It is the “try” that is the more often counted as righteousness, and NOT the success or failure.
Failure to anyone should be as a stepping-stone and not as a millstone.

‎Edgar Cayce‬
reading 931-1
Tuesday 20
Full Moon in Aquarius

8:45pm CST, USA
So glad this popped up on twitter today, I am such a fan of both Edgar and Yoda.
Dovetails with my next interp very well, and it is also completely apt for me.:::::::::::::

The last 10+ yrs I have been re-framing my perceptions & re-framing my altitude to my highest most awakened degree possible.
still stumble. Quite frequently, in fact.

I am a Virgo, perfection is sought, but I am human; sometimes I fall short of that goal.
I have mentioned more than twice that Uranus/Pluto rules mistakes and I have them conjunct Sun in 9 aka broad daylight.
Broad Daylight.
I am – ahem – a Virgo Sun, mistakes are
frowned upon.
horrors !
I pick up, move on, plow forward with the mindset that I know less than many, and I also know more than many.
I AM what I AM and I’m okay with that.
I am an oxymoron – a student teacher.
I haven’t waited for the ok from on high saying I know enough.
I know enough already.
No one knows EVERYTHING.

Yes, I Crave More Knowledge, but I see no good reason not to teach what I DO KNOW, NOW.

If what I write doesn’t resonate with you, you may find the door and write your own blog to your satisfaction.  Thank you.
I am certainly happy to entertain ideas, or cuss & discuss opinions in comments, that’s up to you.  I will write, regardless.

This Uranus / Pluto square finds me with brain on fire, grasping concepts with all senses…think :  Quan Yin as Lord Shiva

I am working diligently to correct past mistakes, I feel them breathing down my neck, forcing life changes – but now faster than ever before with this square.
Oy !

Boho Bionic Breakthroughs

Left to right: Buddha, Merlinite wand, Piertersite and Tiger Iron globes, Obi-Wan Kenobi, 3D Sirius Black, Qui-Gon Jinn

…My wandering mind rambles to Luke sneaking into the cave on Dagobah with his saber, though Yoda said he wouldn’t need it.
Luke ends up fighting himself in the swamp cave.

His perceptions turn upside-down, hangman style, into opposition.

He sees the reflection of himself – from the point of view of the other.
(Vader, Yoda, and ultimately his own altitude)

He is thrown into peace talks with HIMSELF.

He sees the light and dark sides of the force – as they begin.
A root in HIS MIND.

He sees the real relation, the underlying theme.
That’ll twist your noodle, make no mistake.
Been there.

Fear, anger, aggression = The dark side.
Calm, passive, at peace = The Jedi way

Ponder your mirror aka your MOON and see what she reveals.

In your natal house, in your progressed chart, as she moves into Capricorn tonight and becomes full in house Aquarius.

Imagine the electrical buzz of your heart as a spot on the electrical grid that is felt by each connective spot around the globe.

A quickie story for ya while Jupes is in Cancer…

I was at the home (Cancer rules home) of my uni professor (Jupes rules college profs), and all the smarties were together having a party.  Was such a blast !  

We all ended up in the kitchen as party peeps always do – kitchen is ruled by Moon, snacks are ruled by nom nom nom.  hahaha  Ok, back to the deal… Someone leaned up against the refrigerator and got shocked.  eep !  ding Ding DING !

The fridge had an electrical short – so we did what any party crowd would do – we had the bright idea to jump the electrical charge through fifteen or twenty people.
Ya know, just see what happens !  lol

So we all gathered, held hands, had our little Kumbaya moment, the lead man touched the fridge . . . and twenty people stood watching the faces of those ahead in line for who was getting the electrical ZAP !  as it travelled along our group circle.  Fantastic yah !?  
Fun times !*
My point is – we were physically connected for the electrical jump – but we were also psychically connected for the electrical jump.

We ARE all connected
It’s just a matter of perception.

Ponder your higher heart vision as Moon Mirror moves to full in Aquarius opposite the Sun in Leo.

Aquarius is the sign of higher octave perceptions and polarities.
The ONE – born of two halves that equal One GLOBAL Heart.
Leo is the ONE – born of two halves that equal the One SELF Heart.

Are you Yin or are you Yang .. ? .. introverted or expressive .. ? ..
World needs both – good thing – each being is an amalgam of both.

Are your personal drives/valves/intent/hemispheres/halves working as ONE ?
Are you on YOUR OWN TEAM ?
Are you at ONE and at PEACE with yourself ?

Might be a fab idea to ponder before lamenting over the lack of a mate.

How do we bridge self of Leo to other of Aquarius ?

In my chart they are houses 2 & 8.
What I HAVE & What I DESIRE.
What is MINE & what is OURS.
:: sharing ::

What does this Full Aquarius Moon mean for YOU in this astro ?

Find Aquarius on your natal chart – illumination will arrive in this area.

Find the house & see drop down menu for more deets.
Illumination will be delivered by some form of Leonine energy, not necessarily a Leo Sun.  Between these houses you must find compromise.

The learning curves will be in Taurus and Scorpio inner work required here, successful execution is ultra rewarding – more powerful than a trine if solved.

The golden opportunities are in Aries and Sagittarius in your natal chart, but you have to fetch them to make them work.

May the force be with you.

* chill, it was cool, everyone ok, just fun.