cave of winds

Hello, lovely people…
Today’s reading is from The Shaman’s Oracle by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan.
It is activated when you read it, with the intent of guidance on the path towards highest possible good of all.

Now a bit about this great deck…

The midworld, our reality, is represented by the palm of the hand.
 Five cards are drawn to represent the five caves (fingers of the hand) or gateways to the spirit realm.
 These cards are based on the symbolic language of petroglyphs and the shamans vision quest.

I will give you the meaning of the caves (position of cards), and leave the meanings printed on the cards, and the petroglyphs to speak for themselves.
Note: most of the cards I pulled are energetic, expressive dancers- symbolic of the energies world-wide
Dancers = energy and expression, dancing to express emotions and raise the self to a more spiritual level

Ancestor = holders of primal wisdom, the whole tribe, Earthkinds source of wisdom through the ages (this includes animals and Gaia)

Shaman = messengers of becoming, the walkers between worlds

Cave of Ice/Spirits : manifestation, blessings, purification, forces that will not be stopped.

Cave of Winds/ Shamans : Beginnings, the place of unrealized possibilities, transcendence

 Cave of Hearthfires/Dancers : Home, protection, magic and gifts of spirits, transformation, power and it’s dangers, the present.

Cave of Rivers/Hunters : Emotion, boundaries, time passing, shifts of emphasis.

 Cave of Earth/ Ancestors : Entrance to the otherworld, trial & challenge, initiation, power that can manifest in the seekers world.

Message from spirit (card at the bottom of deck)


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