Venus in Leo !

Spotlight on swagger, confidence, a strong center of friendly attraction (Venus), zen cool and poise.  Being okay with letting it all hang out and being your SELF.  The Pleasure Planet meets the house of gambling, fun, risk and romance.
Pictured above is my girl cat doing her best Jabba impersonation.

I can’t read the words Jabba the Hut without doing the laugh (Venus rules laughter) to go along with.

Poor kitty, how undignified – the Jabba comparisons, but she is a goofball, kind of a ham.
She’d be cool with it.
Her brother is the real *DIVA*.
(sadly, not pictured this time)

This is new grey kitty . . . grey kitty has adopted us.
Grey kitty has got his bravado (Leo) going full blast against pacifist neighbor kitty.
I had to police this little drama.  
Nip it in the bud.

Strangely enough, grey kitty appeared after a powerfully secretive local man passed away.  Rumor was there were 20 + cats on the 3 story (formerly posh) property – property with no kidding, about a zillion trees (one planted every 5 ft or so).  He was a drinker, I waited on him once at the gas station I worked at – sold him a gallon of Vodka in the early am with one teeny breakfast juice as chaser.  (Neptune rules liquor & gas, secrets)

Why I mention, you ask ?  

I have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo (cats) on the 8th house of death, square Scorp Neptune in 11th (Uranus rules 11th, and adoption, my Uranus is conjunct Sun, rules Leo)

Venus in Leo brings dramatic powerful friends – possibly rivals for the spotlight or open enemies – 7th house (Libra) rules.  
Sun is vitality, Venus rules balance and what you / we have. Everyone is unique (Sun) and has personal gifts and traits to offer in order to enrich the whole.

Equal partners, equal rights.

Peace out !


2 thoughts on “Equals

  1. Yesterday morning, 2nd July, early, I was dreaming that i had joined the police force, so not me. but they were nice people in a small town up the road. Anyway I went for a wander and got lost. I crossed a backroad and a little black cat, pretty scruffy with a scungy unlit cigarette in her mouth walked by my right side across the road with me. She dropped the cigarette after a while. This has given me much thought all day. In some ways she represents those fringe aspects of me, and she is also a dream guardian. I’m not really a cat person, but this 1 intrigues me and I am grateful to her.

    • love the foggy relay, dream sequencing, thought process, the quiet (?) moments.
      right is future; cats, independence
      warm hearts too.
      I dreamed of blue brillo kitty before this post. kismet.

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