In honor of the incoming Sag Moon
11:34am CST, USA
I’m off to the FUNHOUSE wanna come along . . . ?!
Sag Moon loves fun and frolics

Venus rules comics, cartoons and laughs.
Leo Venus is love of tigers and lions and warm fuzzies.

She is coming up to square Mars in Scorpio
so perhaps she is revving UP for some hot furries instead, lol ?!?
Got your eye on someone ?
Friction is happenin’ that’s for sure !

Venus attracts, but Mars loves the chase.

I’m your friendly astrologer
here to deliver Groovy randoms
to take our brains off the ginormous yowie
– yeah THAT one –
The exact T-Square
read here
Mercury opposite Uranus both square Pluto.
some fun
childhood mashUPS

off on an adventure.  cute.

older, not  grown UP

Manifest your dreams into reality
Saturn trines Neptune.

weird fact
puffs below are called dandelion clocks
Saturn rules clocks
Moon rules seeds, Uranus chases

Building Saturn trine Neptunian vision
great for creative work
daydreaming makes problem-solving a snap
Follow your bliss

ps. this is me at the mo
will be at full throttle capacity asap
thanks for your patience