High Five !

Five is a number of change, it symbolizes new experiences, travel, flexibility and friends.  Five is ruled by Mercury which brings uncertainty, communication, commuting or traffic, sales and speed.

Five is disruptive, it upsets the balance, which can indicate strife, conflict, disappointment and loss.  Challenge is the keynote of five – the need for flexibility and learning to think on the run.  Five indicates talking, writing, travel, contracts, radio, libraries and study.

Five is rapid in nature, careless in action, speculative in temperament.  Above all – the vibration of five signals surprises – a need for freedom of action and movement.   Fives need to cultivate resourcefulness, versatility, curiosity, self- promotion and re-creation.

Five is a restless yang energy, volatile and exploratory – it signals adventure and acting on impulse.   Five is filled with surprises, but also opportunities.

Fives need to guard against being too scattered, over-working, and being too impetuous.

Five is the sum or rather the union of the first female number (2) and the first male number (3); five represents man  (all :: 2, 3, 5 :: are Fibonacci numbers)

Five corresponds corresponds to the five vertebrates
– fish

five point structure in vertebrates : five fingers, extremities

five petalled flowers are most common

Five platonic solids

They Mayan Great Year (a fifth of the Great Great Year which is 25.920; similar to the Platonic year or precession of the equinoxes)

Five books of the Torah (the Law)

Five pillars of Islam

Five visions of the saints beatific or intuitive vision, “abstract” vision, intellectual vision, imaginary vision and the corporal vision.  (fascinating, yes ?)

Five lines of the musical stave

Five elements (Wu Xing) in Chinese tradition

When Venus moves through the zodiac once every eight years, its five conjunctions  with the sun (geocentric viewpoint) forms a huge five-star flower / pentagram (5 point star) shape in the sky. In ancient Babylon it was the sign of the goddess Ishtar, aka Aphrodite and Venus. (video here, scroll down)

Here you can see the Pentagram formed from the Vesica Piscis, the mother of everything. (see numerology 2)

Above you see the golden mean as it relates to the sacred geometry of the pentagram.

Medieval alchemists wrote of the fifth essence – the quintessence – or Aether.  Scientific viewpoint of aether here.  Magickal when added to the four elements ( fire, earth, air and water : basic to create humans ), it is likened with the sanskrit Akasha, or astral space.



Triquetra / Tripod of Life / Borromean rings

The number three symbolizes growth, creativity and self-expression.
Three is ruled by Jupiter,
it represents the first stage of growth begat from the intermingling of opposites to produce a third independent energy.  

Three is a number of increase, development, social contact, entertainment and play.  

Three people are gifted with the energy of flowering, exploration, and they are frequently the life of the party.  Threes thrive in the fields of education, they are joyful, intellectual, communicative, hopeful and destined for success if they are careful not to scatter their energies too far and wide.

Threes are loving, affectionate and generous, which leads to popularity and achievement in their chosen field of work.  Due to their creative vibration, the three life path is common among creative writers, poets, actors and musicians.

The tripod of life symbolizes the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Three is a very spiritual number associated with the Trinity of many religions:
Babylon ::: Anu, Baal, Ea (Heaven/Earth/Abyss)
 Egyptian ::: Khepri, Ra, Atum (Sun; Rising, Midday, Setting)
Christian ::: Father, Son, Holy Spirit  (God, Jesus, Resurrection)

Three is an odd number giving it a yang energy, which indicates change.  Threes are very inspirational to others, but they need to guard against being easily distracted, unorganized and overly generous – their creative energies work best when honed and focused.  Threes tend to be very versatile, they are good salespeople, broadcasters, creators and they love to ingest and redirect information of all kinds.


Vesica piscis

Vesica piscis as seen on the Chalice Well, Glastonbury.

Two is the second deliberate act after creation, or building into form.
Two is ruled by the Moon.  Two symbolizes co-operation, tact and diplomacy.  It is the fork in the road, the reflection, and the decision.  Two is choice, partnership and it corresponds with the Lovers card in your tarot deck.  

