Ape Man

Mars IS in Leo, let’s celebrate with some eye candy and showtunes !

During Tarzan the Ape Man a scene involving Jane attempting to get away from Tarzan, Miles O’Keefee found himself face to face with a full grown lion, who took on the part of the gallant gentleman saving the damsel in distress.

Lionhearted protector- escaping his holding pen, dived into the fray, apparently more intent on protecting Bo Derek than attacking Miles O’Keeffe (Miles wasn’t injured by the 500 pound cat).

 The handler was on the scene almost immediately, stopping the incident. Although neither human nor lion were injured, rumor had it that Miles O’Keeffe thereafter made a habit of checking the security of the holding pen whenever other scenes of “violence” toward Bo Derek were done, citing a deep respect for Bo Derek’s formidable self-appointed bodyguard.

A very small selection of Bo Derek pictured clothed in this movie. lol.- here is one.  This one is a promo shot.  Below is Johnny Weissmuller for my Mom, she loves him.  His Tarzan yell was dubbed into the movie featured above – Miles chose not to overdub.

This pic is for me !  I had it on my wall for years, then lost it in all my travels.
 YaY the internets/webs/photos – We are reunited haha !

Carol ?!  Of course, dahlink !


4 thoughts on “Ape Man

  1. Several have been before and after but none can compare to Johnny for his yell or protrayal of Tarzan. My hero…………..

    • Johnny had a Gemini stellium, Sun conjunct Mars, Venus, and Pluto in Gemini (not conjunct). Sun conjunct Mars – that’s lots of energy and Johnny won 3 gold medals, one bronze in 1924 for freestyle swimming, 2 more gold in 1928. He also set 67 world records. He never lost a race and retired with an unbeaten amateur record.
      Johnny’s Mercury (communication) was in Taurus the sign that rules the throat – explains the Tarzan yell !
      You can read more about Johnny here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_Weissmuller
      thanks ~

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