo Moon (conjunct Sun – see card VI above: UNION) delivers many, many interesting things – thoughts primarily, that are of course grounded & backed by slow, steady action on the earthly, material plane.

The card I pulled to point toward our highest manifestation of this new moon is above. Choice, contracts, forming a union, marriage of both solar and lunar principles – the solar conscious and lunar subconscious meet to become ONE.  Destined marriage born of mutual attraction…also, LUCK.

Although every moment holds the promise of change, New Moons accentuate this promise, they urge us forward in the process by holding up the mirror (Moon/ Mercury) to ourselves.
Mercury rules Virgo – mirror magick is exceptionally strong with this New Moon.

During New Moons we (conscious – solar & subconscious – lunar) are side by side looking into the mirror : two FEELS more like ONE.  Instinct and will are a team, setting intentions for growth during the coming lunar cycle.
New Moons bear a spark that grows into the knowledge of the next full moon.

New Moon opposes Neptune Rx in Pisces, while Neptune is in quincunx to Leo Jupiter. Inward seeking emotional thought missiles are forcing adjustments in altitude and  WILLpower.  Use the power of word wisely.  Tossed without thought or care, they return to haunt.  Also worth noting is the Walk and the Talk – the student is also the teacher.

New Moon in Virgo seeks daily grounding through ritual, the ever present quantum universal spirit tangible in each moment.  Respect and gratitude for all life, including your own.  Think also of TIME: workload, practicality, constraints and excess – trim & streamline. 

Givers have to set boundaries, because takers rarely do.

At new Moon, Venus is Square Scorpio Mars/Saturn while in trine to Aries Uranus.
Uranus is quincunx Mars/Saturn.
Balance is won through the school of hard knocksappreciate the dark, for it teaches what the light IS.
Both have a place in this world.
Yang to Yin.  Life to Death.
Blasted towers bring destruction, then enlightenment follows.
The cracked seed pod is then able to sprout, grow.  

Shifts in thinking re: balance of money/love, time and working lead to healthy new growth with this new moon.

Blessed be.
Gneiss Moon