friends on film

YaY !
Venus conjunct Jupiter with one of my Leos.
His sister was on the ground getting all up in my business while I was snapping away.

I have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo 8, square Neptune (film).
Sun/Uranus/Pluto in Virgo (pets).
Venus (art) is conjunct lucky Jupiter now, so no surprise I got lucky and mister handsome cat showed up for his moment of glory.

Venus rules love + friendship and these two (along with previous pets) have names that mean friend. They (brother and sister) are my buddies, they come when I whistle.
My Mercury (whistling & siblings) at MC sextiles Jupiter in Leo.

Friend in daylight.
Good kitty !

Your Taurus house is getting an influx of positive as is Virgo and Capricorn.
*Tangible luck and progress*
Saturn is quintile Pluto, inner power and spiritual gifts align with ambition !

This is our contribution to creating art on the material plane, are you creating as well..?
Contacting your friends to tell them you care..?  Playing lotto..?
Which reminds me, gotta go ~>
more later
I have mentioned before Venus rules sweet things and I am off to find green M&M’s, score some scratch-off’s.
Wish me luck !


6 thoughts on “friends on film

  1. super cool! 🙂
    and wow, what a gorgeous kitty. that first pic, i would FRAME THAT. love it.

    i had a phone conversation where some big stuff was said out loud. woOoohoooOO!

    • Awesome ! Great time to lay the groundwork for new directions & endeavors ~

      Thanks I like the cat pic too, that was my luck along with the universe pitching me 2 Venus/ Jupiter people recently !
      + lotto 🙂

  2. Gar is saying to Mel that you crazy cat up a tree when you could be sitting here looking pretty………………

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