Silence and the Source

Tomasz Maronski

Saturn shut my Mercury MC down last night.
Or rather, my Pluto transit did.
Saturn rules silence.
Pluto rules fubar.
Power. Struggle.

Mercury went quiet.
Feeling the squeeze from everywhere.

Pluto leaves you standing there gaping: thinking w.t.f. ! are you kidding me ?!?
It forces any and and all issues to the surface, drags up the ugly and throws it in your face.  It transmutes, metamorphs and kills one thing in order to birth another.

Rogue: When they come out… does it hurt ?
Wolverine: Every time.

Pluto is currently square Sun in Pisces, and Uranus conjunct Mercury Rx in Aries.
Moon is constrictive to begin with and now it is in Saturn – ruled Capricorn coming up to conjunct Pluto again.

Moon conjunct Pluto will be high-octane off the charts emo crap, and it is in the Grand Earth Trine, is likely dealing with work or personal goals in some way (Capricorn).

This can be very healing, as far as purging the toxins, literally and metaphorically.
Possibility of healing manifested rapidly with tangible results.
Moon and Pluto rule vomiting.
Sucks, but you feel better after.
Typical Pluto.

Moon Pluto squares to the Sun, Uranus, Merc Rx will reveal new emotions, directions, ideas, and creative prospects to mull over in your brain.

New insights both incoming and outgoing are on the agenda with Merc Rx back over Uranus.   How do you compete with words and ideas ? 
May want to re- think that.

Mercury Rx and Mars are in mutual reception, so they are in constant communication, right off the bat.
Mercury is steeping in Aries, house of Mars, as is Uranus.

Watch your peripheral vision, your headspace ~ what you let in and out – mental / verbal wheels are burning tread at the starting line.  Caution is advised.

FYI: Mars Rx, Jupiter and Pluto are all at 9 degrees today
…put the knife down and back away slowly…
nines indicate endings, completion and saying goodbye to something

blessed be~

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