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Orli smilingMay I introduce handsome, kind, mystical seagoat; Capricorn Sun Orlando Bloom.

Orli’s adept on stage and screen – a modern day Romeo, crusading knight, musketeer, swashbuckling pirate and lithe Elvish Prince of the Woodland Realm to name a few.  This last April, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, you can see it here (near 11:00 mark). He absolutely rocked in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and soon can be seen next in, Digging for Fire with Sam Rockwell.

Orli is a life path 2 with a 12th house Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon; an Aquarius rising, he is ruled by UranusHow apt.  Uranus rules astrology and doing Orli’s chart  delivered a need to address house systems.  Ah cha cha – the dreaded subject which sends many astrologers into fits of “I’m right and you’re wrong”, and yes, I’m going there.

Up to now I have done a slew of solar charts, aka using Noon as birth time and interpreting with planets in signs and aspects only without addressing houses specifically.  I can still form a solid interp, but knowing the houses means I can hone in on where each planetary expression is working.  Eg: Saturn in 3rd: thinking, learning, speaking, communicating vs. Saturn in 6: health, daily routines, personal responsibilities etc… To quote Steven Forrest, “We are our signs, and we do our houses.”

Signs divide the Heavens and Houses divide the Earth

Orlando Bloom Wallpaper @ go4celebrity.comSean (Astin) and Orli are the only members of The Fellowship who have exact birth times listed at Astrodienst.  Orli’s chart here.  Using Placidus for Sean was less problematic because at lower latitudes Placidus doesn’t present a problem.  Using Placidus system, higher latitudes means higher likelihood of (wide) intercepted houses.  Orli was born in Canterbury, England at 51 North.  (Anywhere above 66 N gets tricky using this system.)  Orli’s signs (see his chart in link above) Pisces/Virgo are intercepted or contained entirely within houses 1/7 respectively. Interceptions are akin to operating in stealth mode.  Eg. Pisces Venus uses Aquarius and Aries as intermediaries in order to fully express Piscean Venusian energy.

How the houses are divided after ascertaining the Cross* is the Crux of the house systems cuss & discuss issue.
Short list of popular house divisions: (yes there are more)
Time-based: Placidus, Koch
Space-based: Equal, Meridian, Morinus, Topocentric
Quadrant-based: Campanus, Porphyry, Regiomontanus, Topological

I will go into house systems more, later – for now I will just delineate regardless of house system the Ascendant/Descendant (Sunrise/set) Midheaven/Nadir (Noon/midnight)* remain the same – they are physical points.  Eg. Orli is Aquarius rising at 21 degrees with his Midheaven at 13 Sagittarius. (Nadir and Descendant oppose exact) The End.

Many astrologers use one system for natal and another for horary, some prefer ancient to modern – it’s up to the individual.  What are the differences, how are they calculated and what is tried, tested and true in your experience…? That is what you should explore and figure out on your own.  I have provided several links below, knock yourself out !

Resources for diving into house systems:
Urania Trust House Systems and Charts are Not Flat
The Astrology Podcast: Reconciling Modern and Traditional Astrology w/ Robert Hand
Skyscript: Problems of House Division
AquariusPapers: Astrology House Systems

orlando-bloom-pirates-caribbeanOk, now back to Orlando…!
Orli is a 12th house* Capricorn Sun (stealth in the 12th), Scorpio Moon; Aquarius rising, ruled by
Which btw, I did not know when I wrote this – I was alluding to Mars moving into my 12th solar house – seems it was cosmic kismet.  So now we both know.  As an aside: I have Mars in Sagittarius, my 12th house sign…I am also stealth.

I am reading Orli’s chart in Placidus rather than Whole sign.  He is the posterboy for why I am happily still in camp Placidus.  Why ?  Saturn rules bones.

Whole sign places his Saturn in the 7th of relationships, alliances and contracts
Placidus places his Saturn in the 6th house of health, daily work and routine

‘I’ve broken my back, my ribs, my nose, both my legs, my arm, my wrist, a finger and a toe and I’ve cracked my skull three times. Youthful carelessness,’ he shrugs. ‘This is a battered body, all right. But, each time, it made me stronger and more determined to do things.’  – Orlando Bloom source

He jokes about it in a recent BOTFA 60 secs interview w/ Lee & Evangeline

Notice he says he is accident prone in the interview above.
Mars rules accidents and Orlando’s Mars is out of bounds at 23°50’45” S.  Out of bounds means the planet is out of bounds of the sun’s kingdom, outside the rays of the king aka outside the sun’s maximum latitudinal declination of 23°28′.  An out of bounds planet acts as its own ruler and king.  It’s a wildcard, a freebird.

Mars being more Martian will be even more gung-ho, hot to trot, impatient, restless and eager to get moving and shaking.  Out of bounds Mars is a scrappy adrenaline junkie, a fighter and a hero.  Note also Orli has Mars exalted in Capricorn – that means operating well, purring like an engine, the energies support one another.  Mars in Capricorn is capable of superhuman intense focus which helps alleviate the Mars OOB tendency to be overly reckless.  If you want to check your chart for declinations, go to, click on upper left where it says additional tables, voila – declinations !

The lovely balance to all this driving Mars…?  Venus in Pisces, exalted.  Oh yeah baby, a lover and a fighter.  Very nice.  Venus in Pisces is in his first house (natural house of Aries/Mars) bestowing harmony upon self-expression of all kinds – he is sweet and kind, easy-going.  Also the abundant handsome graceful elvish thang he exudes flawlessly, is enhanced by Neptune at Midheaven.
Elves are Pisces/Neptune energy, as are Pirates on the high seas – particularly in Sagittarius.  Just sayin’.

orlando-bloomOrli has Moon at 0 degrees Scorp conjunct (out of sign) North Node at 29 Libra.  North Node in Libra denotes a future of finding balance, harmony via shifting of personal and partnership alliances.  Mars-ruled South Node (past we carry) in Aries is conjunct Chiron the wounded healer, herbalist/philosopher/teacher (which in addition to other aspects) signifies a past incarnation of teaching, mentoring and the healing arts.   Master of bartering with the commoners, a drives a hard bargain kind of trader, fair but a stickler.  This time around the hard bargain lies within.

Orli’s Chiron is conjunct a Black Hole at 27 Aries…how apt.  Black holes signify physical alchemy, rites of passage and molecular metamorphosis from the quantum level, matter formed from pure energy.  (Alex Miller)

In 1998, (at the age of 21) Orlando fell three stories and fractured his spine.  His doctor told him he might never walk again – he seriously considered it while he laid in hospital paralyzed for 4 days.  He went through a six hour surgery, having bolts and plates inserted into his back, then miraculously walked out on crutches 12 days later (wore a brace for a year) and eventually finished drama school.  Two days later, he received word he got the part of Legolas in Lord of the Rings.  Mystical Seagoat !

