Plutonic Alchemy

Arthur Hugot

Those of you with transiting Pluto ripping through an angular house (1,4,7,10) – RESPECT.
I’m a Capricorn rising with Pluto ripping up my no longer secret identity in One. 

Pluto in One who the fuq AM I anyway  ?  is just as fun as it sounds like, but the really fun part is Pluto is also ripping up OUR identity via opposition with Seven.  Meaning me and you : never on the same turf for two consecutive minutes : the not – so – secret knock down drag out, we either are in peace talks or have each other by the throat.  Do we love or do we hate ?  Likely it is both – feels like both.

Thrillseekers note:
Pluto will deliver passionate desire right along with kickass rebirth.

Those of you with Pluto in Seven are feeling much the same as the Ones above, only your relationships with OTHERS are getting the major overhaul first and foremost and that means getting a grip on yourSELF as well.  Good luck with that – Pluto digs deep for the sludge in the swamp – what it dredges up is not for the hearts & rainbows crowd.
The scales of Justice and BALANCE are swinging wildly with Pluto in houses One or Seven.

Those of you with Pluto in Four and Ten – it’s your STeAmPunK coming OUT party !  What you once held private and oh – so – dear is now public fodder – Pluto is waving  your family flag for all to see.  Four gets primal pain and the whammy rebirth following  via home and private family matters undergoing metamorphosis.  I said steampunk because it is the POWER inherent in patching and piecing the plundered.  Positive mental & emotional alchemy made manifest on the physical – HOPE – the sword reforged.  REBIRTH.

Tens are undergoing much the same as the Fours only their career is kicking ass into high gear – take no prisoners.  Capricorn on Ten is fuq all ambitious, it is born and bred, they need to CLIMB and CONQUER.  Pluto ripping it up in career will shed light into the dark caverns of who has kept you from what you feel you rightly deserve.  Family or parents, most likely.  It will also shed light onto who or what you have USED to get where you are today, or conversely how others are using YOU.

One last thing… y’all out there feelin’ all cocky: ‘fuq yeah, I got a handle on this’ Pluto is in my Tenth or Fourth or whatever’ lol.  I got a newsflash for ya – Go back and re-read the whole thing – ’cause you are GETTING IT ALL via SQUARES or OPPOSITION to EVERY OTHER angle.

Ain’t that the fuqsticker  ?! . . . and I didn’t even mention Uranus.
See how nice I am ?

cheers to progress via Plutonic plunder
 clean up on aisle ONE

1 thought on “Plutonic Alchemy

  1. Pluto TWO & EIGHT rips into personal/shared assets delineating haves from have-nots, revealing deal-makers & breakers, self/shared esteem morph 24/7

    Pluto THREE & NINE disassembles patterns of thinking/learning, reboots versatility in the brainpan – life philosophies transmute via penetrating social interactions

    Pluto FIVE & ELEVEN provokes struggle in family pride/collective endeavors, willpower and ideals clash, passionate purge of creativity re: self/global aspirations

    Pluto SIX & TWELVE forces defiant analyzation of community/universal sacrifice, healing/spiritual modalities – body, mind, spirit connection across lifetimes

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