The Gathering

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Query: Insight into Libra Venus square Capricorn Pluto beyond the astrology I provide.

5: Ra: Family of the Sun: Auset (Isis) 
The Throne on Earth; Sept (Sirius) Life source in the Heavens

Isis was a cosmic goddess with terrestrial power – a magickal woman.  
Isis’ consort is the Neter Ausar – the first god to die and be resurrected.
Pluto !  After Set’s betrayal and murder of Ausar, Isis searched the earth to bring all the pieces (save one, the phallus) of her beloved Ausar together again and bring him back to life.  Teachers Auset and Asar walked the earth after the catastrophes of Atlantis bringing agriculture and healing, before returning to their home in the heavens.

This card signals strong magickal protection.
It indicates colossal creative powers – rebirth and resurrection.
Gathering of that which is beloved, that which was thought lost.
This card calls us to honor life and the feminine principle in all things.

For every time of Yang there must also be a time of Yin.

Asteroid Isis 42
at 9 Leo Full Moon Eclipse
at 13 Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse (Venus enhanced) – she is sesquiquadrate (agitated) Mars and trine Uranus (inventive enlightener) exact.

Making Fate

star map big
BIG Star map !
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Stars are SUNS from their perspective, STARS from ours.

I did mention perspective shits, yes ?
Moon growing to FULL = culmination

Tuesday 20
Full Moon in Aquarius

8:45pm CST, USA

Jupiter squares Uranus – big emotional/intellectual perspective shifts
Jupiter opposes Pluto – big metamorphosis dealt by the actions of others
Venus squares Pluto – love/balance, work/past, metamorphosis of all
Saturn conjunct North Node in Scorpio – the past is reforged into the future

Making/creating is Sun ruled; fate is found in 10th house.
In my case, this is life, death, re-birth of balance through love.
This full Aquarius moon opposes my Venus/Jupes in Leo 8.

I remember, duly noted, my apologies.
My turn.
You still burn brighter than any other.
I love you. I love you.  I love you.

Keep looking UP !
Jack Horkheimer

ps. Fly totem 
been buzzing me all day


THIS is thy hour O Soul, thy free flight into the wordless,   
Away from books, away from art, the day erased, the lesson done,   
Thee fully forth emerging, silent, gazing, pondering the themes thou lovest best.
Night, sleep, and the stars.

Walt Whitman

Overworked, long day here.  Crashing early.
Mercury applying square to Chiron Rx in Pisces while Scorpio Saturn trines it.
Listen to what your body is telling you.  Captain your ship with honor.

Mercury applying trine to Uranus Rx in Aries – fire to fire !
Passions / inspiration / genius intuition is through the roof !
Sagittarius Mercury = your future – think it Then BE IT.

Venus applies in square to Pluto while opposite Uranus.
Metamorph in progress
Upward change is rapid fire: old value systems purged / re-invented simultaneously.
Friday Gemini Void Moon 4:21am CST,USA
Void ends with Moon into Cancer Saturday 2:43am


Aur Onnad Meren !

May I introduce Welsh actor, Mr. John Rhys-Davies.

John, who when young won a place at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, has over his long career appeared in over 70 films, he is known for his voice work, and also numerous television appearances.

Ok, I’ll give it to ya straight from geeky fangirl central.
1. Indiana Jones (Sallah)
2. Star Trek (Voyager, Leonardo da Vinci)  
3. Lord of the Rings (Gimli, Treebeard)
4. Dune (Noree Moneo)
Aside from the fact that he is a very sweet man, these are 4 sci-fi action-adventure flicks I adore – that pretty much seals the deal for me.  John is one superfly Taurus !

John is a Taurus Sun, Mercury, and Venus.  Taurus is a dependable, hard worker and can easily find the zen in any situation.  Venus rules Taurus and is well placed here in the sign it rules – conjunct Mercury it not only gives a pleasant, courteous manner of speaking but also his deep rich voice, for Taurus rules the throat.  Mercury leads the Sun in the chart giving John an added kick of Mercurial communication in the house of where he ‘shines’.

This conjunction of personal planets is square Pluto in Leo (the sign of creativity) giving depth (Pluto) to both his artwork (Venus) and his speaking voice.  Cancer Mars can be moody, but sextile Sun it steadies (fluctuating Moon rules Cancer) Mars and helps give his voice power as well as enriching sensitivity towards others with Sun in steady Taurus.