Being curious, I did my best to suss out a ballpark time for this transit. Orli was nearing the end of his second year at drama school 1998, so going with March/April and the outers will be slow-moving enough to talk about.
1 Uranus opposite natal Leo Saturn in the 6th
That’s a break, a separation from health and ego.  Major polarity/intellectual shift and in his second solar house of values.
2 Transiting Aries Saturn square his natal Sun (internal turmoil over impulsive behavior vs. possible immobility) from his 4th solar house (feelings/family/nurturing) trine his descendant (balance/bonds/allies) and conjunct natal Chiron (wounded/healer).
3 Transiting Chiron in Scorpio (metamorphosis/healing) conjunct Uranus opposite natal Taurus Jupiter in his 11th solar house (friends/wishes/eccentric luck)

From GQ:  When the time came to remove the titanium pins from his spine, to the doctors’ alarm, they were all fractured. They came out in shards. One of the pins had been driven too deep to remove, by dint of Orlando’s physical overexertion. “I’d been doing stuff right away,” he recalls, shaking his head. “I went straight back into it, man.”

Orlando talks about his back in Men’s Health (video in that link) more about how it changed his outlook on life here.  How did he do it ?  Here.

Orlando-BloomSidi winkie

Orli & his friend, Sidi (How I love the name you chose – you are such a sweetie !)

Orli is filled with unusual, interesting tidbits (hello Uranus !).  I’m not even diving into the meat & potatoes astrology but having a blast doing this interp !  Here’s another oddball cool thing…the Great Attractor is conjunct his Sagittarius Midheaven/Neptune.

Orli’s MC is 13′, Great Attractor is at 14′ and natal Neptune is at 15′.  Note: Neptune is exactly trine his Leo (back) Saturn (bones) in the 6th (health).  Great Attractor signifies a point of extremes: curiosity/knowing, invitation/fixation, polarity/immersion. source
Neptune is inspired (bone) healing being known in the public for it, subconscious depths, spiritual intelligence.  Great Attractor conjunct MC is revealing transcendence, cleansing, shifting perspectives involving highly attuned beliefs of what is possible via the higher mind – despite traditional roles of distance/timespace on the material plane.


Now for some meat on these astrobones….

Orli has 12th house Sun trine Jupiter Rx (rules his MC) in Taurus, nice & earthy – sensible, structured, diligent, no nonsense.  Dependable though keen to explore, eager to indulge in pleasures (Venus rules Taurus) supported by Venus square Neptune at MC.  I have written about my own trials with Venus square Neptune here and here.  Sensitives need to disengage go high qi hermit at times.  Get your sport on, go outside and get out of the suffering headspace that follows the Venus square Neptune with Saturn strong.

Mercury Rx tightly conjunct Mars in Capricorn 11 square Pluto in Libra determines intellectual safety (Mercury rules Nadir/Midnight) must be circumvented somewhat through (self) patience and understanding that spiritual transformations are more easily achieved than intellectual attainments until Mercury retrograde hits its stride.  (Neptune at MC trine Saturn conjunct DC – both strong)

Natal retrogrades: Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn.  (Communication/learning; higher learning/study; work/building, respectively)
Retrogrades serve to slow the planetary energy (we express inwardly) in order to perfect it – which usually means around 30 yrs+ we finally figure out how to best operate it (outwardly) in a way that serves us.  Eg.  Orli mentions in the interview above that he now tones down the overly exuberant play (Leo) because he is now a Dad (Saturn rules fathers).

Mercury Rx conjunct Mars square Pluto in Libra (air/intellect) forces (Pluto) different modes of communication.  Intuition, instincts, sensitivities to vibrations, wild animals, totems, energies, feelings, weather, dreams are all likely top notch especially with Venus in the first (strong/angular) trine Uranus and NNode/Moon.

orlando+bloom+kingdom+heaven-e1336365951189Venus exalted in Pisces (water) trine Moon in Scorpio (water) supports intuition and instinct though Moon is in its fall in Scorpio.  Moon is a planet of fluctuation – Scorpio likes it fixed and Scorpio likes more control than Moon allows.  Feelings (Moon) take on a metamorphic quality of caterpillar to butterfly infinity.

In (out of sign) square to Sun (ego/spirit), Moon desires lots of transformation via work, building, all while being in the flow of idealism and innate spirituality and inspired art.  This is an aspect of feeling on your feet – if that makes sense.  Any 8th house planet has swamp stuff (trust me, I know) Moon needs to process and your best route is creativity (moon rules 5th, trines Venus) and expressing yourself via music, film, art, playing with kids.

Leo Saturn is focal point of a T-Square (not surprising considering back and bone  issues) with Uranus in Scorpio (break/metamorphosis, respectively) which opposes Jupiter in Taurus indicating polarity shifts that induce reconfigurations of values in the realms of personal resources/esteem and ultimate shared/renewal.  Saturn holds down the fort in house health trine Neptune at MC indicating healing and an innate idealism despite material or health setbacks or restrictions.

Odd, I just remembered this: my boss reminded me of this ironically 10th house/Saturn thing. (Saturn is bosses/10th) He hardly ever watches pop culture movies but recently reminded me of the fact that years ago Orli had watches stolen by the Bling Ring.  Astrologically, spot on with Neptune at MC – timepiece theft made into a movie (Neptune).  Taurus tends to collections, so the T-square is apt with the break-in, time and fame.  Sad but true, it’s all right there in the natal.

Quintiles or spiritual gifts and places of divine grace via unusual talents: Sun quintile Uranus exact – gotta say right place right time with this one as well as quirky and yes unusual bone healing.  The Wolverine gene haa.
Venus quintile Jupiter – Loving, kind, lucky (healing well again) an abundance of creativity and optimism.  These two benefics in quintile underneath the radar (horizon) bestows grace and peace of mind in an otherwise interactive, public chart.

Orli tattsNew tat (new to me anyway)
You, my eagle with blue black wings, where have you been flying for so long
I was flying there over the mountains where it all was silence.

From a movie, ‘Dersu Uzala from 1975.

This is a monster post, but Orli is a sweetie and he deserves the best.  Oh and by the way my former husband and I were in a flurry of texting after BOTFA and he agrees, you are the most awesome gravity-defying elf evah.
We love ya babes ! mwahs xo

I will close with one last thing before midnight because I just read this today, thought it was very, very cool.  Orli took a break after LOTR/Pirates/Elizabethtown to do this…

‘My cousin (Sebastian Copeland) is an environmental campaigner and photographer and he was doing a book called Antarctica – A Global Warning. He joined the (two-month) research ship and I went along and assisted him. There was no phone, no email, no knowing…’  After existing in the eye of a media storm, Bloom became nothing more than a cog in a crew of 47 manning a converted Norwegian icebreaker sailing out of Patagonia. The ship was bound for one of the most remote regions, an icy wilderness where the effects of global warming are, he says, ‘frighteningly apparent’. source
Ps. Capricorn rules Antarctica

Namárië mellonamin
Gneiss Moon 

Good in this World


Astin, SeanSean Astin

Sean has been working in films since he was ten with 114 credits including The Goonies, Rudy, 50 First Dates, and of course he is Samwise Gamgee in Lord of the Rings.  He has seven film projects on deck, click here for deets.  Sean can also be heard on Vox Populi radio every Thursday here.

At Vox Populi Radio, we seek not to change minds, but to learn more about one another. We believe that with curiosity and civility, we can find a way past entrenched viewpoints, forward to understanding and real solutions.

Sean is a sixth house Pisces Sun/Moon with Virgo rising, and Gemini an intuitive thinker/feeler with Mercury (his ruler, and rules his Midheaven) exalted on the culmination (29th) degree of Aquarius, the decan of Venus.  Empathetic, kind and  perceptive – he has a good ‘feel’ for civil service, common people – communication via heart feelings and intellectual knowing are equally strong.