Two is receptive, impressionable, fluctuating and imaginative.  Twos are slow in nature and warm in temperament.

Two represents duality and polarity :

yin ::: yang
female :::: male
yes :::: no
you :::: me
right :::: left
dark :::: light
true :::: false
goddess :::: god

Two life paths need to guard against being overly timid, gullible, unstable, secretive and duplicitous.  Twos are sensitive and perceptive, instinctually driven to expand and grow.  They work well with others, like hanging out in groups and are peacemakers who naturally strive for harmony.  They tend to shy away from leadership positions, preferring instead to be out of the limelight in a supporting role.

Two symbolizes a time of waiting for the seed of the number one to germinate, it is a time of nurturing small growth, showing patience during slow development. Twos are instinctually receptive to the arts, they find peace and beauty in harmony and balance.


Focus on UNITY


If you are a life path 1, you are the root force of life, birthing new life from seed.  Number one is ruled by the Sun, symbolizing the life force, spirit, the center of self.

Ones are full of new ideas, challenges, demanding freedom of action and thought.  They want to be captain of their own ship, first across the finish line.  Ones have strong willpower, and operate on pure raw energy.  One is a positive, masculine, outgoing number of pioneers.

One = UNITY.  

When vibrating low, ones can be domineering, impatient, ruthless, selfish and too impulsive.  High qi ones are innovative and creative, they initiate and inspire others to succeed as well.  

Ones work best alone, they are very driven to succeed – they advance in life through sheer determination, competition can bring out the best (or worst) in them.  Ones hunt for new opportunities, they actively broaden their horizons – quick and decisive, they are ahead of the game.  Ones are focused on the finish line – eyes on the prize !
live long and prosper


The Zia Pueblo is one of 19 Pueblos in New Mexico, it is located 16 miles north of Albuquerque.  They are a Keres speaking people.

Their symbol, a red circle with groups of rays pointing in four directions, is painted on ceremonial vases, drawn on the ground around campfires, and used to introduce newborns to the Sun.

Four is the sacred number of the Zia and can be found repeated in the four points radiating from the circle. According to the Zia’s belief, the number four is embodied in:

the 4 points of the compass
– north
– south
– east
– west

the 4 seasons of the year
– spring
– summer
– autumn
– winter

the 4 periods of each day
– morning
– noon
– evening
– night

the 4 seasons of life
– childhood
– youth
– middle years
– old age

the 4 sacred obligations one must develop 
– a strong body
– a clear mind
– a pure spirit
– a devotion to the welfare of others

If you are a 4 life path, you are practical, down to earth, stable and focused on the structures and foundations in your life.  Four is ruled by the planet Saturn, symbolizing time, building and earth.  Four is the number of fruition, the basis or manifestation of an idea.  Fours want to reap tangible results, they like having power and control.  They prefer reason, logic and reality over dreaming and fluidity.  Fours are patient, steadfast and reliable.

Fours dig problem – solving, justice, the methodical approach and above all, honesty.  They possess rare discipline and perseverance, they are responsible and diplomatic, traditional and courageous.  Their weaknesses are being too rigid and reluctant to change.  Once committed to a goal, they are relentless in the pursuit of it, they do not give up.

Buddhists recognize the Four Noble Truths.
The Four Humors are the metabolic agents in the human body.
The Four Elements that constitute all matter are Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

If you live in a four house, you can count on stability and structure.

If you don’t have a four house, and want one – write the number to add to your house number that will equal four in your doorjam.  For example: if you live at 22 Jump street you are set, as  2+2 = 4.  If you live at 12 Jump street, write “1” inside your doorjam.
Quickie numerology rundown is here.

I grew up on rural route 4 and I loved it.  Once we moved to a 32, (5) all hell broke loose.  Screaming and fighting 24/8, it sucked.  I live in a 7 now and am mystical gung ho spiritual hermit jedi chick.

