The Tin rule is me first
The Silver rule is you first
The Golden rule is all of us first.

~Domo Geshe Rinpoche
Quan Yin Posing as Lord Shiva~
Performing a divine dance of creation and destruction.

Surrounding flames represent the manifest Universe.
Upper left hand holds angi (fire) – signifies destruction.
Upper right hand holds a ḍamaru (hourglass drum) – creation.
Stoic face of Shiva & Quān Yīn represents neutrality and balance.
Second right hand shows Abhaya mudra – protection from evil & ignorance.

Second left hand points towards the lifted foot – signifies upliftment & liberation.
Dance position performed is in which the universe is created, maintained and resolved.
Venus is quintile Uranus going direct ~ auspicious for creating love vibrations.