let the music take your mind

Love Smokey.  He is soOo smooooth…

Smokey Robinson is a 29 degree Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon.  Strong placement for a crooner, as Moon rules Cancer, and is in square to his Venus (rules Taurus the throat) Jupiter conjunction in (Mars- ruled) Aries.  Vocal power and inner restraint.

Smokey has Uranus in Taurus which gives him great vibrato.  Neptune (inspired musician) also trines Uranus in Taurus (throat).  Cancer Moon is trine Aquarius Sun and Mercury in Pisces – expressing his loving nature through song and voice comes natural to him as Mercury in Pisces and Neptune in Virgo are in mutual reception.

Mars in Taurus conjunct Saturn in Aries gives him great vocal control and Mars (sex) and Saturn are square (inner tension) Pluto (sex) in Leo (creativity). Pluto is also trine his Venus Jupiter (big love) conjunction in Aries (Mars ruled) and let’s face it, Smokey’s songs deliver the sexy sexOhhhyeahhh…

This one goes out to my brother Jeff who loved this song and turned my high school bff into a doe-eyed puddle when he sang it to her, lol.

let’s flow, let’s gliiiiide ~

2 thoughts on “let the music take your mind

  1. George wrote this song about Smokey:
    “Pure Smokey” was written as a tribute song to Smokey Robinson during a 3-hour break in the studio while working on “33 1/3.” The strong R&B influence, on this, came from Alvin Taylor, George’s drummer/percussionist, who had worked with so many huge R&B artists prior to George. I just worked in the studio with Alvin over the past 3 days, and he shared this story… how they came up with the idea to tribute Smokey, George disappeared, and came back 3 hours later with “Pure Smokey!”

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