Breath and Spirit

Mercury conjunct Uranus !

Fun ~> yes
Enlightening, surprising and electric fizz – bang ~>  yes !

Saturn is quintile Pluto – uncommon, earthshaking, profound revelations that firmly plant new trendsetting foundations ?
Cardinal to Cardinal, action to action.
Balance and power are receiving divine assistance from the cosmos, at the mo.
Take heed !

How are the incoming messages … are your whiskers twitching, your antenna tuned ?

Incoming : eight of wands style !
Here are some of mine…

Ganesha postcard flew off the wall again, sure sign obstacles are being removed – PDQ.

Fly buzzing me yesterday evening, over and over right in my face.  It’s not fly season, maybe the wind blew him in. Previous Uranian fly totem post here.

Serious winds of change happening last few days, major wind gusts out of the south all morning that suddenly switched to out of the north in the afternoon.

You can check here for wind divination, is interesting.

Swan sighting on my lake that sent me and the neighbor outside to in the early am to gawk.  I have lived on this lake for over 10 years and have seen swans twice.

This lovely white fellow is a juvenile tundra swan.

Swan totem:
To the Greeks, the swan was the bird of Apollo.
Apollo, the god of music, was associated with the swan because of the mythic belief that the swan would sing with exquisite beauty at the point of death–the swan song.

The Greek love goddess Aphrodite had three bird familiars: the dove, swan, and goose. A sixth century B.C.E. statue shows her standing on a giant swan; in one hand she carries a sacred casket, symbol of her secret knowledge of death and rebirth. In another terra cotta image, Aphrodite sits on a throne made of two swans.

Hindu deities often interchanged the goose and the swan, which represented breath and spirit. How cool is that ?!  The swan was a mount for the goddess Sarasvati and sometimes Brahama. The heavenly nymphs, called the apsaras, were often portrayed as swans. The goddess Devi rides a swan that wears a necklace.

Several Celtic folk legends tell of the mystical sacred swan. Its feathers were used in ritual cloaks by the Bards since swans are connected with music and song. People who shape-shifted into swans were identified by gold or silver chains around their necks.

Norse legend also speaks of this shape-shifting as one form which the Valkyries could take; they were called swan maidens. As an alchemical symbol, the swan stood for Mercury. 
How about that Mercury conjunct Uranus !
Swan + flight + surprise messages !

Magickal attributes: Aid with the interpretation of dream symbols, transitions; spiritual evolution. Developing intuitive abilities; seeing into the future. If a swan is seen in meditation, pay close attention to hunches and omens. Divination on a spiritual level.
YaY !

The white swan is the sign of the white goddess and beauty. If this sign appears to you, plan on gliding to new heights with freedom and grace. A black swan can allude to the inner mysteries of life and to your intuition.

Among birds, for example, the White Swan represents the North direction, the first power of Creation, which is the Wind. The color white represents purity, strength, wisdom, and old age.

The swan is one of the most powerful and ancient of totems. This is reflected even in its name. It is one of the oldest names in the English language, and it has come down un-changed since Anglo-Saxon times.  Swans also mate for life. (source)


9 thoughts on “Breath and Spirit

  1. what a beautiful post! lets see what today brings…if its anything like this, i’ll be sure to let you know 🙂

  2. Swans are beautiful to watch. We used to have a pair of swans on our lake but they were stolen..A few spoiled it for the many

    • Welcome Corky !
      Who would steal a pair of swans ?

      Swans are beautiful and stately, but can be aggressive if confronted.
      Sorry, sad story … But maybe others will migrate in and decide to stay.

      I neglected to mention Swans are Venus ruled, (see Aprodite above) as well as Aquarius (flight) and Neptune ( graceful + dance ).

  3. good morning. just popping in to quickly say, wow, i had an amazing ‘divine appointment’ yesterday. a walk along a river – no swans but a couple herons…lol..that’ll have to do – and a conversation that is seriously building some foundations to some lightbulb thoughts i had on the 15th. very cool but also very very new and by no means solid. its a start and thats enough for now. i can see the rythym in ‘as above, so below’ playing out and its very gratifying.

    gneiss, do you want a complete rundown on the birds that live here, migrate here…let me know a little more about what you are interested in.


    • Wonderful ~ ‘light bulb’ convo / thoughts and a lovely river walk too, sounds like a stew & brew…I do that myself. I think idea gumbo is best after hours of simmering. Saturn talking, lol.

      I love herons ! ~we have one that alights here in the early mists to wade. My labs flushed one when we first moved here years ago, so will have to make an effort to get up early in the summer mornings and watch for him…

      No need to write up a big bird list, just tell me what you like to see flying around… 🙂
      I love the call of the red-wing blackbird, reminds me of my childhood home in the country.

      Did you read Mo’s post about Kookaburras awhile back ? She took lots of great bird pics in Oz !
      Enjoy your day, Mary Beth ~

      • I love to mimic bird calls and have conversations back and forth, ever done that ?
        Cardinals are great for that – they just sing and sing, call & response
        I know you have a heavy 11th, c’mon fess up haha

  4. my saturn is in complete agreement with yours. this has been brewing since may of last year! if you heard his side of the story, he would say its been brewing for more than a decade. just goes to show, perspective is everything.
    what a gorgeous blackbird. have never seen one of those. here, around the houses are the sparrows and we have some flocks of black birds that live in the cracks along a sheer cliff face. they move in swarms through the skies in the mornings and evenings. further away from people, you can see 2 differents sizes of eagles, the rare but amazing woodpecker and 3 different kinds of owls including a huge snow white specie. lots of hawks, red and brown. there are more kinds, of course, just not coming to mind at the moment. ah, ooodles of grouse.
    i seem to recall chattering with the birds when i was very little. i still always pause to listen when one is talking away in the trees but i dont generally reply these days…:)))
    somewhere i have a bird book for cyprus. maybe when i spring clean after all the winter weather is over, it will show itself to me.

  5. Very cool !
    There is a resurgence of snowy owls here in the US, some were even spotted in southern Illinois, which is odd that far south. They were juvenile (barred) snowys. Apparently they eat lemmings and it is a fat lemming year.
    I am always seeing hawks around here, some really groovy sightings this year especially. Messages. Under the totem category if you are interested. Do you collect feathers you find ? I do.

    Oh that reminds me, I asked the local bug expert about the zig zag spider too, is a bird repellant web design, as it turns out – just found out today ! cya xo

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