eternal eight


Tibetan endless (eternity) knot symbolizing Samsāra, or continuous flow.
Birth, life, death and rebirth. 
All existence, is bound by time and change, yet ultimately rests serenely within the Divine and the Eternal.

Eight corresponds with
– Eight Limbs of Yoga
– Eight Vasus
– Eight petal lotus

– Eight Auspicious Symbols
– Eight-fold path 
– I Ching (64= 8×8 configurations) 
Ogdoad, the eightfold primeval forces of chaos in Egyptian mythology
– Eight beatitudes
– The ages of man: baby teeth at 8 years, puberty at 16, loss of sexual virility at 64.

The square of any odd number, less one, is always a multiple of 8.

Eight is ruled by Mars, it is a number representing power, strength, effort, success and regeneration.  Eight is a number of leadership, management and accumulating wealth

Those born with eight life path are inspired visionaries who tend to focus on structures and long-term goals.  They naturally seek positions of influence, being good team leaders and a good judge of character.

Financial success is often the reward of hard-working eights, yet reversals of fortune are also common – they are the survivors, they are very resilient, they regenerate.
 Many athletes are eight life paths, they are driven to achieve power and influence and are determined to win.

Status conscious eights need to guard against arrogance, intolerance and impatience.  Low vibration eights tend to be reckless and domineering, which leads to conflict and isolation from family and friends.  The strength of will of the eight life path is best applied towards philanthropic gains as well as personal gains.  Eights need to balance work with spiritual pursuits and family matters, creating a solid foundation to rely upon if career setbacks occur, or financial gains are lean.

When eights use their gift of leadership for the good of earthkind, they are a powerful force of progress; when their innate power is diverted towards solely personal gain, power corrupts.

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