Sam Rivendell GaladrielSean’s North Node of Destiny is in the sixth house of Aquarius, highlighting humanitarian work and service, aspirations for greater global good via practical intelligent discourse, and he is quite possibly a very unusual gardener.
You saw that coming, right ? Ok, while I am at it, I cried so hard when Sam carried his best friend (Venus) Frodo up the mountain (Saturn) in Mordor (Pluto) I thought my head was gonna pop right off.  :::sigh:::  Go Sam !

Sean has the majority of his planets below the horizon save Chiron in Aries 7 and Saturn in Taurus, nearest his Midheaven.  This signals a tendency to introversion, especially with Saturn, the restrictive planet of limitations and work, in his 9th house of Taurus.  Sean surfaces to give voice to those causes he has a love for – the vision, ethics and philosophies drive him to go public.  (Mars ruled Chiron in 7; Mars in Sagittarius)  He feels a very strong sense of social responsibility (Saturn, 6th stellium), wants to rally others to exchange and share what they see, their viewpoints. (Mars Sagittarius, see below)*

Saturn elevated in Taurus is steady and stubborn, but in good aspect (trine, harmony) to Venus (rules Taurus) in the 5th, he is steadily working, taking risks, and really loves kids and being a good Dad is very important to him.  He is loyal, true and he’s a what you see is what you get kind of guy.

Sean AstinSagittarius Mars in 4 square his Ascendant / Descendant axis* from the Nadir (4th house) of nurturing, childhood, family shows a student/teaching quality has always been present in his emotional landscape.  Self-expression ( Sag Mars can be blunt – I have it, I know)* and the gut instincts are courageous, impulsive – while in square to Moon (public: which opposes ascendant) actions taken may not always find fertile ground on a wide scale at the outset.

Here is where Capricorn Venus trine Saturn (rules Capricorn)  delivers grace via Sean’s Stick & Stay nature.  She also trines Pluto (metamorph) in his Virgo 1st house, first impressions can be transformed by compassion and loyalty to the cause, by showing his heart is in the right place.

With Neptune conjunct Jupiter and Mars all in Sagittarius, it’s no surprise Sean loves running, particularly marathons (see Saturn in 9 for endurance).  Neptune at 3 degrees conjunct Jupiter at 5 dovetail in square to Mercury at 29 Aquarius (yes, out-of-sign, but it is his ruler) and Sun at 6 Virgo. Squares push us to succeed for they are restless tension that we are constantly working to release high qi.  Mars in tough aspect in 4th can be not only oversensitive (luminaries in Pisces supports) but also insensitive (see blunt*) – such is the nature of a square – it all comes back to self-expression aka 3rd house with Mercury and Jupiter in difficult aspect.

“I run first for me, I run second for my family, and third I run for you…” – Sean
Team #Run3rd here
Mission Statement here.

Note also 3rd house and Jupiter are modes of thinking/seeing – in square, these energies must be used constructively to work to their best advantage.  Spiritual higher mind focus and metamorphic trial and error are likely until finding the personal groove.

Sean running gg bridgeLike Elijah, Sean has no oppositions, save Aries Chiron which opposes Uranus in Libra, so again, dealing with others/expression of self in regards to balanced relationships is called to the fore.  Chiron is the wounded healer/teacher/herbalist/philosopher, in Aries opposite (this means interacting/compromising with another) Uranus it can indicate sudden upsets of same, energy over the top followed by drain and a need to re-charge.  Needs of self and needs of another are in peace talks, likely involving men and women (Aries/Mars and Venus/Uranus) just remember compassion works a charm and (Venus) is in much easier aspect than aggressive Mars.

Venus in earth trine Saturn and Pluto in all in earth gives the grounded support needed to find your creative working balance.  Use your skills, honesty and steadfastness and ambition with compassion to succeed.

Alexandra AstinSean and his daughter Alexandra in RotK.

Also of note is a Quasar exact conjunct Sean’s Sun at 6 Pisces.  This indicates achievement and success, honors and goals reached.  Pisces Sun in the 6th house  expresses spirit by being a public worker serving the highest good of all by lifting the collective unconscious in inspiring, idealistic ways.

Sean is doing his Uranus return brilliantly with Vox Populi.  Humanitarian global concerns are the hallmark of Uranus returns, when it reaches natal opposition we sum up our contribution to date and are either satisfied or aspire to better achieve social and karmic balance.

Uranus goes direct on the 21st at 12 Aries in exact opposition to his natal Uranus.  Slow caution is advised 2-3 days prior to 21st as Venus and Pluto are moving into exact conjunction in Capricorn square both natal and transiting Uranus in opposition to one another on the 21st.
Transits are felt prior to exact, so Sean, if you read this – keep your eyes open, be careful.  I can’t predict Uranus, no one can – it’s the wildcard.
Just a head’s UP.

Saesa omentien lle, Astalder
Gneiss Moon

Four on the Floor

Viggo styleYou have a moral obligation to finish the job you said you would do.
Viggo Mortensen

Viggo’s filmography is linked above, his artworks (as well as artworks of his friends) including paintings, photographs, poetry and music can be found at Perceval Press, also linked on the sidebar.  His paintings were also featured in A Perfect Murder.  I have written about Viggo before here and here.

He’s a savvy, soft-spoken traveler who prefers privacy, though he surfaces to fight (speak) for causes he cares deeply for…Democracy Now earlier this week, here.
( I will relay Viggo/Aragorn astrology throughout, note resemblance to Strider above.)

Viggo is one of five knights from The Lord of the Rings production; the others being Ian Holm, Ian McKellen, Christopher Lee and Peter Jackson.  Viggo was knighted on April 16th 2010 by Queen Margarethe II of Denmark.  This pleases me, knights are Jupiter.

Viggo horsing aroundAn accomplished horseman in his spare time, Mortensen requested Aragorn be given more saddle time than was originally scripted. He also kept his on-screen horse nearby during the entire principal photography schedule in order to ride in his off-hours and strengthen his relationship with the horse.  He also did all his own stunts in Hidalgo, including a breakneck bareback ride that even the stuntman couldn’t handle.  (Viggo has Saturn in Sagittarius: truth in the work, steady on a horse)

Sagittarius rules horses and Jupiter rules Sagittarius.

Yes, I think Viggo is Sagittarius rising, and yes, there is horse info in the GMA Viggo links above, although I am adding a recap and an addition/correction, here.

Viggo loves horses, has bought several post wrap:
Kenny (Hasufel) aka Eomer’s horse, that Aragorn borrowed in TTT
Brego (Uraeus) aka Theodred’s warhorse Aragorn set free who later found him wounded (pictured above)
Tecontender (T.J.) aka (one of the 5 horses used in) Hidalgo
In addition to Asfaloth aka Florian (Arwen rode in Ringwraith chase) that Viggo gave to Arwen’s stunt double, Jane Abbott.

Viggo’s book: The Horse is Good here.  He supports wild horse preservation here.  You can also read about Viggo’s horse filming experiences at Horse Nation here.  You can read his experiences with the horses in Hidalgo (specifically) here.

