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Sequoia – photo : Ron Niebrugge

Full Moon in Virgo on Thursday March 8th at 3:39 am, CST, USA.

It is a day of energies in tandem :

Mercury and Uranus in Aries
(fire- active thinking, communicating and intuition)

Full Moon and Mars Rx in Virgo
(Feelings coupled with an inward focus of personal will and desires)

Venus and Jupiter in Taurus
(earth- steady growth with $$, creativity and love)

Sun will be opposite (Full) Moon and Mars Rx in Virgo
(revelations in both the houses of Virgo and Pisces, questions will be answered regarding these houses that have been on the table since the last new moon)

Venus and Jupiter will be opposite Saturn Rx in Libra (positive co-operative change, finding balance in relationships, even if it is only something You decide for Yourself.)

Mercury and Uranus in Aries will be square Pluto in Capricorn
(Progressive ideas, changes taking place- action taken regarding long-term goals)

Venus will be sextile Neptune in Pisces
(possibility for grand creative plans manifested on earth – you have to activate them !)

Neptune in Pisces will be trine Saturn Rx in Libra. (build the dream you wish to create- be exact !)

Grand Earth Trine
On Wednesday, March 14th – all at 9 degrees – exact – 12:50 am, CST, USA.

Venus is coming to conjunct Jupiter in Taurus (benefics, both) they will be trine Pluto in Capricorn and Mars Rx in Virgo.

Grand Earth Trine energy is a harmonious, beneficial and co-operative expression of energy – the planets involved are moving energies in the same nature Earth it signifies a time for growth on the material plane.

Taurus rules finance and possessions, financial and self – worth.  Venus is love, money and creativity – it will be conjunct the planet of expansion and luck, Jupiter in the house of finance.  They are in trine to Pluto the transformation energy in Capricorn the sign of big business, career and ambitions.  They are also in trine to Moon and Mars, which puts an emotional kicker behind the Mars Rx in Virgo.

Mars Rx in Virgo energy – I have witnessed of late – is no doubt a more thoughtful, delayed Mars energy because it is in the house of the discerning eye, Virgo  perfectionism.  Instead of single-minded pursuit of one vision / one action, the Mars Rx energy I have experienced is sorted at the get go – meaning it is not full thrust in one direction, but compartmentalized prior; it feels like only so much energy is available, or allotted to each task.

Virgo is Mercury ruled, Mercury is the mind – channel it carefully as thoughts become tangible things, Mars Rx is the mind put to detail and the energy follows inward. It has expressed itself to me in fits and starts of productivity, multi-tasking and bouts of monkey mind – nip the negative and replace with positive – being flexible is key.  Virgos can be rigid, but the house of Virgo really needs to compromise with (opposite sign) and draw upon the classic Pisces surrender for this passage of Mars Rx and Mercury Rx.

Keep a firm grip on the positive and go with the flow.

Mercury Retrograde Monday, March 12 – 2:49 am, CST, USA.

Mercury going retrograde will bring it back to meet Uranus for a second time, it’s higher octave.  Gut feelings and intuition on a personal inward level will be high, revelations on the inner plane of self will be forthcoming and very enlightening.

Look to your house of Aries for more clues – Mercury and Uranus will be forming new solutions, creating brainstorms, and changing the way everything ~ eyesight and second sight ~ is SEEN.

Mercury rules maps, and Uranus intuition – follow your hunches.
Sun will be trine Moon – Venus conjunct Jupiter – what does your heart tell you ?

Mercury Retrograde in the house of Aries and Mars Retrograde in the house of Virgo brings the 2 planets into mutual reception, they will be working well together in tandem, in each others houses to find the best personal solutions to actions (Mars / Aries) and communications (Mercury / Virgo) on a personal (and global) level.

Mercury Rx / Aries is more thought out and less knee-jerk, yet still shooting sparks and taking action – Aries is the I AM – this and the house of Aries in your chart is where to look.  Mars Rx in Virgo is action compartmentalized and detailed tweaking on the mental plane.

When these two planets are in mutual reception they will be working together in your Aries and Virgo houses to streamline and re-evaluate mental and physical actions on the material plane.

Who am I, where am I going, how will I get there, and what can I do for you along the way..?

Be mindful of your thoughts, for when Mercury begins to slow and begin retrograde, its energies are in tandem with Uranus – both square Pluto the power of divine will.

Thoughts are set to manifest rapidly into the material plane.


4 thoughts on “Dig in.

  1. just blown away by this posting..SO much to watch and witness. (cant help but notice thats its so well written, it must be mars rx in virgo-inspired)
    can one trine with an astrologist?! i think so 🙂

    personally, i got a chuckle out of your phrase, ‘Keep a firm grip on the positive and go with the flow.’ its sounds like a contradiction at first: grip but flow. i immediately think about how this applies to my saturn in pisces and it pings for me.

    a question re: Be mindful of your thoughts, for when Mercury begins to slow and begin retrograde, its energies are in tandem with Uranus – both square Pluto the power of divine will. Thoughts are set to manifest rapidly into the material plane.
    can you explain why the square indicates rapid manifestation? i think i am looking for a clearer understanding of pluto energy. all i think of is The Destroyer For Your Own Good lol recently this word, ‘power’ is being used to describe pluto without the destructive indication but ive not seen it elaborated upon.

    • Thank you Mary Beth ~
      Sure ! This is how I see it … Merc Rx and Uranus are in the Mars ruled house, Aries. Mars = power where our energy is in the natal. Mars is Rx in Virgo the house ruled by Mercury. Mars and Merc are in mutual reception, so working together. Fire energy + Earth energy.
      So that’s mental + earth energy, yes – internal – but no one is an island, and aspects are global as well. For instance, if my boss is in a bad mood and I am standing next to him, I still get the vibe. I am of the opinion we as a global collective unit are working as one (albeit mostly unconsciously) earthly hive mind in a collective energy system. (See my post on David Wilcock and the Source Field book)

      Mars is personal will; Pluto divine will. Pluto works in long-term, is transpersonal and generational, yet the transits are always working with our natal and progressed charts, so wherever they land in the natal will be personal to You. Everyone has Uranus Pluto somewhere, and I have them tied in with both luminaries, so I am familiar.

      Pluto is force, defiant, struggle. Uranus is sideways (my descriptor), electric and impulsive. Though the Merc/Uranus is square Pluto which implies internal it IS in contact through Pluto to the Grand Earth Trine which IS manifestation on the material plane.

      Picture Minnesota Fats sinking 3 balls in as many side pockets on the pool table. The energy is like the first break on the pool table or balls popping in a pinball machine. Contact = Change

      Also at that point Sun in Pisces (conjunct Uranus and Merc if using 15 degree orbs) is quntile both Pluto and Saturn. Quintiles are specialized talents, tied in with Sun (creativity, positive, hope) Saturn (the builder) and Pluto (the metamorph) it is logical to be ready to bob and weave, ya know .?!

      Be mindful of your thoughts is very Jedi btw.
      Obi- Wan says it 3x to Anakin in Clones.
      enjoy your day, off to work…xo

  2. cool. got it. so this rapid manifestation is really due to the trine in support. and hopefully if we are attentive, the square requiring our shift will more naturally occur. love them trines.

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