rutilated forsythia fortifier

Forsythia blossoms steeping in Pisces solar power.

1. Use unmarked glass lidded dishes (to keep nosey felines away) – these were half price at a local store.

2. bottled spring water

3. meditation to raise energy with the plant, a blessing.

4. a pendulum question and answer session with the plant.  ie: one plant was more receptive to offering than another

5. gently pick flowers- enough to cover the surface of the water.  Since this essence is for me I didn’t get all weird about touching the blossoms and transferring my energies etc..

6. You may boost the power of the essence with the appropriate stone by putting it in to steep with the flowers.

7. Let your blossoms steep in sunlight (or moonlight if you prefer- I did that for my fall clematis on the last Neptune in Aquarius Pisces full moon) for 2-4 hours in direct sun in a place you know shadows will not fall upon the jar.

8. Strain with cheesecloth, have a sterilized bottle ready for the essence.

9.  Fill bottle halfway with essence, top off with rum, or brandy to preserve the subtle vibrational quality of the Mother essence.

10.  To prepare for dosage: use two drops of Mother Essence in a one-ounce dark-glass bottle with a glass dropper, and fill the remainder of the bottle with half rum and half spring water.

11.  Drop 3-4 drops under your tongue daily or as needed.

Flower essence and gem elixir work with the subtle bodies, the etheric field.  They have a vibrational quality that directly relates to the individual – they are based on sympathetic molecular structure.  The essences work harmonically, in tandem with the electromagnetic field of the etheric and physical body, raising the vibration and thereby, health of the individual.

The stone I chose to use is rutilated quartz : tissue regeneration, brain stimulator, enhances and increases thought forms; storage and broadcast of thought forms.

I also chose citrine : mental discipline, greater emotional control, clearer thought forms. Thought forms and broadcasting of them is stimulated.  Self-destructive tendencies are alleviated, confidence is rekindled through a balancing of the astral, emotional, mental, soul, and spiritual bodies; meridians and nadis are stimulated.

Mercury Rx (thinking) and Uranus (intuition and clairvoyance) are conjunct in Aries now.
Moon is in Aquarius square the planets of abundance, Venus and Jupiter; Venus and Jupiter are part of a grand earth trine.

So abundance is based in the mindset, yes  ?

There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.

In my natal, Mercury is at MC; Uranus conjunct Virgo Sun and Pluto in 9, and Uranus is quintile Sagittarius Mars in 11.  Thought forms and the broadcasting of them will be stepping up to the plate on my astrological ball diamond here soon, so I am fortifying with gem elixir & flower essence.

Forsythia :

The Forsythia elixir has the capacity to energize many aspects of the loving nature in people, bringing them to more easily accept this in themselves. Sometimes this will make it easier to tolerate and accept others; to really see people of completely different cultural, ethnic, religious, even class backgrounds, and be able to more easily love them. The emotional body is significantly cleansed with Forsythia, especially where it is connected to any other person, and most people will find themselves more energized. Use of this flower helps one to see abundance in all things, let go of the concepts of short supply, and recognize abundance in oneself and in others.
(source: click for a list of many more flowers and their properties)


soul on a sunbeam

I pick the prettiest part of the sky and I melt into the wing and then into the air,
till I’m just soul on a sunbeam.  ~ Richard Bach

Balsamic Moons are the bridge between two worlds ~ the past is ending, the future new moon is approaching.  This is the moon phase of distilled enlightenment.  Knowledge of the last full moon has spread to others, all insights gleaned will germinate at the next new moon and will grow to fruition at the full moon in Libra on the sixth of April. (USA)

Balsamic Moon is the stage of the wise crone, the guru, it is the stage of solitude, silence and endings.

Moon is now in Aquarius, it enters Pisces on Monday the 19th (USA).  As the New Moon in Aries (Thursday the 22nd) approaches, it is a time to go ‘dark’ or inward, become contemplative, rest and renew.

Meditations, ritual ceremonies and magickal work while the Moon is waning in Aquarius is very productive for spawning revolutionary ideas, independence and breaking ties with restrictive situations. The Aquarius Moon particularly favors breaking love attachments as it is a moon of detached emotions, platonic relationships and freedom.


I love the painting above ~ she speaks of the flower of life & creation, ancient depictions of the platonic solids, the fundamental forms of space and time.
Her Sahasrara crown is the cosmos ~ universal enlightenment.
Two peace doves for harmony.
She is the goddess of Mercury Rx conjunct Uranus in Aries, vibing high and changing her world (square to Pluto in Capricorn) through compassion (conjunct Sun in Pisces)and transcendence.

Om Mani Padme Hum~
(please speak up if you can point me to the artist .. REritlug ?…thanks)  

beyond logic

Death Valley Dunes Sunrise by KPieper

Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense.
But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.

from The Sayings of Muad’Dib by the Princess Irulan

Lucie Debelkova

The trance state of prophecy is like no other visionary experience. It is not a retreat from the raw exposure of the senses (as many trance states) but an immersion in a multitude of new movements.

Things move. It is an ultimate pragmatism in the midst of Infinity, a demanding consciousness where you come at last into the unbroken awareness that the universe moves of itself, that it changes, that its rules change, that nothing remains permanent or absolute throughout all such movement, that mechanical explanations for anything can work only within precise confinements and, once the walls are broken down, the old explanations shatter and dissolve, blown away by new movements.

