Evolve, Love

Morphing is in progress
Pluto is squaring Sun, Venus and Uranus

Kathy Keifer

Pluto is breaking down barriers and rebirthing in Capricorn – a cardinal (active), building sign.  Pluto in trine to visionary Jupiter in Venus ruled Taurus brings some much needed luck ~ but not without work !

Pluto square Venus and Uranus opposite Venus is getting on her nerve, forcing changes if need be, but she is Quintile (spiritual gifts) North Node of Destiny.
A sprinkle of magic dust, that is…   sortof a cosmic Tim Gunn over your shoulder
Make it work !
…ooOoo how I miss Project Runway…

Pluto is a bugger most any day and Jupiter is in square to Leo Mars…so expect a gumbo of hard work and play.
Optimistic Jupiter is Quintile dreamy Neptune, so turn on the imagination and go for it !