Minutiae Magnates

Jen Corace, God’s EyesJen Corace, God’s Eyes

Mercury in Virgo, the sign it rules, is the epitome of mind over matter.
Here, the trickster planet is grounded in practical material matters, logically taking one thought at a time, connecting the dots, unveiling the layers and making them work.

Micro management of their universe hides the humble Virgo stewardship of the divine in the small.  This Mercurial way of thinking analyzes, categorizes and organizes life’s sacred patterns in order to better understand The Order of All Things. Virgo Mercury heals through familiarity – they notice everything, are duty-bound and determined to delineate patterns to perfection.  Problem-solvers who are receptive to change, they are forever seeking improvement and information.

System / Symptom analysis wizards, they are not only the first to notice when something’s awry, askew, or not functioning to its highest efficiency – they think/plan ahead, anticipating future needs and unforeseen circumstances.  These are the ‘just in case’ people, the scouts and the servants.

Mercury in the earth element is practical, skillful, building; in a mutable sign, adaptable and lively.  Expert readers of the body-mind connection, they know their instrument and tune it well.  Mercurial Virgos are adept at the written & spoken word, they sublimely cut straight to the chase.  Witty wordsmiths, their speech is eloquent and precise – they are fully aware that Mercurial mind over matter equals the casting of spells. 

This Mercurial Virgo finds infinity in moments via daily ritual and routine.  An uncluttered home, mind and life reveals a vast peaceful stillness: ‘On Earth as it is in Heaven’.  Daily practices of briefly quieting their overactive mind of excessive worry will greatly benefit the nervous system.  This Mercury loves work variety – they excel when mentally engaged, their hands are kept busy and they are allowed to roam unimpeded within a structured environment.