Good Knight

May I introduce Sir Ian McKellen. 

Sir Ian Murray McKellen, CH, CBE *  is an English actor. He has won multiple Laurence Olivier Awards, a Tony Award, two Academy Award nominations, and five Emmy Award nominations. His work has spanned genres from Shakespearean and modern theatre to popular fantasy and science fiction. He is known for film roles such as Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings  film trilogy, Magneto in the X-Men  films, and as Sir Leigh Teabing in The Da Vinci Code.

McKellen was made a * Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1979, was knighted in 1991 for services to the performing arts,and was made a * Companion of Honour for services to drama and to equality, in the 2008 New Year Honours. (wiki)
I will start by saying Sir Ian is so sweet and kind, with a Gemini twinkle in his eye, quite a lovely flirt, really.  He’s fabulous — so fabulous I named my singing toad after him.  Yes, I knighted my toad !  Sir Toadie was recorded in one of the most acoustically perfect halls in the country. true story.  I knew when eclipse toad showed up good things were coming … Sir Ian is a May 25th Gemini, so I am writing & posting tonight – he is in the future in New Zealand and I want this up for his solar return YaY !

Gandalf and  Magneto and a Knight
Seriously !
How cool is That ?!

* Happy Birthday Sir Ian ! * 


Look how cool !
A moth showed up, right on time.
Precisely when he meant to..!

When times grew desperate, Gandalf contacted Gwaihir, Lord of the Eagles, by means of a small moth. It was Radagast the Brown who told the eagles that Gandalf had visited with Saruman in the books; in the movie, Gandalf is seen speaking with the moth.  (LotR wiki)
Moth totem: sensitivity to vibrations, awareness, transition and metamorphosis.  Lunar light and instinctual adjusting of the course, allure in love, camouflage.

Ian is a Gemini Sun, Virgo Moon, Sagittarius rising, making Jupiter his chart ruler.
  Aries Jupiter (is Mars powered) is in the 3rd (communication) house trine 29 degree (culmination degree) Pluto in Cancer, 8th house. Pluto (inner energy, transformative experiences) rules the 8th, is strong, yet fluctuating (Moon ruled house, opposite Mars).

Gemini Sun trines Mars in Aquarius, making Ian a revolutionary (Aquarius) communicator through art and film (Mars trine Neptune at mid-heaven).

Pluto and Mars (Mars is most highly aspected, strong) both square Venus in Taurus, and are opposite each other, which forms a T-Square with Venus as the focal planet.  Venus, the planet of art, love and money is strong in Taurus, the sign it rules.  Venus as focal planet, means it will be forced to metamorph the very powerful energies of Mars and Pluto into artwork, beauty and works of love.

Pluto points to a strong desire nature with opposition to Mars (outward bound energies) in Aquarius, as well as the square (inner tension) to Venus in possessive Taurus.  Pluto in the last degree of Moon-ruled Cancer is a nod to the metamorphic effect Ian has on the public (Moon rules public), through his natural ability to teach and lead by example (Virgo 9th house) through the arts (Neptune [rules film, inspired art] at mid-heaven) and film.

I find it interesting that outward bound Mars is in a sign of polarities (Aquarius), Plutonian inner power is fluctuating in Cancer, and Ian has Mercury (dual perceptions) conjunct Uranus (polarities, magnetics) in artistic Taurus.  Ian is very adept at seeing both sides of any given situation.  He uses this instinctual observation, this intuitive sense (Taurus rules the senses) of dualities to in turn enrich his portrayal of character.

He feels and senses the depth and rich undertones (Pluto Cancer 8 / Venus, Uranus, Mercury in creative 5th house) in humanity and conveys them through artistic means.
(Stellium in creative 5th house/ Mercury conj Uranus trine Neptune at mid-heaven.)

Moon is conjunct Part of Fortune in duty bound Virgo; both trine Saturn in Aries and Venus in Taurus.  Long term (Saturn rules time and work) artistic career (Venus) in the public eye (Moon).

Ian has Mercury quintile (special talents) Pluto, making him a powerfully magnetic ( ! ) communicator, capable of captivating the public (Pluto in moon-ruled Cancer).

He also has Saturn and Neptune quintile Chiron, meaning his work is a powerful healing force to help others.

Ian has one planet retrograde, Neptune – which indicates his work and career in the arts will continue to flourish as he ages.  Retrogrades signify planetary energies that are expressed inwardly while young, until an outside event forces them to be expressed outwardly when older.  At which time, the energy is focused, channeled, and better directed in life.

Melin ceni hin lîn síla i ‘eladhach
Garo arad-o-onnad ‘elir !
Namárië Mellonea
Saesa omentien lle, Diola lle
Ná Elbereth veria le, ná elenath dín síla erin rád o chuil lín.

incoming !

M.C. Escher

Pisces Mercury leaves water
for fire as it moves into Aries tomorrow

Mercury is quintile Venus and it is coming to conjunct
Uranus which sextiles Venus

Check your mail !

