Emelie Schäfer

This wiki photo looks like my friend . . . who is carousing since the stars are out . . .

Thursday September 6

9:48am CST, USA
Venus into Leo

Pffoomph up the drama-rama mama !

Romance, creativity, play and social strut yer stuff will be pouncing and bouncing around the room !  Charm, grace, singing and dancing and expressing our hearts desires . . . oh this WILL be fun !   Venus has a tendency for generosity in Leo, this is good – just know money can slip right through the fingers in fun-lovin’, good time gambling Leo house.  

Picked up an interesting book tonight that recommended putting cat’s whiskers into the glovebox for vehicular safety and smooth rides.

Hmph !  Who knew ?!

Whiskers are ‘feelers’ – obviously intuitive and perceptive.  Cats use them to navigate, gauge distances and feel air currents so they don’t get stuck in tight places or crash into things.

Cats are also sneaks, so this may come in veeery handy for me – just sayin’ !  lol.

Cat whiskers help them get around more easily when the sun sets, darkness falls and they are out hunting.  Whiskers operate similar to horns on larger animals.  (Horns on totem animals operate as psychic antenna)

I just happen to have 2 cats, two whiskers and one rusty old dodge truck –
I am soOo doing this !

 oxo lotsa Leo lux cool cats oxo

. . . rRrrpurrrRrr . . .

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  1. Brian Setzer
    YaY !
    Aries Sun (trine Leo Uranus), Toro Moon conjunct Venus
    Pluto focal point of T-square: squares Venus and Jupiter which oppose each other
    Scorp Neptune trine Cardinal point (0 degree) Cancer Mars


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