“One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was from a horse master, he told me to go slow to go fast. I think that applies to everything in life. We live as though there aren’t enough hours in the day but if we do each thing calmly and carefully we will get it done quicker and with much less stress.”  source

viggo chillinViggo is a late degree Libra Sun conjunct North Node of Destiny conjunct Venus (rules Libra) within a degree.  He is a man of balance and thoughtful consideration, promoting justice and fairness in all he does.  The majority of personal planets are in air, he’s a thinker/communicator.  Mercury in Scorpio is the lone personal planet water placement – perceptive and sharp, nothing escapes notice. Here lies the power of mental prowess, regeneration and rebirth, intensity of focus. Viggo is a life path Eight.

Outbound actions (Mars retrograde aka internalized, revision mode) involving observation, thinking, speaking are versatile, spontaneous yet alert to stir compassion (Neptune). Mars Rx quincunx (health/altitude adjustments) Scorpio Neptune (healing spirit conjunct Mercury) informs improvisation  aka thinking on his feet. 

Gemini Mars Rx squares Virgo Pluto – Mercury rules both signs – he knows the power of words, the transmutation they hold.  Words…what odd things…singular symbols strung together like prayer beads or notes on a scale – they form unified shapes, summoning mental images, evoking emotions that enable collective understanding.  Scorpio Neptune/Mercury/Jupiter measures words to the point of struggle, for to speak is to finitely define what is in essence esoteric, alchemical and forever in flux.

Viggo is a word wizard – conscientiously smithing his craft.  Mars retrograde quincunx Scorpio Neptune is forever making adjustments, resurrecting or furrowing the mindfield searching for new subconscious emotional reserves.  Fluctuating Aquarius Moon also supports this restless quest for information but from the mental perspective – intake and processing of moods, feelings, vibes of surrounds are highly instinctive and intellectual  in nature.

Viggo3Viggo is kind, artistic, thoughtful, informed, enigmatic, funny and quirky. He actually quit speaking for a month (4 weeks) to better understand his role as a deaf/mute woodsman in The Passion of Darkly Noon.  Released in 1995 (presumably filmed in early/mid ’94) Viggo was having a Jupiter transit to his stellium near natal Neptune with Saturn in Pisces in trine to same with Uranus/Neptune conjunct in Capricorn square his Libra Sun, Venus, NNode conjunction. Curiously, the social/outers were all retrograde mid ’94.  I knew and loved this story, but went digging up the deets for y’all, and the story is pure Viggo – read it here.

Desire to penetrate the mysteries of pure creative heart and soul (Leo) as well as higher mind and communication (Uranus) are enhanced by Jupiter (student/teacher) square Uranus in Leo (creation/curiosity/play).  The drive to experience differences and see and think through another’s eyes and experiences lends to heightened growth of the craft.  (Sun/NNode/Venus in Libra)  Jupiter in Scorpio square Uranus in Leo seeks to disrupt complacency by investigating all manners of philosophy on life and death – each deserves respect (Jupiter).  The Road – the only movie I felt was so intense that I had to stop half way through and walk it off a bit before beginning again.  That’s high praise from a Plutonic.

“Each time I make a movie, it’s like a paid scholarship to a different university course.”  source

Mercury rules eyesight, Uranus (its higher octave) rules the aetheric sight.  In Viggo’s case, Jupiter (conjunct Mercury, square Uranus – I think it’s his ruler) links the two.  He’s a philosopher grounded by Saturn in Sagittarius – he sees how ideas manifest on the material plane, it informs not only his philosophies, but also his self-discipline.

ellesar palantir
Sagittarius Saturn conjunct ascendant in good aspect (trine Uranus, sextile Venus exact) is serious about the long-term ramifications of any and all energetic exchanges.  Saturn also gives structure and support (work) to wildcard Uranus in Leo.  Uranus in Leo insists on creative diversity, fingers in all the pies.  Double fixation (Leo/Uranus) driven by independence, innovation, invention and switch-hit artistic perceptions, he’s the courageous boho gypsy revolutionary who knows that all that glitters is not gold.  Uranus separates from Leo (rules gold).  Viggo desires respect for the craft, understanding, co-operation and kindness rather than fame, recognition or piles of money.  He is a humanitarian, who cares deeply about people.  (See Perceval Press.)

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;

The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

The Riddle of Strider

For FrodoPersonal: This tiny moment above was one of my (many) favorite RotK scenes, subtle indeed.  Got me right in the feels, speechless.  I respect your opinion, but I humbly disagree.

Viggo has Libra Sun quintile (genius expression) Uranus (in the sign Sun rules, Leo)  indicating boho creative spirit expression, forming strong bonds with others – while remaining individually independent and true to self within said partnerships.

This aspect signals awareness of sensations in the aether heretofore unspoken – felt with the heart only.  The ego separates, the heart unites.  Sun is both heart and ego and both are electric – a conscious choice (Venus) resides in this aspect.

A couple of quick asteroids:
Lucifer 1930
If you have seen The Prophecy, then you know why I chose to look up Lucifer, I very briefly wrote about it here.  Damage Control: It is a representation of the fight between good and evil raging within us all.  Please also note Venus the morning star is Lucifer, Venus the evening star is Hesperus and the pentagram is the shape of the her orbit.  See it here.  Viggo has Lucifer in Capricorn, trine Pluto and quintile Venus; both exact, hence the role in the creative arts.  Note also that many astrologers don’t give account to anything but tight conjunctions for asteroids.  I pitch ’em out there for interest, flavor.

Varda 174567
Previous post here.  In J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythology, Varda is queen of the stars, aka the star-kindler.  Varda, the bestower of blessings is in exact conjunction with Viggo’s natal Venus.  This pleases me… for two reasons.
One: Varda bestows charm and grace upon Viggo through Venus.
Two: The ring (Venus rules rings) Aragorn wore was called Elessar, the Elfstone, the stone of Eärendil.  Crafted by the Noldor, it was of the deepest green and held the light of the Sun, bestowing healing powers upon the wearer.  The ring was given to him as a gift (Venus) from Galadriel (for his marriage to Arwen) at the time the Fellowship left Lothlórien.  Aragorn took Elessar as his royal name as was foretold.  History of Elessar here and here. 

Viggo peace outNamárië
Gneiss Moon


billy_boyd 2

May I introduce Billy Boyd.
Billy is a not only a multi-Virgo with my heart up his sleeve, Billy is a Virgo wonderment. 
My Virgo stellium looks like chump change next to his.  Dig it !

Sun 4
Jupiter 13
Pluto 22
Mercury 22
Venus 23
Uranus 28

Now THAT is a stellium.

Billy ScotsSix Virgo Planets, Mars in Leo, Saturn Rx in Aries.
Outbound expression of Leo creativity via Mars power trine North Node of Destiny & Chiron Rx in Aries circumscribed by intense intellectual analyzation. + Cheeky !
Goal-enriched, focused, streamlined creativity.

Virgo restraint is brought to a crux by Pluto, Mercury, Venus (22,22,23) respectively; tight triple conjunction, mind you – straight to the chase, he is.  Perceptual shifts ongoing, daily routine reveals sacred patterns, philosophical shifts and psychological breakthroughs revealed via a mind busy with practical matters.

Virgo Pluto, Mercury/Venus are tightly sextile 23 Neptune in Scorpio, leading to much opportunity and ultimately success on stage in theater (Mars, Leo) as well as (Neptune ruled) film and music. Billy has an amazing voice, Beecake is fantastic, see vids in comments.  Well done.

