Seven is a highly spiritual number, a number of metaphysics, study, insight, meditation, originality and science. 

A few days ago I was nominated for a 7×7 award by my new friend  Mojo.
Thank you Mojo, it made my day~ all my lucky sevens are below…

Seven spotlights home game:
Most Popular  – Winner hands down is Ape Man – hilarious – eye candy WINS !
Most Helpful – Padawan & Master
Most Handsome Piece –  obviously.
Most Controversial – going with Meteorite crater divination.
Most Surprisingly Successful – Tuff Gong – 3 Little Birds, all Aqua strong !
Most Underrated – see below
Most Pride Worthy –  get stoned.  Most comprehensive, heavily researched.

7 oddities about the batter up:
Toad freak
Can’t think when my hair is wet
I don’t care who you are – no touching my feet
Prone to speaking in song lyrics & movie quotes
Like torching dandelion clocks
Fond of blowing bubbles in the mist
Seven’s a secret

7 spotlights away game:
Aphrodite Rising – wild woman, crazy crone
earthstonestation – ecologist & teacher
vagabonds and villans – dusky words & sharp whiskey
blog 88 – fascinating mystical reflections
The 11th house – astro served with a side of positive thinking
Julie Hansen Intuitive – photography & gentle focus on healing
Janae Monir – foodies delight

om mani padme hum~