Love by Cristina McAllister

Love by Cristina McAllister
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This image/concept I am focusing on since everything is going haywire here at chez moon.  Electric Moon manifest destiny acting as lightning rod for my Venus Jupiter conjunction opposite (they square my Neptuner in my natal).  Uranus Pluto and Neptune figure prominently for me also — prequel has been a wild ride !

Garage door yanked off hinges, computer, phone, electricals haywire – password snafus on several pages.  My remaining cat is quite put out and mighty confused he is blocked from standard red carpet entrance at the moment.  Wha ?  Where is the heavens part & the angels sing bit ?!  This is soOo :: wrong :: !   He is such a diva.

Tuesday 20
Full Moon in Aquarius

8:45pm CST, USA

Full Moon at tail end of Aquarius 28 degrees conjunct (out of sign) Neptuner in Pisces at 4 Rx – opposes (in peace talks with) Leo Sun at 28, Mercury at 24. 

Awareness of creation, intuition and the DIVINE SPARK that unites heaven and Earth through the human heartbeat.

Groovy yeah ?
The micro – macro electrical grid.
You breathin’ ?
You’re in the grid.
Best news yet…
Even if you aren’t breathin’, you aren’t IN BODY, you are STILL in the grid.

Uranus is polarities aka positive and negative holding hands across the wheel with Mercury the switch-hitting trickster magician. 

Perceptual shifts ALERT Perceptual shifts

Both are supercharged by Leo Sun (strong, it rules) vibes, compromise, co-operation, being ULTRA FLEXIBLE are key !

Roll with the full moon energies – there is much insight to be gained in the creative sparks when we are thrown out of our usual dull routine.

Live on the other side of your brain for awhile.
Think of it as a FULL MOON Funhouse of Mirrors. 
Perception – idea – swap – meet & greet.

Cancer Jupiter square Aries Uranus (rules Aquarius) at full Moon is electrical energy off the scale :: use it wisely :: stay grounded.  By this I mean, take notes of insights, look closely at new pathways, train your brain while you play !
Work it !

Notice the wild things around you. 
Our planet is teeming / teaming with LIFE.
WE ARE getting & giving off data 24/7 – pay attention !

Saturn conjunct North Node in Scorpio trine (out of sign) Full Moon, Neptune Rx and Chiron the wounded healer, student teacher herbalist is a sign to Creatively THINK.
Explore ALL options available to you – work with ALL the elements.

Fire and Water are prominent for this full Moon – emo water is vaporized into
– AIR –

intellect gaining altitude, ideas aspirations and connections of surprise ! 
Messages incoming – here’s the good part – guess what IS in AIR ?
Full Moon & Venus !

Emotional instincts, fluctuation, imagination
Love, harmony, equality and bonds of partnership, $$

Pluto is holding down the fort in Earth, regenerating. 

Chiron, Jupiter, North Node are trine at 12 degrees bringing faith, harmony and healing INTO OUR FUTURE if we work it right !
Be optimistic !

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