Billy spies appleSaturn Rx as Yod focal point indicates adaptation, improvisation re: elements & modalities in re: to work, identity, intellect and expressing desires.  Points of a Yod see, feel and react differently – integration, co-operation needed; adaptation, improvisation on call.

Saturn Rx is not only in its fall, but also retrograde – which makes the reconfiguration of actions undergo continual reconsideration.  Actions are slowed and internalized while figuring out how to best express them.  Growing older, at which point expressing the planetary energy has been perfected, the energy is delivered outwardly.  (I have Saturn Rx in Aries, as does Thom Yorke.)  Seeking perfection is inherent – streamlined power in progress, editing on hand 24/7.  Aries Saturn as focal point indicates the need to overcompensate, overachieve and cover all the bases prior to action as well as in the process of doing it.
 Stardust and Melancholy photoStardust and Melancholy

North Node in Aries calls the spirit forth to bushwhack a new trail via impulse & instinct, the emphasis is on self-acceptance rather than seeking accolades through others.  Chiron Rx here is much the same, leading with the spirit of connection, new beginnings, meet/greet/make it neat (fast), move on.

Fire signs (as well as any planets therein) are the cheerleaders of the zodiac; Aries, doubly so – they are the I AM / WE ARE doing it FIRST primal people.  Aries North Node of Destiny, Chiron Rx, Saturn Rx are notable as they are Cardinal – focusing the drive of Billy’s mutable (adaptable) plow.  Mars in Leo is fixed, creative and backing with major powerhouse instinctual energy towards destiny via trine.

Cardinal inspiration, ideas, creativity, exceptionally vibrant healing* are given the reins here especially during fire sign transits. *For those who are of the *Chiron rules Virgo crowd; Sun & Chiron are in tandem giving and receiving great reception as Sun is exalted in Aries.

Beecake BillyBeecake on Twitter

Saturn prominent not only indicates restriction, but also older people, authority figures, ambitions a long-standing career and a love of work.  Billy lost his parents at a very young age and was raised by his grandmother.  Pluto, Mercury 22; Venus 23 Virgo indicates a woman stepping into his life to undertake personal responsibilities while he was young during a major life transition. (Pluto, death, transformation; Mercury, youth; Venus female; Virgo service to others.)  As a comparison, I’ll pop in my own deets: I’m Saturn ruled (in 3, siblings) all bros & sis are over 12 + years older than me.

Note current astro transits: Transiting Capricorn Pluto; Venus direct trine Virgo Jupiter (beneficial, though transformative change via art, communications, balance); Jupiter Rx sextile Virgo Jupiter (opportunity expansion); as well as transiting Uranus conjunct North Node of Destiny.  Uranus rules astrology…and you, my friend, are up to bat this time.  Welcome.

Amin merna quen, Mellonamin
alu telttyene meivseere
Yallume amin rin
Diola lle

Mantis Monaghan

Dominic Monaghan with some kind of mantis.  I looked through 90+ pages of mantis in the bug field guide couldn’t ID it.  He ID’s bugs for peeps on twitter sometimes if you’re losing sleep over it. You can always find the guide in the sidebar under Earth if you get buggy curious, like me.
Mantis as totem highlights personal chi, focus, patience and stillness from within.  To African bushmen, the mantis embodies God as ‘the voice of the infinite in the small’, mantis is “the one who teaches”, they are wizards of perception – visible and invisible as they choose.  more mantis Previous mantis post here.

Timely…full Aquarius moon squares Dom’s Jupiter Rx in Toro, falls in his 3rd solar house: learning, thinking.  WoW.  No kidding, immediately after writing that sentence, I spied a single big black ant on my right (future).  Ants are without a doubt Saturnian.  Ants are social, industrious, hard-working and they carry more than their own weight.  

Dominic is a rollicking fun house of Sagittarius, 16 degree Sun, Neptune and Mars tightly conjunct following at 13 and 12 degrees, respectively. Honestly just a few days ago he wrote something on his twitter that made me burst out laughing with ‘I can’t believe you just said that !’, which was followed by ‘of course you just said it – you’re a Sag!’… hilar.

*Sun Neptune and Mars = Jedi vibe.

Perfect illustration of his *Spirit, Dreams, Action conjunction is this tweet from a few days ago: Visualize your dreams before you sleep at night. You will move closer to making them reality when you wake. Xxx be curious.

I knew the Jedi/natal aspects going in, (I have similar) but I forgot about this tattoo, (I’ve been cable free for years) until today. I love it !
Watch Kat ink Dom – –  tatt 1 – –  tatt 2

You have likely seen Dom as Charlie in Lost, Bolt in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and of course as
Meriadoc Brandybuck in Lord of the Rings. I just watched The Day last night, I liked it, gritty suspense that led me into funky dreamland.
Dom is currently living the sweet Sagittarius dream, globe-trotting and making friends with bugs & critters the world over for his hit BBC show, Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, which was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award for Best Reality Series in its first year.

I drug out rabbit ears and did the 2hr tweak for both the 11th Doctor and later, Dom.  (Having absolutely no luck, (local affiliate didn’t pick up either !) – me and my tv had a very bad, noisy break up.)  I have requested DMWT at my local library… where I have oodles and gobs of faith, I just have to have…patience……patience !


You can call Dom Spider-Man, because he just had a spider Ctenus monaghani named after him !  YaY
How cool is that ?!  
This pic is from Spidey 2 premiere in 2004.

Foreshadowing..?  Perhaps.  Spoilers .. !  haha It fits with your strong Saturnian vibe, very cool.

Dom has been an avid environmentalist for years, this pic is from one of the LotR premiers – check out more about Dom’s asteroid wood in previous eco / tree post here.  He owns a small forest in India, good work !

Nat’l Geo: Scientists believe that insects outnumber humans by more than a billion to one and that the world contains thousands of insect secrets waiting to be discovered. What is known about insects is that they are essential for ecosystems to thrive.
Dom rings peremier TreesSagittarius Sun tightly conjunct Neptune, Mars is an outward bound thrust toward spiritual teaching, karmic enlightenment, higher octaves of nature, art and the beauty in all that IS – actively pursuing, revealing and becoming ONE with the light behind the spiritual sun (cosmic expression rather than self expression).

Nature (Neptune) is the ultimate (Mars) I AM.
SEEing (Sagittarius) the Goddess/God particle as it manifests in all creation.
Note: Those who conserve nature are Saturnian 

Dom has 16 degree Leo Saturn Rx in exact trine to Sagittarius Sun in this triple conjunction indicating an active teaching, belief in a higher strength, willpower delivered by the infinite divine as is manifest (Sun rules Leo, life) here on Earth (Saturn) via the diversity of creatures across the globe (Sagittarius).

Uranus (diversity) and North Node of Destiny (future path) in Scorpio (research) trine  Moon (home, emotions) in Cancer (Moon strong, it rules) indicates both a love for living the rad boho home life as well as the research of it in transit (Uranus in Scorpio).

