Love & Luck

Citizen Dick

I’m big in Belgium !  lol.
Just had a big Singles moment, and I love that film, all of Cameron’s films actually.

Pluto is the focal point of a big t-square at the mo, with Moon opposite Mercury/Uranus.
Insight !  Public !

I’m huge in Romania !!

I. had. no. idea. !

Shout-out to Romanians – YaY !

Romania is ruled by Sun and Leo !

Very, very cool ~ I have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo, Part of Fortune in Leo
and  Venus is conjunct Jupiter now in Taurus where Moon (the public) lives in my natal.

The leg opposite Pluto in the T-square lies in Cancer (Moon rules) wham-o revelation !

Welcome Romas !!
SoOo glad you’re here ~ (waving wildly)

holy wows~

ps. I LOVE astrology !  The strangest insights come, it boggles !
Sunflowers are ruled by the Sun and Leo.  xo

2 thoughts on “Love & Luck

    • Tarif was a Virgo with Neptune (rules string instruments) conjunct North Node of Destiny in Leo (creativity).
      Uranus (eccentric bohemian) in Pisces (inspired musician) in trine to Venus and Pluto in Cancer (loving transformation of home and extended family through creativity). Mercury quintile Uranus- genius creative expression via his violin. xo

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