*Surprises await *

Good lord, last time they met up during all that zippy Merc retro conj Uranus biz ~
I laid my hands on a library book on a shelf in my house I claimed I had returned

! ! horrors ! !

Bad. Virgo.


listening …

Curious Aquarian bird.
Mercury conjunct Uranus, quintile Venus
Brainstorming creative solutions is primo today

Sun opposite Saturn Rx.
Today is more work than play. Mars is eager to hit the ground running but is feeling the dregs of Neptune (opposite) dissolving the complete forward thrust just yet…

Sun is under Saturnian restriction.
Balance is key today.
Love art and money + creative solar principles are feeling the time squeeze, and are seeking balance. (Saturn Rx)

Today’s quickie tarot spread reveals the same:

Sun on left: Solar light dimmed, turned introspective
Saturn Rx on right: balance and reciprocation
spirit card bottom: Moderation, the angel of time.


spitfire wordsmith

Nikki Giovanni

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to hear one of my favorite poets, Nikki Giovanni speak recently ~ she was dazzling, vivacious, insightful, bawdy and very direct !

I knew she was a Gemini, but I couldn’t wait to get home and look up more details about her chart and the life she described so vividly.
Nikki is a life path 3.  This indicates a life of creation, expansion, exploration, reconciliation and communication.  Nikki is a Gemini Sun, Leo Moon with Cancer rising which makes Moon her chart ruler.

First thing I notice is the majority of her planets fall into the Eastern hemisphere – she is in a sowing incarnation and is in control of her life circumstances.

Second thing I notice is the lack of difficult (square, opposition) aspects between the planetary bodies.  (Scroll down to the key to see her squares to Chiron, ASC and MC)  Her one opposition is between the planet of poetry, Neptune, and Mars (power) elevated, in Aries the sign Mars rules.  Mars in 10th is a powerful placement, it indicates a strong, self-assured go-getter in life and career. (10th is the natural house of Capricorn where Mars is exalted.)

Nikki has some whopping powerful conjunctions as well. (…possibly why the universe cut her some slack on squares and oppositions..?..)  Sun conjunct Saturn makes Nikki serious and purposeful in speech (Gemini) and, in fact, all forms of communication.

Moon (chart ruler) conjunct Pluto, brings a powerhouse of intense emotional experiences, which in Leo, WILL (Leo motto) be channeled into creative endeavors.

Oddly, the universe pitches me another Venus conjunct Jupiter person this week, YaY !
Not only is the fabulous aspect in the sky above us (in the Grand Earth $$ Trine I talk about here) (and here), I have it (Leo), Smokey Robinson has it (Aries), and so does Nikki (Cancer) – odd that, everyone pops UP all at once …!

Cancer rising with Venus conjunct Jupiter (Jupiter is exalted in Cancer), shows tremendous sensitivity and compassion for others, great depth of generosity and kindness.

Nikki also has Mercury conjunct (out of sign) Uranus, its higher octave, which gives her keen perceptive abilities.

Leo is packed, so Nikki is firey and dramatic, she easily captivates her audiences, rousing emotions and stirring minds with her expressive words and ideas.  She is a Gemini and, yes- she talks with her hands (Gemini rules the hands) as well, so I included this small pic.

I left Lilith for last, because Nikki made such an impression on me when she spoke of courageous women in her life, those women she admired and proudly praised for being leaders in the civil rights movement.  She spoke of heroines that not only inspired her generation, but all generations following.  The women she spoke of included Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, and Coretta Scott King to name a few.

Nikki has Lilith conjunct Venus (females) and it is placed in a very powerful rolling conjunction ~ Lilith in her case is a firey reactive goddess that springs from the creative depths to shine a light on social injustice.


Love & Luck

Citizen Dick

I’m big in Belgium !  lol.
Just had a big Singles moment, and I love that film, all of Cameron’s films actually.

Pluto is the focal point of a big t-square at the mo, with Moon opposite Mercury/Uranus.
Insight !  Public !

I’m huge in Romania !!

I. had. no. idea. !

Shout-out to Romanians – YaY !

Romania is ruled by Sun and Leo !

Very, very cool ~ I have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo, Part of Fortune in Leo
and  Venus is conjunct Jupiter now in Taurus where Moon (the public) lives in my natal.

The leg opposite Pluto in the T-square lies in Cancer (Moon rules) wham-o revelation !

Welcome Romas !!
SoOo glad you’re here ~ (waving wildly)

holy wows~

ps. I LOVE astrology !  The strangest insights come, it boggles !
Sunflowers are ruled by the Sun and Leo.  xo

Breath and Spirit

Mercury conjunct Uranus !

Fun ~> yes
Enlightening, surprising and electric fizz – bang ~>  yes !

Saturn is quintile Pluto – uncommon, earthshaking, profound revelations that firmly plant new trendsetting foundations ?
Cardinal to Cardinal, action to action.
Balance and power are receiving divine assistance from the cosmos, at the mo.
Take heed !

How are the incoming messages … are your whiskers twitching, your antenna tuned ?

Incoming : eight of wands style !
Here are some of mine…

Ganesha postcard flew off the wall again, sure sign obstacles are being removed – PDQ.