Our world is truly his oyster, and he delivers the pearls of Sagittarius wisdom.  Dom shares his unique brand of personal world-wide WILD research (Uranus, Scorpio) via what he SEES, what he experiences (Sagittarius stellium) on television. (Uranus)

Dealing with poisonous (Neptune) critters is all in a day’s work (trine Saturn).  Moon is instinctual feelings, Uranus is instinctual thinking – when both are in trine it sets up an avenue of non-verbal communication between species.  (I have Uranus trine Moon, my bro had Uranus Cancer in mutual reception with Moon in Aquarius)

All animals (yes, including humans) and especially wild animals communicate non-verbally, they know the friend or foe vibrations (Uranus) right off.  They KNOW that you are here as a friend to speak for them.  This is favorable, but remain sharp, Saturn (time) squares (friction) Uranus (fanatic, odd), resist the urge to go too quickly due to strong excitement.
Every being has a different baseline (natal, life chart) from which to operate.
Some relationships are more difficult than others – those that are difficult will be highly rewarding because they force growth.
Don’t be hasty.  Be careful out there.

Saturn in square to Uranus needs to cultivate love, patience, planning, humility and concentration for sudden surprises (Uranus) can be detrimental to the vital life force (Uranus square Leo).  This is an aspect of stubborn willfulness (fixed signs) that needs to fully tap into co-operation and understanding in relationships of all kinds (Saturn opposes Aquarius) in order to work high qi.  Saturn constricts; Uranus sets free – this is a restless energy from within (square) that needs tempering – find your middle ground between the two.

Fantastic Sag Wild pics on his instagram here.

There is an opportunity to USE (Saturn) the benefits of fame to teach others via (metamorphic) Pluto sextile Leo Saturn (creative work) and sextile Sagittarius stellium (teaching).  Pluto is focal planet of a T-Square (fulcrum of inner conflict) in Libra  bringing justice, transformative relationships – communication (Mercury) of feelings, family, home (Moon in Cancer) and the transformation of all of them into sharp focus.

The urge to penetrate cultural understandings, research the passionate spirit of humanity at large drives him to responsibly communicate the innate similarities between all peoples, cultures and critters.  He is a powerful storyteller that initiates action in others.  (Cardinal T-Square)

All life has the right to explore what it means to be alive.
Gneiss Moon

Metamorphosis, power struggle and re-birth arrive via partnership, bonds, women, harmony, diplomacy.  Great success hinges on seeing both sides of any and all situations regardless of sexual, cultural (Libra, Venus rules) or communicative differences – tap Moon in Cancer (rules, strong) sensitivity, sharing feelings, also cultivate adaptability to change.

Power over oneself, sharing power are hallmarks of the truly powerful.
This is also my lesson.  Just sayin’.

Pluto square (inner tension) Mercury in Capricorn (solid communication re: material responsibility), and Pluto square Moon in Cancer (emotions, home and sensitivities to fluctuating perceptions) are key points of power struggles and change with others.

Mercury in Capricorn (Saturn rules) indicates a serious thinker, bare bones communication that gets the job done. It is the epitome of dignified, logical, material goal-set.  While in opposition to Moon in Cancer, thinking, communicating and perceptions require compromise.  Family, women, the public, home (moon rules all 3) both personal and global, are calling for an awareness of duality.  Pluto in Libra transforms through seeing both sides.

What you say matters.
A Sagittarius stellium with Mercury in Capricorn..?
You walk the talk.

MY HOME :::opposes::: OUR WORLD
(Cancer :::peace talks::: Capricorn)

Obviously deep feelings backed by a deep commitment not only to cultivating and maintaining the balance of life, but also actively communicating it, often.
Great work, keep it UP !

Taurus Jupiter Rx square Saturn Rx in Leo is an aspect of inner tension re: work, expansion, long-term goals, how you are able to express yourself creatively.  Saturn constricts; Jupiter expands – the urge to go BIG is sometimes met with blockage.  Being fluid, rather than fixed (Taurus) and patiently waiting for the right time, and/or going around obstacles is key here – this is a test of patience re: authority (Saturn) and/or romance (Leo).

Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde which indicates a turning inward of these energies as they perfect expression to your satisfaction, at which time they will be expressed  outwardly.  Around the 40 year mark, the North Node of Destiny kicks in as innate spiritual willpower demands true self expression, much the same is true of retrogrades.  You are kicking it into high gear now, and will continue to do so.

Jupiter sees, teaches; Saturn streamlines, conserves.
You love travel, teaching and the Earth.
Boom – WIN !

Your North Node is ruled by Pluto – very powerful transformation is yours both creatively and romantically when you are in your metamorphic (Pluto, Libra) niche – the powerful need (Pluto) to express harmony, beauty and balance (Libra) is key.

I saved more of the good stuff for last…Capricorn Venus trine Jupiter in Taurus is sweet harmony between benefics – love (Venus) and expansion (Jupiter Rx) will be directly involved with how you USE (Capricorn) what you HAVE (Taurus).

I am a big fan of altitude, keep yours UP – if love, creative freedom or work is not delivered in what you deem a timely fashion (Venus in Capricorn) – remain patient, work hard, play hard (plenty of fire in your chart) and it will come to you in time – BIGTIME, if you remain flexible.

Cormlle naa tanya tel’raa


Even when I’m dead, I’ll swim through the Earth,
like a mermaid of the soil,  j
ust to be next to your bones.

Jeffery McDaniel

I love this photo because it is not the hollyweird glam money shot – instead, concentration whittles Elijah’s brow, while he manifests his magickal mojo, mister encyclopedia of music.  He is quite astounding really, rambling conjunctions of musical genres tumble out organically, he binds the knots between arts, it has been thus for years.  He is quite committed to The Art of Elysium, which brings the arts to children battling serious illnesses.  Elijah spins vinyl all over the world (since his breakout NZ spins during LotR) with his friend Cowie, under the name Wooden Wisdom.  You can listen to daily picks from Cowie aka Turquoise Wisdom at play it as it lathes.

In this photo is Elijah delving deep into his intellectual water element: Neptune (seas of music) in Sagittarius (exploratory teacher of music, film, memories, mysticism) sextiles his Aquarius (Mercury exalted) / Mars conjunction making him a curious  intellectual researcher; he desires the unique, he is a brilliant communicator.  This aspect also endows him with insight into the human electrical (heart, North Node in Leo) spiritual power grid.  Unusual powers of communication, love, balance and acceptance through trials are his forte – he sees the future – the big spiritual picture.

This is likely more keenly felt as Elijah’s 29 degree (previously more private) Scorpio Uranus has progressed into Sagittarius, giving his thinking a more philosophical, expansive, worldly curious vibe.  This rare progression is also evident by his public presence (publishing his ideas – ‘succumbing to the wiles of twitter’  lol.) on the web since November 2010 here.  Check him out, he posts really cool stuff.

Elijah’s Neptune (film) in Sagittarius also sextiles Pluto Rx in Libra (transformative, provocative art tweaking the balance).  He is fascinated by reflection images (Moon and Venus rule), his photographs incite intellectual perception probing.  He is in the viewers face, yet he is not – he represents the hidden portion of ourselves – we look at not only what we see (others , Aquarian), but how we see (ourselves, Leo).  He engages the viewer in curious contemplation of fame/infamy, of the extraordinary/commonality of all people, everywhere.
He forces us to perceive him, how we are – he showing us our guts, beautifully.
Libra Pluto Rx trine Aquarius Mercury/Mars; both sextile Neptune in Sagittarius – harmonious melding of personal/public (social) viewpoints, the ethical philosophy of SEEING.

