let’s go swimming

Hello all
I am forgetting everything right and left – Jupes rules my 12th, my Sag Mars, just stationed direct – and transit Mars is coming up to last degrees of Aquarius to conjunct (out of sign) Neptuner.

For me, this equals  brain out to lunch.

Divination urges stronger than usual.  whoa.

Quickie read for Pisces Neptuner energies on left – Mars in Aqua on right.

Spirit card: Sun: is happiness, self spirit, underlying positivity of entire sitch.

Neptune:  friends from all over the world coming home to roost (internet), this combo can also indicate longing for friends from far away

Mars: emotional influxes at home (also website)  deep thoughts / feelings moving forward

::::: this is point in fact also relating to MEGA Jupiter direct :::
(traditional ruler of Pisces)

Lunch over !
good day all