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Astin, SeanSean Astin

Sean has been working in films since he was ten with 114 credits including The Goonies, Rudy, 50 First Dates, and of course he is Samwise Gamgee in Lord of the Rings.  He has seven film projects on deck, click here for deets.  Sean can also be heard on Vox Populi radio every Thursday here.

At Vox Populi Radio, we seek not to change minds, but to learn more about one another. We believe that with curiosity and civility, we can find a way past entrenched viewpoints, forward to understanding and real solutions.

Sean is a sixth house Pisces Sun/Moon with Virgo rising, and Gemini an intuitive thinker/feeler with Mercury (his ruler, and rules his Midheaven) exalted on the culmination (29th) degree of Aquarius, the decan of Venus.  Empathetic, kind and  perceptive – he has a good ‘feel’ for civil service, common people – communication via heart feelings and intellectual knowing are equally strong.

Sam Rivendell GaladrielSean’s North Node of Destiny is in the sixth house of Aquarius, highlighting humanitarian work and service, aspirations for greater global good via practical intelligent discourse, and he is quite possibly a very unusual gardener.
You saw that coming, right ? Ok, while I am at it, I cried so hard when Sam carried his best friend (Venus) Frodo up the mountain (Saturn) in Mordor (Pluto) I thought my head was gonna pop right off.  :::sigh:::  Go Sam !

Sean has the majority of his planets below the horizon save Chiron in Aries 7 and Saturn in Taurus, nearest his Midheaven.  This signals a tendency to introversion, especially with Saturn, the restrictive planet of limitations and work, in his 9th house of Taurus.  Sean surfaces to give voice to those causes he has a love for – the vision, ethics and philosophies drive him to go public.  (Mars ruled Chiron in 7; Mars in Sagittarius)  He feels a very strong sense of social responsibility (Saturn, 6th stellium), wants to rally others to exchange and share what they see, their viewpoints. (Mars Sagittarius, see below)*

Saturn elevated in Taurus is steady and stubborn, but in good aspect (trine, harmony) to Venus (rules Taurus) in the 5th, he is steadily working, taking risks, and really loves kids and being a good Dad is very important to him.  He is loyal, true and he’s a what you see is what you get kind of guy.

Sean AstinSagittarius Mars in 4 square his Ascendant / Descendant axis* from the Nadir (4th house) of nurturing, childhood, family shows a student/teaching quality has always been present in his emotional landscape.  Self-expression ( Sag Mars can be blunt – I have it, I know)* and the gut instincts are courageous, impulsive – while in square to Moon (public: which opposes ascendant) actions taken may not always find fertile ground on a wide scale at the outset.

Here is where Capricorn Venus trine Saturn (rules Capricorn)  delivers grace via Sean’s Stick & Stay nature.  She also trines Pluto (metamorph) in his Virgo 1st house, first impressions can be transformed by compassion and loyalty to the cause, by showing his heart is in the right place.

With Neptune conjunct Jupiter and Mars all in Sagittarius, it’s no surprise Sean loves running, particularly marathons (see Saturn in 9 for endurance).  Neptune at 3 degrees conjunct Jupiter at 5 dovetail in square to Mercury at 29 Aquarius (yes, out-of-sign, but it is his ruler) and Sun at 6 Virgo. Squares push us to succeed for they are restless tension that we are constantly working to release high qi.  Mars in tough aspect in 4th can be not only oversensitive (luminaries in Pisces supports) but also insensitive (see blunt*) – such is the nature of a square – it all comes back to self-expression aka 3rd house with Mercury and Jupiter in difficult aspect.

“I run first for me, I run second for my family, and third I run for you…” – Sean
Team #Run3rd here
Mission Statement here.

Note also 3rd house and Jupiter are modes of thinking/seeing – in square, these energies must be used constructively to work to their best advantage.  Spiritual higher mind focus and metamorphic trial and error are likely until finding the personal groove.

Sean running gg bridgeLike Elijah, Sean has no oppositions, save Aries Chiron which opposes Uranus in Libra, so again, dealing with others/expression of self in regards to balanced relationships is called to the fore.  Chiron is the wounded healer/teacher/herbalist/philosopher, in Aries opposite (this means interacting/compromising with another) Uranus it can indicate sudden upsets of same, energy over the top followed by drain and a need to re-charge.  Needs of self and needs of another are in peace talks, likely involving men and women (Aries/Mars and Venus/Uranus) just remember compassion works a charm and (Venus) is in much easier aspect than aggressive Mars.

Venus in earth trine Saturn and Pluto in all in earth gives the grounded support needed to find your creative working balance.  Use your skills, honesty and steadfastness and ambition with compassion to succeed.

Alexandra AstinSean and his daughter Alexandra in RotK.

Also of note is a Quasar exact conjunct Sean’s Sun at 6 Pisces.  This indicates achievement and success, honors and goals reached.  Pisces Sun in the 6th house  expresses spirit by being a public worker serving the highest good of all by lifting the collective unconscious in inspiring, idealistic ways.

Sean is doing his Uranus return brilliantly with Vox Populi.  Humanitarian global concerns are the hallmark of Uranus returns, when it reaches natal opposition we sum up our contribution to date and are either satisfied or aspire to better achieve social and karmic balance.

Uranus goes direct on the 21st at 12 Aries in exact opposition to his natal Uranus.  Slow caution is advised 2-3 days prior to 21st as Venus and Pluto are moving into exact conjunction in Capricorn square both natal and transiting Uranus in opposition to one another on the 21st.
Transits are felt prior to exact, so Sean, if you read this – keep your eyes open, be careful.  I can’t predict Uranus, no one can – it’s the wildcard.
Just a head’s UP.

Saesa omentien lle, Astalder
Gneiss Moon

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