natural mystic

Well no wonder my brain is going there…..

Tuff Gong

Moon is coming up to conjunct Neptune kicking around on the 29th degree of Aquarius ~ energies there are shifting thank goddess !  
Neptune on water, Neptune on water, Neptune on water coming soon (click)
…yes Yes YES !

Moon coming to conjunct 

Neptune at 29 Aqua:  last degree ~ is a STRONG UNDERTOW

then Chiron the herbalist philosopher at 3 Pisces

then Venus – she luxuriates at 12 Pisces….

Mars is shifting retrograde:

my natal Mars lives in Sagittarius which is on my 12th.  
….ahhhh…  may be taking the night off… 

Neptune…she’s calling me…


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  1. oh, i’d like to jump in that picture too! remember all that rain – more than 3 weeks of it – i mentioned to you? well, about an hour after i wrote to you, it started up again and except for one day, it has not stopped once. more than 60cm of snow on the Trudos mountain and down here, the river at the bottom of my village swelled to take over the entire valley and the bridge became impassable – actually the whole road below to the bridge was impassable unless you had a big 4wheel drive. it receded a bit and now is rising AGAIN.
    major cabin fever but i am trying to get lost in the internet – thank goodness that is still working.

    SO…your post today is quite apropo for my last couple of days. lots of heavy dreams and some insights on my wheel (merc in 12th). since i dont have marley’s connections or musical talents, i will have to settle for a big chunk of ginger in a mug of hot water and play the song here. mmmm

    sag on the 12th! you must be positively floating in mystic waters – at least i hope so. x

    • WoW Mary Beth ! That’s a heck of a lot of rain ~ Mama Nature means business and water rises so fast ! I lived near the Missisippi in ’93, the heavens poured and poured that year. Like you, maybe 3 sunny days, and so many losses everywhere. My drive to Dubuque was on a high road, fields on either side underwater the whole way there, the same thing in every direction. Some folks had a pizza joint in a low spot near a drain – was spurting like a geyser ! They and their friends were chucking all they could willy nilly in the back of pick-ups – within the hour the place was flooded up to the waist. I found a pic. Mississippi floodwaters 1993

      NASA earth observatory my have images of your area too, may be worth a look while you sip your tea. Take care, keep me posted…ok ?
      enjoy your ginger tea and of course a tune I love about this very thing :

      • Mary Beth, I couldn’t find Cyprus floods pictured, although the Aussie floods were. This site is so cool, I am linking it on the mainpage if you want to check it out.
        i am a map freak, want to dig deeper as time allows. 🙂

    • Mary Beth – Gneiss Moon mentioned your name to me because you live in Cyprus. I am moving to North Cyprus mid- to end-February, perhaps we could catch up if you’re interested. My e-mail is:

  2. hi there. well the internet finally went down; i was surprised it hadnt happened much sooner, actually. generally speaking, i dont have good bandwidth up here (took more than 10 minutes to load the last song you linked and i still lost it half way through. can be frustrating but hey, its free so i am grateful).
    i dont think you will find any pics of cyprus flooding as 8-9 months of the year, there is zero precipitation. water is a serious problem for them here and thus, when we have these record-breaking deluges there is great joy as the resevoirs are being filled and they will spend less on tanks of water shipped from greece. and cyprus is so tiny, it is hardly mentioned on the major european news networks though it has the last divided capital in europe. most americans have never heard of it (i surely hadnt)!
    anyway 🙂 all flooding is swiftly abated as the ground is rocky and all ‘roads’ race to the sea. not newsworthy enough! i have left my battery charger/camera at a friends, unfortunately, or i would have loaded up some pics for you myself.
    the sun shines now; i hope it sticks around for a few days. enjoy regenerating your hearth fires sounds perfect xx

    • Thanks for the update, I have been thinking of you and the floods in your area. Sorry about the internet connect, but am glad you are ok ! I have a friend, Mo who lives in Australia and she is also going thorugh a flood. (She has posted pics.) I mention her because she is moving to North Cyprus in the next few weeks. She is a fabulous lady, you can find her here : She is an astrologer, artist and creative teacher/healer. Perhaps you can meet up someday ! She mentioned Aphrodite rock and since we are both rock hounds I asked for a photo when she gets there… Check out her blog, she’s fab !

