Hands-on Healing

imageMary-El Tarot

Upcoming Chiron direct has led me to dig a little deeper into healing. 
Good healers tend to have the Sun in a fire sign or Scorpio.  Uranus and Neptune strong indicate absent or faith healing, the kind of healing used in reiki attunements across time and space.

Naturopaths are strong in Virgo and Scorpio, they tend to have natal charts that show adaptability and magnetism.  Magnetic healers tend to have Scorpio strong at birth, with Sun or Rising, or Neptune in good aspect to Venus and Mercury, Jupiter trine Moon, or Mars in the 12th in good aspect.  Also note hands are Mercury ruled.

Symptoms of the ill often fluctuate with the magnetics of both the body and the earth, worsening at night when the Moon (feeling) is the stronger luminary force.  Also because healing often is taking place with the assistance of another, know that those with harmonious rising signs/6th house/Saturn aspects will indicate compatibility and therefore, greater healing exchange.  The energies will support one another, allowing greater trust, energy exchange and speedier healing to occur.

I drew a card with the question:
What need we know to help us heal with Chiron’s direct motion ?

We must free ourselves from the prisons of our own minds.  The reverberations of doubt that echo must be shaken.  Change your perspective, see your situation from a different vantage point.  Perception shifts will open the door to knowledge that will change you forever.  Keep your eyes on the outcome, not the distractions that slow your progress.  Know thyself.  Be true to your brave heart.
Chiron moves in square to Sagittarius Venus, quincunx Uranus in Aries.  Higher seeing experience/knowing meets fresh new mindsets ala Aries.  Be the change.

imageNext question:
Easier said that done.  How do we begin to go about it?

Know their are wheels within wheels of Fire.  Creation, destruction, transformative power manifested on the material plane so we may experience and grow. This is the hero’s journey we call life.  Inspiration, sweat, blood and tears that form and shape the energy of our souls. We live, we learn.
Rise above everything, see the world from a divine perspective.  This is you and your life: falling on occasion, once again rising to meet your destiny, your true greatness.

Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.
Serbian proverb

Just keep swimming
Gneiss Moon


Hello lovely people~
Today’s reading features the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot deck by Graham Cameron.
One card draw to determine the best possible energies to vibe as we enter the times ahead.  Intent being the most benevolent outcome for all of us.

When I say times ahead, I am speaking of Neptune direct on the 9th.

Chiron direct on the 10th.
Mars into Virgo on the 10th.
Full Taurus Moon on the 10th.  (USA)

I sense a big spiritual vibe here: what’s mine, yours and ours as the collective tribe.

Mars in Virgo puts super-efficient power behind the healing vibe, Neptune and Chiron the same on a cosmic scale.
Virgo sees the details – what needs to be done – and Neptune senses it.
Taurus (full moon) is Venus (love) ruled, and Neptune is the higher octave of Venus.  Neptune is the lightbearer for the spiritual sun.  Personal love transcendent – a love and respect for all fellow earthkind.

Two of Cups :  Union, balance, partnership, kindness, co-operation.

Eight of Cups:  Power, success, strength in a new venture.  Leaving the past behind and walking towards a brighter future.  A change of heart, seeking new horizons.

How apt I drew cups/ emotions/ the lunar principle/ and the fluctuation and balance of 2…  Look to Taurus (mine) and Scorpio (ours)  in your chart – these opposing houses are where you will be seeking – and finding balance.
Full moon illumination is imminent !