I wrote the symbol for Jupiter, which also happens to resemble a 4 on my doorjam, giving me a master number 11- illumination, inspiration and intuition.
Oh yeah, and  King of Wands, lol ! . . . (wave, wink xo) . . . hopefully some Jupiterian good luck will rub off on me !  Eleven is the higher octave of 2, it brings balance to the force.

namaste and May the Force be with You . . .

Liquid Human Crystals

Zakay Glass

Ok., obviously gorgeous geometric glass sculptures. Click through for luminaries if you dare.  I have a luminary thing, so I love.
This glass sculpture is a Great Stellated Icosahedron.
Can you hear Jor – El ?  hee

I have been studying  platonic solids and sacred geometry.  Fascinating really – the building blocks of the universe.

The tetrahedron, cube, and octahedron all occur naturally in crystal structures.

The human body is made of crystal structures – liquid crystal structures.

Liquid crystals are a state of matter between that of a conventional liquid and that of a solid crystal.

Possessing inherent properties that are ideal for working with light as well as a molecular structure that can be easily controlled by electric fields, liquid crystals are commonly used in the electronic displays of televisions, cell phones and portable gaming devices. Liquid crystals are also found in soaps and detergents as well as in the proteins and cell membranes within the human body. (source)

Think of the solids as crystallized musical vibrations, or spirit seen in matter.  As frequencies change, movement will always occur along spiral pathways, or “phi” ratio.

Notes in the scale of western music are based on natural harmonics that are created by ratios of frequencies.  Ratios found in the first seven numbers of the Fibonacci series ( 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 ) are related to key frequencies of musical notes. (source)

Fibonacci sequences appear in biological settings, such as growing fruits, ferns, tree branches, and the human body.  If you want more: Divine Cosmos – also check out David Wilcock’s chart in mini interps above.

What we vibrate naturally spirals outward, causing others to resonate likewise.

Resonance phenomena occur with all types of vibrations or waves: there is mechanical, acoustic, electromagnetic, nuclear magnetic, electron spin resonance, and resonance of quantum wave functions. (wiki)

All all our bodily systems react to sound vibration, as do our spiritual, mental, and emotional states.  These solids can visually bring our vibrations into harmony with the rhythms of nature. They can help us understand frequencies and learn how to reorganize our own thought patterns – raise our frequency with the help of sound and the symmetry and balance of sacred geometry.

Sound, vibration and frequencies – turn energy and matter into form.

Think manifestation station –

Sun is in Will-Powered Leo coming to conjunct Mercury Rx.
 Sun and Mercury Rx both trine inventive Uranus Rx in gung – ho to go Aries  !
Yee Haw – and Sun is quintile Mars, (rules Aries) meaning action is true and balanced – from the heart ~>  a gift of spirit *

Communication octaves are in trine – like a ringing bell.
Mercury Rx is quintile Saturn.  Think quietly, envision, then work it.
Saturn trine Neptune Rx.  Patiently manifest your inner dream.

Here is a geometry morph vid I love.
Solfeggio frequency for sound healing in comments.



Seven is a highly spiritual number, a number of metaphysics, study, insight, meditation, originality and science. 

A few days ago I was nominated for a 7×7 award by my new friend  Mojo.
Thank you Mojo, it made my day~ all my lucky sevens are below…

Seven spotlights home game:
Most Popular  – Winner hands down is Ape Man – hilarious – eye candy WINS !
Most Helpful – Padawan & Master
Most Handsome Piece –  obviously.
Most Controversial – going with Meteorite crater divination.
Most Surprisingly Successful – Tuff Gong – 3 Little Birds, all Aqua strong !
Most Underrated – see below
Most Pride Worthy –  get stoned.  Most comprehensive, heavily researched.

7 oddities about the batter up:
Toad freak
Can’t think when my hair is wet
I don’t care who you are – no touching my feet
Prone to speaking in song lyrics & movie quotes
Like torching dandelion clocks
Fond of blowing bubbles in the mist
Seven’s a secret

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om mani padme hum~