Hello lovely people~
Today’s reading features the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot deck by Graham Cameron.
One card draw to determine the best possible energies to vibe as we enter the times ahead.  Intent being the most benevolent outcome for all of us.

When I say times ahead, I am speaking of Neptune direct on the 9th.

Chiron direct on the 10th.
Mars into Virgo on the 10th.
Full Taurus Moon on the 10th.  (USA)

I sense a big spiritual vibe here: what’s mine, yours and ours as the collective tribe.

Mars in Virgo puts super-efficient power behind the healing vibe, Neptune and Chiron the same on a cosmic scale.
Virgo sees the details – what needs to be done – and Neptune senses it.
Taurus (full moon) is Venus (love) ruled, and Neptune is the higher octave of Venus.  Neptune is the lightbearer for the spiritual sun.  Personal love transcendent – a love and respect for all fellow earthkind.

Two of Cups :  Union, balance, partnership, kindness, co-operation.

Eight of Cups:  Power, success, strength in a new venture.  Leaving the past behind and walking towards a brighter future.  A change of heart, seeking new horizons.

How apt I drew cups/ emotions/ the lunar principle/ and the fluctuation and balance of 2…  Look to Taurus (mine) and Scorpio (ours)  in your chart – these opposing houses are where you will be seeking – and finding balance.
Full moon illumination is imminent !