Now would be an excellent time to mention Elijah’s pre-birth Lunar Eclipse (8 days prior to his birth).  Zero degree Aquarius (other) Sun opposite zero degree Leo Moon (self) – both square Pluto in Libra.  Learning to detach from the collective in order to nurture his emotional ego while creatively expressing unique traits and individual talents is his vibration.  Most of this growth will revolve around provoking intense transformation of both himself and others via relationships and creativity.

Elijah is a powerfully fluid dancer (Neptune) full of kinetic energy.  Pluto Rx trines his Mercury/Mars conjunction in Aquarius which is a fabulous representation of two of his childhood nicknames: Spark plug Monkey.  (Mercury rules names) Pluto Rx trine  Aquarius is electrical rebirth; Monkeys are Mercury (conjunct Mars in Aquarius – high octane monkeyshines).

Elijah, astute in business, (Venus in Cap mutual reception Saturn in Libra) has diversified interests including producing films (upcoming Black Wings Has My Angel), and running his own record label Simian Records.
He has a massive vinyl collection, is a self-confessed foodie (his parents ran a deli when he was living in Iowa) with a particular penchant for pizza pies and slow smoked dry rub meat.  He takes pictures of his food like I take pictures of my tarot spreads, cute.
Below Elijah is interviewed by Jason Z, another music freak friend – see JZ’s page here for tunes he posts daily.

Venus in Capricorn in mutual reception with Saturn Rx in Libra (Jupiter Rx tightly conjunct) finds balance through work, love and love of work.  Elijah (working in film since the age of 8) is pictured below as Huckleberry Finn in 1993, the same year he was awarded the Best Performance by a Younger Actor for Radio Flyer.
His earliest work includes a cameo in Paula Abdul’s Forever Your Girl video, and Back to the Future II as a video-gamer.  Elijah IS an avid gamer – he and Dom have a great time ripping on each other at the KNUCKLE Fantastic Debates.

Elijah’s tight (big/time) Jupiter [Saturn exalted] conjunction in Libra indicates a serious work ethic, long-term, broad artistic vision as well as a philosophical bent toward old school craftsmanship and tradition.  Which by the way, I LOVE.  Capricorn Venus in mutual reception with Saturn [Jupiter conjunction] square Pluto Rx in Libra has a particular desire to transform old school traditions/values of the past into the future across the broad social stratum.  This conjunction/reception in addition to Aquarius Sun makes Elijah an outstanding team player * note fellowship, and curiously Venus rules rings; Saturn, restriction; Pluto, delivering it to hell and back again.
Jupiter expands the burden, but also brings hope and luck.

Ye olde books say this conjunction (Jupiter/Saturn) is a sign of a “fresh start” chart, or coming into this life free of past karma – it requires hard work and other tense aspects to challenge the native to excel.  Interestingly, Elijah has no oppositions* (read Georgia O’Keefee, no squares)  indicating he gets along with others very well – the bulk of his learning in this life is centered on inner conflict and creative tensions.

Saturn Rx and Jupiter Rx in Libra trine his Aquarius Sun – he is a forging a loving bridge, (Mercury trine Pluto [both rule bridges] Libra; Chiron Taurus) weaving creative, diplomatic connections between the past and present.  Elijah’s Chiron is smack on my Moon and I find this true of him.  Sun square Moon also creates tension/potential between the past/future.  Which leads me to his Moon in Scorpio which is opposite  Chiron – his one opposition.*  Moon opposite Chiron indicates a strong female presence in the early life (also mother/public, Moon rules both) who has served as a catalyst for intense emotional growth.

Capricorn Venus square Pluto Rx in Libra indicates the same growth through restriction  of love, creativity, time and patience which produces intense deep-seated personal metamorphosis that strives for ultimate harmony and balance.  The love/art he craves must penetrate the psyche, provoke intense transformational experiences and reveal fascinating alternative perspectives.  It must also withstand the test of time.

Aquarius Mercury/Mars square Uranus Scorpio indicates a highly energetic mind that tends towards being high-strung.  This aspect signals deep rooted intellectual powers that revolutionize psychological boundaries through eccentric experiences.  Unusual willfulness and the desire to control (fixed signs) coupled with power struggles sparked by keen powers of intuition into the human psyche (both personal and global) need to be tempered by patient understanding and adaptation.
Elijah handles this explosive, reactionary (sometimes violent) aspect quite well by immersing himself in the horror genre, his most recent offering Maniac is a remake of the cult classic William Lustig slasher flick.  He is also owner/partner in a new horror/fantasy/sci-fi film/music management company, SpectreVision.

Sun square Moon indicates powerful lessons between conscious/subconscious, spirit/ instinct, extrovert/introvert, will/emotions, home/career, Mother Moon/ Father Sun, private psyche/public acclaim.  North Node in Leo opposes Sun which urges Elijah  further into the spotlight as he ages, particularly as his outer planet retrogrades in  Venus-ruled Libra kick in and he takes a more executive, behind-the-scenes role in creating films.  (Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto Rx)

Elijah is in my mind, a Scorpio rising without a doubt.  Magnetic, quietly imposing, heavy eyelids (bedroom eyes), intense gazeScorp rising puts Uranus (the extraordinary) on the 29th (culmination) degree of the first house (appearance) which rules the eyes and Elijah is well-known for his mesmerizing big blue eyes.  He is also Capricorn strong (Jupiter conjunct Saturn, Venus in Cap) and has lovely bone structure.

sic itur ad astra

Good Knight

May I introduce Sir Ian McKellen. 

Sir Ian Murray McKellen, CH, CBE *  is an English actor. He has won multiple Laurence Olivier Awards, a Tony Award, two Academy Award nominations, and five Emmy Award nominations. His work has spanned genres from Shakespearean and modern theatre to popular fantasy and science fiction. He is known for film roles such as Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings  film trilogy, Magneto in the X-Men  films, and as Sir Leigh Teabing in The Da Vinci Code.

McKellen was made a * Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1979, was knighted in 1991 for services to the performing arts,and was made a * Companion of Honour for services to drama and to equality, in the 2008 New Year Honours. (wiki)
I will start by saying Sir Ian is so sweet and kind, with a Gemini twinkle in his eye, quite a lovely flirt, really.  He’s fabulous — so fabulous I named my singing toad after him.  Yes, I knighted my toad !  Sir Toadie was recorded in one of the most acoustically perfect halls in the country. true story.  I knew when eclipse toad showed up good things were coming … Sir Ian is a May 25th Gemini, so I am writing & posting tonight – he is in the future in New Zealand and I want this up for his solar return YaY !

Gandalf and  Magneto and a Knight
Seriously !
How cool is That ?!

* Happy Birthday Sir Ian ! * 


Look how cool !
A moth showed up, right on time.
Precisely when he meant to..!

When times grew desperate, Gandalf contacted Gwaihir, Lord of the Eagles, by means of a small moth. It was Radagast the Brown who told the eagles that Gandalf had visited with Saruman in the books; in the movie, Gandalf is seen speaking with the moth.  (LotR wiki)
Moth totem: sensitivity to vibrations, awareness, transition and metamorphosis.  Lunar light and instinctual adjusting of the course, allure in love, camouflage.

Ian is a Gemini Sun, Virgo Moon, Sagittarius rising, making Jupiter his chart ruler.
  Aries Jupiter (is Mars powered) is in the 3rd (communication) house trine 29 degree (culmination degree) Pluto in Cancer, 8th house. Pluto (inner energy, transformative experiences) rules the 8th, is strong, yet fluctuating (Moon ruled house, opposite Mars).

