upside down and backwards

An image of a house fly compound eye surface by using scanning electron microscope

In typical Uranian fashion the events of the last few days have been insightful, surprising and weird.   Just how I like ’em !

Witness the energy flux around Mars as it ‘slows in the sky’ to go retrograde this evening.

Last night, my Mars quintile Uranus was sending off bolts out of the blue ~>
I shall list for you…
New Moon in Aquarius was bringing an electrical zing to the dark moon to be followed by Mars retrograde this evening.
There was a CME alert.
There was a Thor’s Hammer thunderstorm in the middle of January over my house, with lightning flashing all around me while I wrote the el Duderino post.
A fly (again is the middle of January here – not fly season)  landed on the computer screen while I wrote then landed near my ear just to make a point.
Flies fly, and flight and aviation is Uranian.

Fly totem:

Multifaceted vision
Ability to change waste into valuable assets
Adaptation to the harshest environments

Compared with simple eyes, compound eyes possess a very large view angle, and can detect fast movement and, in some cases, the polarization of light.
What is polarization of light you ask ?
Electromagnetic waves, such as light, and gravitational waves exhibit polarization.

Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury – it is spiritual sight, etheric vision.
I have Sun conjunct Uranus / Pluto in Virgo where Mars is currently active.

Flies see a million things all at once, are speedy and aerodynamic landing upside down and backwards if need be.

Righteous, fly totem is cool.

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Thank you for your kind patience.

1 thought on “upside down and backwards

  1. Just checked. Flies can hover like a hummingbird, spin about on their axis, land on ceilings and fly backwards – but they do NOT fly upside down.
    They do have tiny extra wings called ‘halteres’ that serve as gyroscopic stabilizers.
    How cool is that ?!
    Mars Rx Virgo revisions are already powering up – !
    See ?! Haha

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