Earth works

Blue Fluorite, Lepidolite, Citrine

Mercury Rx and Uranus are conjunct.
Two planets that like to switch it up a bit.

Mercury is dual, androgynous.  it is the perception, logic, dexterity and self-expression.
Three days on Mercury = 2 years on Earth, the rotation is very slow.  The Sun rises and lingers in the sky on Mercury for 6 months at a time, meaning one side will be facing the sun for six months and very hot (430 degrees celsius), the other much cooler (-180 degrees celsius).

Uranus rules polarities, it is lightning fast communication or intuition.  Uranus rules magnetics and its polar axis is at a right angle to the other planets.  It is eccentric, operates independently, and often delivers a shocking revelation out of the blue.

When Mercury and Uranus aspect each other in the natal it brings a high-strung nature, fierce independence and revolutionary genius ideas.  I have them both elevated in my chart, Uranus conjunct Sun, I am familiar.

Mercury Rx tends to bring introspection and energies of the planet turned inward, it is a time of re-thinking, revising, and re-invention on the inner plane.  While Mercury Rx conjuncts Uranus in impulsive Aries, revelations are on the inner mental plane, tendencies slant towards ego based thinking.  Mars Rx in Virgo in mutual reception with Mercury – our inner perfectionist is activated along with a driving need to be fast  AND  perfect.
Go easy.

So how to combat low vibrations when you are feeling Mercury Rx aspecting Uranus like we all are now..?

One, work the calm steady flow of energy in the earth trine, second, read the below.

Above you will find three stones in the pic.

The small light yellow crystal is citrineNatural citrine, not heat treated amethyst  that takes on a dark orange color. Citrine is trigonal, its yellow pigmentation comes from iron. Citrine activates the mental powers, mental discipline, it enhances greater emotional control hence the logical mind is clear to function.  Citrine activates the Muladhara (root) and Manipura (solar plexus) chakras.
Citrine is androgynous, balanced and works to enhance the functioning between storage and broadcast of information and thought forms.  It can be worn on the body and is highly useful when worn during meditation in order to eliminate toxic thought forms.

The purple wand above is lepidolite.  Lepidolite is monoclinic, it activates all the chakras especially the Anahata (heart) and Ajna (third eye) chakras.  Lepidolite is a stone of serenity, it calms nerves and helps balance any irregularities in the brain functioning.
Lepidolite has a high lithium content therefore it calms the mind.

The large blue stone is blue fluorite.  Fluorite is cubic, or octahedral.  Fluorite enhances mental clarity and decision-making, it clears the psyche of mental clutter.  Blue fluorite in particular works with the Vishudda (throat) chakra enhancing articulation and creative communications.  Fluorite elixir alleviates anxiety, sexual frustration and hyperkinetic behavior.  It enhances the ability of the ethric body to receive higher levels of thought and increases assimilation of the life force into the physical body.  When used in a bath, fluorite helps alleviate arthritic conditions.


2 thoughts on “Earth works

  1. Merc Rx stuff, Mary Beth is having trouble posting , so here is her comment copy & paste.
    I happily do so at her request ~Gneiss

    I found it fascinating, at any rate. i find the physical properties of the planets to be profoundly metaphoric in their application (how cool is that? mercury speeds through space but rotates very slowly. wow). have to say, i am LOVING this electric-tension because i dont think anything else would MOVE this metaphoric mountain. would be good to have a lump of blue fluorite in everyone’s pocket, though!
    Mary Beth

    • Love the way you put it, and I agree.
      I love the zip ~> snap crackle pop of Uranus + Merc ~ fizzy in combo with all the earth.

      I was thinking of Jeff Bridges and his Uranus elevated & hanging out in the breeze, and Nikki Giovanni and her chart with only one opposition, and Georgia O’Keefee’s with no squares.
      The universe KNOWS (hee Uranian again) what it is doing.

      What is the saying…?…we are not given more than we can handle. We have the tools, and just the right amount of oOomph in the natal to Rise To the Challenge.

      Some have lots of squares but no oppositions, so more help from others.
      Or like Georgia, no squares, so extremely self-sufficient.
      Humans are such an interesting gumbo ~
      Astrology is endlessly fascinating…one giant survey for Earthkind. lol

      sorry about the log in, I had the same difficulties, will try to suss it out xo

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