hang loose


Jupiter is safe at the plate in Cancer – sign of exaltation – the heavens part & the angels sing for Jupes in this house.

Happily, merrily we sail the emotional seas, ride the waves and feel the tidal pull of the moon, diving down into the depths – our well of psyche –  personal and global.
Cancers are packing (Cancerian crabs carry their homes on their backs) SUPERSHERO FEELERS at the moment.  La Familia

Thanks to Jupes the expansive biggie -size me planet, we get all get a dose of emoEMOEMO.  Your family, your tribe, your home – all these issues are paramount while Jupiter transits (approximately a year)

Women, memories, DEEP instinctual drives, inexplicable things that cannot be spoken, or adequately described with words – they can only be FELT.

Grand Water Trine washes up the strangest things from the deep seas … 5 Rx planets !
Mercury Rx
Saturn Rx
Neptune Rx
Chiron Rx
Pluto Rx

Jupiter in Gemini delivered enough factoids to make our brains burst – now the facts either stick like barnacles or wash away into the blue horizon. . .

Inward navel gazing set to planet womb – warp drive set to automatic drift.
Everything we THINK may not make sense at the moment, just SURF the waves.

hang loose

2 thoughts on “hang loose

  1. Great post, and love Steve Roach!

    Yes, Jupiter is transiting my Cancer ASC and Mars in Cancer (1st) for one year, and the chariot has taken off to create a plan of action, followed by 12 years of new growth.

    My baby sister is Cancer. So, it will be interesting to hear about what’s happening in her life over the next year.

    I agree, and have already experienced parting of the heavens, and angels singing.

    Thank you, again!

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