Fly buzzing me yesterday evening, over and over right in my face.  It’s not fly season, maybe the wind blew him in. Previous Uranian fly totem post here.

Serious winds of change happening last few days, major wind gusts out of the south all morning that suddenly switched to out of the north in the afternoon.

You can check here for wind divination, is interesting.

Swan sighting on my lake that sent me and the neighbor outside to in the early am to gawk.  I have lived on this lake for over 10 years and have seen swans twice.

This lovely white fellow is a juvenile tundra swan.

Swan totem:
To the Greeks, the swan was the bird of Apollo.
Apollo, the god of music, was associated with the swan because of the mythic belief that the swan would sing with exquisite beauty at the point of death–the swan song.

The Greek love goddess Aphrodite had three bird familiars: the dove, swan, and goose. A sixth century B.C.E. statue shows her standing on a giant swan; in one hand she carries a sacred casket, symbol of her secret knowledge of death and rebirth. In another terra cotta image, Aphrodite sits on a throne made of two swans.

Hindu deities often interchanged the goose and the swan, which represented breath and spirit. How cool is that ?!  The swan was a mount for the goddess Sarasvati and sometimes Brahama. The heavenly nymphs, called the apsaras, were often portrayed as swans. The goddess Devi rides a swan that wears a necklace.

Several Celtic folk legends tell of the mystical sacred swan. Its feathers were used in ritual cloaks by the Bards since swans are connected with music and song. People who shape-shifted into swans were identified by gold or silver chains around their necks.

Norse legend also speaks of this shape-shifting as one form which the Valkyries could take; they were called swan maidens. As an alchemical symbol, the swan stood for Mercury. 
How about that Mercury conjunct Uranus !
Swan + flight + surprise messages !

Magickal attributes: Aid with the interpretation of dream symbols, transitions; spiritual evolution. Developing intuitive abilities; seeing into the future. If a swan is seen in meditation, pay close attention to hunches and omens. Divination on a spiritual level.
YaY !

The white swan is the sign of the white goddess and beauty. If this sign appears to you, plan on gliding to new heights with freedom and grace. A black swan can allude to the inner mysteries of life and to your intuition.

Among birds, for example, the White Swan represents the North direction, the first power of Creation, which is the Wind. The color white represents purity, strength, wisdom, and old age.

The swan is one of the most powerful and ancient of totems. This is reflected even in its name. It is one of the oldest names in the English language, and it has come down un-changed since Anglo-Saxon times.  Swans also mate for life. (source)


I’m okay, you’re okay

and that there’s what it. is.
~H.I. McDunnough

Nice grand earth trine above us.
Pluto in Cap, Mars Rx in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus.

Active transformation of work, could call it crisis. 
Feels like crisis.

Mars Rx is up Virgos nostril right proper, must admit I was expecting a bit more…
well…self-directed detailing, it has felt more like my brain is spinning wheels.
How are you doing ?

(I have Pluto square my 3rd Mars ruled Aries as well – so thinking has turned a bit obsessive.)  It has caused a vice grip on thinking aka. Keep. It. Together ! 
It occurs to me ~ a bit obsessive is like being a little bit pregnant, lol.

I have been browsing the chill. category above with regularity…and a new one at the end of this post, so turn the lights off and relax if you like, I’ll join you.

Jupiter in Taurus, ahh the self worth – we are working hard to maintain, yes ?
Figure out what exactly we need to achieve it ?
Earth trines build, and things are a bit haywire as the heavens force us to re-evaluate.

In other news, Mercury comes to meet its higher octave Uranus soon (Friday March 2, 5:41 am CST, USA) which is square Pluto, that will be a mind-boggler I’ll bet.  We will all be getting some whiz dinger communiques outta that one – Aries is fire and that aspect is greased lightning ~>
The universe cracks open and the head fills up…
Tip: carry a notebook – you’re gonna wanna write them down !

Mars Rx and Mercury will be in mutual reception, meaning in each others houses, they are co-operating.  Better than on the telephone to each other, they are more like in telepathic communication.  They get each other.

ie: Ever see the movie with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz where Cameron (rich) lives in LA, Kate in (omg the cutest frugal cottage) in the UK.
The Holiday 
They are both burned out in relationships & career.  They connect on the net, then when they trade houses they slip into each others totally different lifestyles and find their new groove.  You learn a lot about a person by the contents of their house.

These two planets and houses are gonna be in tune.
Mars Rx in Virgo and Mercury in Aries.
Look to your natal and see where they land – take advantage !

Venus is coming up to Jupiter~ they are great friends that like to party and play nice but opposite stick in the mud work horse Saturn Rx ? Not gonna happen – obligations first.
Love $$ & women want to flirt and roam, but the brakes are on.

Meatloaf anyone ? 
I gotta know right now will you love me forever ~ !?
Or Dr. Phil, lol.  “How’s that workin’ for ya ?!”
Take your pick.

Sun in Pisces opposite Mars Rx in Virgo : dear goddess is chaos perfection or what ?!
Relax, everything is gonna be okay.
Okay ?