The things you see in this trance are sobering, often shattering. They demand your utmost effort to remain whole, and even so, you emerge from that state profoundly changed.

The Stolen Journals

meditations on time logic intuition and chaos~

The Secret Life of Chaos

Earth works

Blue Fluorite, Lepidolite, Citrine

Mercury Rx and Uranus are conjunct.
Two planets that like to switch it up a bit.

Mercury is dual, androgynous.  it is the perception, logic, dexterity and self-expression.
Three days on Mercury = 2 years on Earth, the rotation is very slow.  The Sun rises and lingers in the sky on Mercury for 6 months at a time, meaning one side will be facing the sun for six months and very hot (430 degrees celsius), the other much cooler (-180 degrees celsius).

Uranus rules polarities, it is lightning fast communication or intuition.  Uranus rules magnetics and its polar axis is at a right angle to the other planets.  It is eccentric, operates independently, and often delivers a shocking revelation out of the blue.

When Mercury and Uranus aspect each other in the natal it brings a high-strung nature, fierce independence and revolutionary genius ideas.  I have them both elevated in my chart, Uranus conjunct Sun, I am familiar.

Mercury Rx tends to bring introspection and energies of the planet turned inward, it is a time of re-thinking, revising, and re-invention on the inner plane.  While Mercury Rx conjuncts Uranus in impulsive Aries, revelations are on the inner mental plane, tendencies slant towards ego based thinking.  Mars Rx in Virgo in mutual reception with Mercury – our inner perfectionist is activated along with a driving need to be fast  AND  perfect.
Go easy.

So how to combat low vibrations when you are feeling Mercury Rx aspecting Uranus like we all are now..?

One, work the calm steady flow of energy in the earth trine, second, read the below.

Above you will find three stones in the pic.

The small light yellow crystal is citrineNatural citrine, not heat treated amethyst  that takes on a dark orange color. Citrine is trigonal, its yellow pigmentation comes from iron. Citrine activates the mental powers, mental discipline, it enhances greater emotional control hence the logical mind is clear to function.  Citrine activates the Muladhara (root) and Manipura (solar plexus) chakras.
Citrine is androgynous, balanced and works to enhance the functioning between storage and broadcast of information and thought forms.  It can be worn on the body and is highly useful when worn during meditation in order to eliminate toxic thought forms.

The purple wand above is lepidolite.  Lepidolite is monoclinic, it activates all the chakras especially the Anahata (heart) and Ajna (third eye) chakras.  Lepidolite is a stone of serenity, it calms nerves and helps balance any irregularities in the brain functioning.
Lepidolite has a high lithium content therefore it calms the mind.

The large blue stone is blue fluorite.  Fluorite is cubic, or octahedral.  Fluorite enhances mental clarity and decision-making, it clears the psyche of mental clutter.  Blue fluorite in particular works with the Vishudda (throat) chakra enhancing articulation and creative communications.  Fluorite elixir alleviates anxiety, sexual frustration and hyperkinetic behavior.  It enhances the ability of the ethric body to receive higher levels of thought and increases assimilation of the life force into the physical body.  When used in a bath, fluorite helps alleviate arthritic conditions.


Silence and the Source

Tomasz Maronski

Saturn shut my Mercury MC down last night.
Or rather, my Pluto transit did.
Saturn rules silence.
Pluto rules fubar.
Power. Struggle.

Mercury went quiet.
Feeling the squeeze from everywhere.

Pluto leaves you standing there gaping: thinking w.t.f. ! are you kidding me ?!?
It forces any and and all issues to the surface, drags up the ugly and throws it in your face.  It transmutes, metamorphs and kills one thing in order to birth another.

Rogue: When they come out… does it hurt ?
Wolverine: Every time.

Pluto is currently square Sun in Pisces, and Uranus conjunct Mercury Rx in Aries.
Moon is constrictive to begin with and now it is in Saturn – ruled Capricorn coming up to conjunct Pluto again.

Moon conjunct Pluto will be high-octane off the charts emo crap, and it is in the Grand Earth Trine, is likely dealing with work or personal goals in some way (Capricorn).

This can be very healing, as far as purging the toxins, literally and metaphorically.
Possibility of healing manifested rapidly with tangible results.
Moon and Pluto rule vomiting.
Sucks, but you feel better after.
Typical Pluto.

Moon Pluto squares to the Sun, Uranus, Merc Rx will reveal new emotions, directions, ideas, and creative prospects to mull over in your brain.

New insights both incoming and outgoing are on the agenda with Merc Rx back over Uranus.   How do you compete with words and ideas ? 
May want to re- think that.

Mercury Rx and Mars are in mutual reception, so they are in constant communication, right off the bat.
Mercury is steeping in Aries, house of Mars, as is Uranus.

Watch your peripheral vision, your headspace ~ what you let in and out – mental / verbal wheels are burning tread at the starting line.  Caution is advised.

FYI: Mars Rx, Jupiter and Pluto are all at 9 degrees today
…put the knife down and back away slowly…
nines indicate endings, completion and saying goodbye to something

blessed be~