      I would love to see photos of where you are as well, I like to visualize people in their places. You have seen my yard and pics of my home, and my spider too ~ I am going to have to look up spider divination and write about it. I found it in some research the other day, soOo amazing. Like Charolottes web, haha Amazing Pig 🙂 or Gneiss Lady haha

      Thanks for letting me know about the slow internet hook-up. That is part of the reason why I hook up the videos in comments, not in the main post. I’m off to the day job now, then light the old papers on fire this evening and Sunday. Enjoy your day as well, Mary Beth, thanks for dropping by~

  3. hi, gneiss moon & hi, mo

    its drizzling here and as mo will soon find out, it just seeps into the houses here and straight into your bones. as i mentioned though, its just a few months of the year so my focus is to keep positive as possible til april-ish. and really, lots of people (ok, brits mostly, of couse. god awful weather there all year round, poor things) just get on with it so dont mind my drama. I NEED LIGHT!

    i havent seen pics of your house and yard except for one of some objects you had positioned in a kind of collage photo but then i have only been following your blog for about 2 months. so i am assuming you are referring to previous blogs and i can check previous ones if thats the case..?

    i think its impossible to come here and not be entranced by the rocks. a lot of people cant stop themselves from collecting them. each one can just be so special in and of itself and it can start to feel like an addiction lol
    i am big on pics and have taken so so many of the people, culture, the land, the gardens and homes. i will be glad to share them with you. as for afrodite’s rock, its a bit of a tourist trap but you can certainly visit it at times when its quiet and you are the only human being there. at those times, I am sure the energy will reach into you.
    ok, off to check your latest posts, you two! 🙂

    • Oh, Mary Beth – You’ve mentioned my pet obsession – rocks! I’ll be off and running when I get to Cyprus. Just wanted to say that my posts will be erratic until I get to Perth late on 4th Feb, then have a fortnight before we fly off to Cyprus, so I’ll be back in touch then. xxx

  4. Hi Mary Beth ~
    I checked out photos of Cyprus online, and it looks gorgeous ! I am a stone freak, so I would be looking at them all, I’m sure ~ I have posted pics of my yard, or rather the critters in my yard. One about bees, and another about spiders. Bees are under Mars, spiders under Saturn.
    Sorry I am not organized yet, am on my way though. thanks Mary Beth enjoy your day ~
    On my way to work, will link them later for you…

    * edit: They are under divination in the drop down menu – totem animals.
    Bees, clematis, grasshopper, zig zag spider, first pic in the navel post – all my pics / house. 🙂

    • hey, gneiss moon & mo, too
      no internet for 2 days and i have finally resorted to leaving my hermit cave and coming up to the cafe in the village centre to get online. i was jones-ing bigtime! lol
      so, have much catching up to do here zooming through emails. i will check your ‘totem animals’ page but first i have to check your latest posts.
      i noted on your site, mo, that you would be traveling from tuesday. its so good you didnt come straight here. we had the most violent storm and coldest temps of the year during this time and until i saw your last above, i wondered how the hell your plane would land!
      (i think this is why my wireless point stopped working and hopefully it just needs to be reprogrammed or whatever it is that techys do)

      • G’day, Gorgeous – We have booked our flights and we’ll be arriving at Larnaca on 22nd February, just after the New Moon, leaving Perth on 19th and staying overnight in Dubai. Funny thing, the day we moved it was horribly hot – around 31C but very humid. Got up here to Coffs Harbour and we ended up with torrential, monsoonal rain. Luckily it turned up after we’d got settled at the motel. It’s been warm and humid ever since, and I think it’s going to be hot in Perth. It’s changed since we left in 1994, now it has horribly hot summers, stretches of 40C – 45C and ongoing. Yuk! Got a couple of very cool dresses today to slob around in while we’re in Perth. Flying out to Perth on 4th. My Leo husband is in neurotic mode, he gets really wound up about travelling, while I stay cool and do all the paperwork. Anyway, when we get settled in Buyukkonuk in North Cyprus, I’ll get back in touch with you. xxx

      • Hi Mary Beth & Mo
        So glad you both are checking in with each other ! Mary Beth, how many days HAS it been raining ? I hope you had some good books stashed back to read.
        Do keep me posted, I wonder how you are. Maybe Neptune on the move will bring a change and you can get some sunshine…

        Sorry took me a bit to get back- my work schedule is crazy, am commenting on dinner break now.

        Mo, I look forward to hearing of your safe arrival as well. I’m sure you are a force to be reckoned with Mo – when you get going, best the hubby step aside, let the tornado pass huh ? I can relate… heehee happy travels ~
        I thought of you both on the white rocks in Cyprus as I was composing my recent Odin stone post

      • I loved the Odin stone post, sat there drooling. We have arrived in Perth, touched down Saturday evening, we’re staying with a friend who really is lovely, always has an open house for us. We lived here for 20 years and it’s great to be back on familiar ground, although the city has really sprawled since we were last here. It’s also in yet another heatwave, Perth is seriously hot in summer, last year had 12 days over 40C, and today 34C, tomorrow 36C. My friend’s home is cool, she has air-conditioning in the front room, so it’s comfortable. Getting ready for Cyprus in summer! The flight was 4.5 hours, long, so I’m not looking forward to the 10.5 hour flight to Dubai, leaves 10.30pm on Sunday 19th Feb and we arrive in Larnaca on 22nd Feb, with a one night stopover in Dubai. Whereabouts are you in Cyprus, Mary Beth? Okay, my back was totally stuffed by the flight, am suffering serious spasms, so I’m off to the sofa with a hot water bottle! xxx

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