Gemini Sun trines Mars in Aquarius, making Ian a revolutionary (Aquarius) communicator through art and film (Mars trine Neptune at mid-heaven).

Pluto and Mars (Mars is most highly aspected, strong) both square Venus in Taurus, and are opposite each other, which forms a T-Square with Venus as the focal planet.  Venus, the planet of art, love and money is strong in Taurus, the sign it rules.  Venus as focal planet, means it will be forced to metamorph the very powerful energies of Mars and Pluto into artwork, beauty and works of love.

Pluto points to a strong desire nature with opposition to Mars (outward bound energies) in Aquarius, as well as the square (inner tension) to Venus in possessive Taurus.  Pluto in the last degree of Moon-ruled Cancer is a nod to the metamorphic effect Ian has on the public (Moon rules public), through his natural ability to teach and lead by example (Virgo 9th house) through the arts (Neptune [rules film, inspired art] at mid-heaven) and film.

I find it interesting that outward bound Mars is in a sign of polarities (Aquarius), Plutonian inner power is fluctuating in Cancer, and Ian has Mercury (dual perceptions) conjunct Uranus (polarities, magnetics) in artistic Taurus.  Ian is very adept at seeing both sides of any given situation.  He uses this instinctual observation, this intuitive sense (Taurus rules the senses) of dualities to in turn enrich his portrayal of character.

He feels and senses the depth and rich undertones (Pluto Cancer 8 / Venus, Uranus, Mercury in creative 5th house) in humanity and conveys them through artistic means.
(Stellium in creative 5th house/ Mercury conj Uranus trine Neptune at mid-heaven.)

Moon is conjunct Part of Fortune in duty bound Virgo; both trine Saturn in Aries and Venus in Taurus.  Long term (Saturn rules time and work) artistic career (Venus) in the public eye (Moon).

Ian has Mercury quintile (special talents) Pluto, making him a powerfully magnetic ( ! ) communicator, capable of captivating the public (Pluto in moon-ruled Cancer).

He also has Saturn and Neptune quintile Chiron, meaning his work is a powerful healing force to help others.

Ian has one planet retrograde, Neptune – which indicates his work and career in the arts will continue to flourish as he ages.  Retrogrades signify planetary energies that are expressed inwardly while young, until an outside event forces them to be expressed outwardly when older.  At which time, the energy is focused, channeled, and better directed in life.

Melin ceni hin lîn síla i ‘eladhach
Garo arad-o-onnad ‘elir !
Namárië Mellonea
Saesa omentien lle, Diola lle
Ná Elbereth veria le, ná elenath dín síla erin rád o chuil lín.

Aur Onnad Meren !

May I introduce Welsh actor, Mr. John Rhys-Davies.

John, who when young won a place at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, has over his long career appeared in over 70 films, he is known for his voice work, and also numerous television appearances.

Ok, I’ll give it to ya straight from geeky fangirl central.
1. Indiana Jones (Sallah)
2. Star Trek (Voyager, Leonardo da Vinci)  
3. Lord of the Rings (Gimli, Treebeard)
4. Dune (Noree Moneo)
Aside from the fact that he is a very sweet man, these are 4 sci-fi action-adventure flicks I adore – that pretty much seals the deal for me.  John is one superfly Taurus !

John is a Taurus Sun, Mercury, and Venus.  Taurus is a dependable, hard worker and can easily find the zen in any situation.  Venus rules Taurus and is well placed here in the sign it rules – conjunct Mercury it not only gives a pleasant, courteous manner of speaking but also his deep rich voice, for Taurus rules the throat.  Mercury leads the Sun in the chart giving John an added kick of Mercurial communication in the house of where he ‘shines’.

This conjunction of personal planets is square Pluto in Leo (the sign of creativity) giving depth (Pluto) to both his artwork (Venus) and his speaking voice.  Cancer Mars can be moody, but sextile Sun it steadies (fluctuating Moon rules Cancer) Mars and helps give his voice power as well as enriching sensitivity towards others with Sun in steady Taurus.

John has North Node conjunct Pluto in dramatic Leo – this signals a life path in the arts and being in the spotlight.  Pluto conjunct North Node means his destiny is to be a catalyst in this life – Pluto is the planet of the journey of transformation through loss, death and re-birth, literally and metaphorically.  In order to create, a great artist needs a deep well to tap for inspiration and John has got it. He is deeply inspired by others and he inspires others as well, Pluto knows no other way but intensity.

Pluto contacts all his personal planets (closer to Sun, move faster, they are felt more readily in our lives) but Mars.  Pluto is also sextile Libra Moon which is an opportunity to grow through women (Venus rules Libra, both Moon and Venus represent women) and enrich the creative process (Pluto sextile Libra Neptune as well- rules inspired art) through using the intensity of Plutonic experiences to create dramatic art.

Moon conjunct Neptune in Libra is a fine placement for artists as Moon represents feelings; Neptune inspires creative daydream states of reverie – and Libra is a Venus (cultivated art) ruled house. This conjunction is trine Pluto, so again artwork created from a wellspring of life experience.

Libra Moon and Neptune are trine Uranus in Gemini which means intuition is very strong and communication quick and restless.  Uranus is intuition, the higher octave of Mercury (which rules Gemini) meaning John is a quick thinker who likes to keep ideas and conversation flowing.  Saturn (time, patience) placed in Gemini gives a steady nature to speech and study, though in square to Neptune it can signal a need for disciplined, practical, constructive thought surrounding daydreaming and the creative process.

John has Jupiter in Leo which gives him stage (Leo rules the stage) presence, but also expands the vocal capabilities of the Taurus conjunction by square.  This can also mean a love of talking and a need to listen or simply take care to guard from hasty speech from self or others.  Eating right to stay heart healthy, is important, for a Leo (rules the heart) Jupiter can expand what it contacts and it is in square or compromise with indulgent Sun (Sun rules Leo) in Taurus.  (Taurus rules the senses, likes to enjoy food and drink.)

John has Mars quintile (spiritual gift / talent) Neptune (rules film) which gives him an edge on artistic expression with the outgoing action planet Mars working in tandem with mystical, spiritual, artistic, Libra Neptune.  Leo Jupiter quintile Gemini Uranus indicates a booming voice (Mercury rules Gemini, and Jupiter squares Mercury too) and a love for innovative, expansive ideas.  John taught (Jupiter and Mercury rule teaching) at Watton County Secondary School in Norfolk, where his students likely found him a powerful, innovative teacher.

Also, I was curious to investigate the skin sensitivity, as I also have sensitive skin.
John broke out terribly to the prosthetics used in Lord of the Rings, sometimes so much his eyes would swell shut. Poor guy ~ that’s dedication !

So here are the deets: Saturn rules skin, Aquarius sensitive skin.  John has Saturn square (internal tension, conflict) sensitive Neptune in Libra (make – up, cosmetics).  This Gemini (rules writing) Saturn (rules time, permanence and along with Mars, tattoos) is square his Moon and Neptune in beautiful balanced Libra, and I am sure at the end of filming, the last thing he wanted was more skin irritation.

Thank you John, I look forward to seeing more of your work…
Aa’ menealle nauva calen ar’ malta