something stirs

The stars are veiled. Something stirs in the East.  A sleepless malice.
The eye of the enemy is moving.

He is HERE.
I’m mainlining Pluto – you ?  Mars and Uranus too, the whole lot, hackles are up and cursing is online.  I am having the righteous indignation transit in spades.  Going nuclear over idiotic annoyances.  Can’t seem to beg steal or borrow zen.
My night off bit the dust as soon as I walked in the door – night off ? Zen ?  HA !
I am too busy slaying dragons for zen.  I am Zen Dragon.  My new mantra, lol.
I will make this short.  For your sake.  Get to the astro and otherwise, STFU.
Progressions.  Looked at yours ?  The angles are the most important.
1st, 4th, 7th, 10th.   What is going on there ?  It will add dimension guaranteed.

Where is your Moon ?  You will feel your progressed Moon.
Look to what house has progressed to the angles. 
Weave between the natal progressions and transits to build your story. 
Progressions will activate what is present in the natal. 

For example, my progressed Moon is square progressed Venus which has just passed over natal Uranus.  I started this site roughly 7 months ago because my feelings, my love for astrology had to be expressed.
Moon = feelings.  square = internal. Venus = love  Uranus= astrology.
Mercury = expression / healing (Chiron)

Another example, my progressed Moon is in Capricorn, not the easiest place since Moon fluctuates, likes room to move and Capricorn steadies and solidifies.  My progressed Moon is conjunct Mars.  Feeling aggressive and issues with males – yes.
Yet : Mars is exalted in Capricorn so I work, work and work.  This turns out to be a very good thing… because…

My seventh house is locked and loaded – Venus is crammed between Uranus and Pluto.  That’s serious change -ups in love $$ and dealing with others.  Uranus, in the seventh, which rules astrology is opposite Saturn in the first, which is work and self.
I am finding the compromise between the two.
Progressed ASC is my natal 2nd house my $$, worth, esteem.
Progressed MC is conjunct natal Mars in Sagittarius, so work lots, sleep little.
Progressed DC is on natal Jupiter, learning and teaching.

Transit Mars applies again to natal Pluto, while transit Pluto applies to natal Saturn.
Hammering out the Virgo details, the forge the hammer and steel.
work. work. work.

I love this pic… everyone in the Helm’s deep scenes filmed – in the dark – in the rain – for weeks.  A labour of love.  Peter is keen on the fight scenes, obviously.  What grandeur the cast and crew created by slogging it out in the rain and mud, yes..?!

What is worth fighting for ?
Mars demands the answer and will go through hell to get it.

Zen Dragon