John has North Node conjunct Pluto in dramatic Leo – this signals a life path in the arts and being in the spotlight.  Pluto conjunct North Node means his destiny is to be a catalyst in this life – Pluto is the planet of the journey of transformation through loss, death and re-birth, literally and metaphorically.  In order to create, a great artist needs a deep well to tap for inspiration and John has got it. He is deeply inspired by others and he inspires others as well, Pluto knows no other way but intensity.

Pluto contacts all his personal planets (closer to Sun, move faster, they are felt more readily in our lives) but Mars.  Pluto is also sextile Libra Moon which is an opportunity to grow through women (Venus rules Libra, both Moon and Venus represent women) and enrich the creative process (Pluto sextile Libra Neptune as well- rules inspired art) through using the intensity of Plutonic experiences to create dramatic art.

Moon conjunct Neptune in Libra is a fine placement for artists as Moon represents feelings; Neptune inspires creative daydream states of reverie – and Libra is a Venus (cultivated art) ruled house. This conjunction is trine Pluto, so again artwork created from a wellspring of life experience.

Libra Moon and Neptune are trine Uranus in Gemini which means intuition is very strong and communication quick and restless.  Uranus is intuition, the higher octave of Mercury (which rules Gemini) meaning John is a quick thinker who likes to keep ideas and conversation flowing.  Saturn (time, patience) placed in Gemini gives a steady nature to speech and study, though in square to Neptune it can signal a need for disciplined, practical, constructive thought surrounding daydreaming and the creative process.

John has Jupiter in Leo which gives him stage (Leo rules the stage) presence, but also expands the vocal capabilities of the Taurus conjunction by square.  This can also mean a love of talking and a need to listen or simply take care to guard from hasty speech from self or others.  Eating right to stay heart healthy, is important, for a Leo (rules the heart) Jupiter can expand what it contacts and it is in square or compromise with indulgent Sun (Sun rules Leo) in Taurus.  (Taurus rules the senses, likes to enjoy food and drink.)

John has Mars quintile (spiritual gift / talent) Neptune (rules film) which gives him an edge on artistic expression with the outgoing action planet Mars working in tandem with mystical, spiritual, artistic, Libra Neptune.  Leo Jupiter quintile Gemini Uranus indicates a booming voice (Mercury rules Gemini, and Jupiter squares Mercury too) and a love for innovative, expansive ideas.  John taught (Jupiter and Mercury rule teaching) at Watton County Secondary School in Norfolk, where his students likely found him a powerful, innovative teacher.

Also, I was curious to investigate the skin sensitivity, as I also have sensitive skin.
John broke out terribly to the prosthetics used in Lord of the Rings, sometimes so much his eyes would swell shut. Poor guy ~ that’s dedication !

So here are the deets: Saturn rules skin, Aquarius sensitive skin.  John has Saturn square (internal tension, conflict) sensitive Neptune in Libra (make – up, cosmetics).  This Gemini (rules writing) Saturn (rules time, permanence and along with Mars, tattoos) is square his Moon and Neptune in beautiful balanced Libra, and I am sure at the end of filming, the last thing he wanted was more skin irritation.

Thank you John, I look forward to seeing more of your work…
Aa’ menealle nauva calen ar’ malta


Evolve, Love

Morphing is in progress
Pluto is squaring Sun, Venus and Uranus

Kathy Keifer

Pluto is breaking down barriers and rebirthing in Capricorn – a cardinal (active), building sign.  Pluto in trine to visionary Jupiter in Venus ruled Taurus brings some much needed luck ~ but not without work !

Pluto square Venus and Uranus opposite Venus is getting on her nerve, forcing changes if need be, but she is Quintile (spiritual gifts) North Node of Destiny.
A sprinkle of magic dust, that is…   sortof a cosmic Tim Gunn over your shoulder
Make it work !
…ooOoo how I miss Project Runway…

Pluto is a bugger most any day and Jupiter is in square to Leo Mars…so expect a gumbo of hard work and play.
Optimistic Jupiter is Quintile dreamy Neptune, so turn on the imagination and go for it !