squares vs. oppositions

So I’m thinking Sam has Jupiter conjunct Frodo’s Saturn.

Yeah right ?!  I want my own gardener, protector, carry me and the Devils ring up the mountain dude too. haha   Who doesn’t ?

My former husband’s Jupiter was conjunct my natal Saturn Rx exact – trust me it was awesome, very beneficial ~

Venus is conjunct Jupiter in Taurus – big giant earth trine above us, and I am thinking Hobbits. Hobbits are super – mega earth – they stick around when the going gets tough.  I get  Sam, all the hobbits, really – I am Cap rising, Saturn ruler, Moon in Toro, Virgo stellium.  I garden, hunt mushrooms, and I’ve tossed back a few pints in my day.

Sam is heroic in my book, as are the rest of the fellowship.

Each was dealing with personal conflicts (squares), dynamics within the fellowship + orcs  (oppositions), and they were power operating together (conjunctions).

I have the most trouble with my Scorpio Neptune squares to Venus conj Jupiter in Leo 8th.  My Neptune opposition to Moon is no picnic, but the squares were (are) my huge hurdle.

I go on a quite a bit about heroes here, and for the record- you can count me out as far as vacuous celebs and murderers are concerned – they have had the mic long enough !   Here you will find people I find worthy of emulating, people who inspire through overcoming huge personal obstacles.

 Some natal charts have only squares, some only oppositions – Georgia O’Keefee for example, only had oppositions – no squares.

Think of her life, it becomes obvious – she was her own woman, very self- assured, an art rebel.  She ditched the lucrative glad-handing NY arts scene for an adobe home in the middle of no + where ( it is – I’ve been there, and I love New Mexico, I mean no disrespect, I am a small town gal myself) to do her own thing.

So I am thinking she most admired those people who rescued others.

By the same reasoning, I am thinking those who have difficult squares in their own natal are most inspired by those who overcome personal obstacles.

What say you ?