Enter, Magical Metamorph

Pulled fortunes for upcoming shifts in signs…

Mars into Pisces 7:54pm CST,USA
Venus into Aquarius 8:47pm

Saturday 2nd
Moon into Scorpio  6:02am

Tuesday 5
Mercury into Pisces 8:55am

Mars into Pisces brings the underwater currents to a boil, this should be interesting.

How all the watery desires wash ashore will be for the future to find out, what is presently going on will seem a bit nebulous. 

The planets of men (also work and outward progress): Saturn and Mars are meditative, stealthy and murky.

The planet of females (also love, creativity and money) is channeling high qi intuition gone boho.

Venus enters Aquarius in trine to Jupiter in Gemini – beneficial to the max for intellectual pursuits and communications – creativity, friendships and unusual money spurts.
Think polarities and dualities – bob & weave – mental gymnastics !

Pisces Chiron square Jupiter in Gem – talking it out is the key to healing that emotional wound.
Mars into Pisces throws Gemini and Sagittarius into internal struggles – Virgos plow into peace talks with others.  Intuitions and emotions get cranked up a notch for Cancers and Scorps.  Fetch your opportunities in Taurus and Capricorn.

Venus into Aquarius brings Taurus and Scorpio gifts of internal struggles – Leos get peace talks on their plate.  Creativity fires UP in the brain pans for Geminis and Libras, money and love shifting balance via interaction.  Fetch your opportunities in Aries and Sagittarius.

quartz / psilomelane
Manifests magic, heightens intuition, fosters psychic awakening and mediumship

Parts the veil between worlds: seen and unseen – known and unknown.  Attracts teachers from the higher dimensions to assist in dream states and meditations.

Catalyst stone – assists all elements in order to manifest magical metamorphosis
Allows for learning through acceptance of all things positive and negative – powerful transcendence stone.