Gold Vein

Kate Balay olive fairy book Kate Baylay – Olive fairy book

Full Moon 14 Taurus
Thursday November 6
4:23pm Chicago
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Full Taurus Moon is heading into negotiations with Sun, Venus and Saturn in Scorpio. Peace talks, awareness and yes, often someone on the other end of the wheel poking you repeatedly with the aggravation stick.

Mars is applying within 3 degrees of Pluto at Full Moon while Venus is in Scorpio.  Desires take the head – front and center.  Desire to join resources/power boost.  Ownership of stuff, shared stuff, power struggles over all.

Sensuality, creativity is lively & peppered with flair and drama as the luminaries square Jupiter in Leo.  

see me See Me SEE ME Jupiter in Leo is the Lunar obstacles Gold Vein to Go For – the inner frustration/faith that will lead to the most personal emotional growth.

Leo house boosts willpower, inspired by creative self-expression.
How, What, Why and Who do you love ?  Desire ?  Venus on the barrel head.

Your Taurus house is getting the insight of a Full MoOon very soon.
Messages straight from the Power Octaves – Mars & Pluto.
Heads UP

Gneiss Moon

Peter’s prowess

Tyrion-Lannister-tyrion-lannister-35417095-3333-5000Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister
Game of Thrones

How fun is it watching Peter chew lines and spit ’em out with sardonic wit week after week ?  Easily one of my favorites on GoT, he steals scene after scene, year after year.  Peter won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 2011 for the role of Tyrion.  I have loved his work since I saw The Station Agent, co-starring Patricia Clarkson, I highly recommend it.

Peter is a very earthy Gemini Sun (and Mercury – rules Gem), with 3 planets in Toro, including Moon (exalted here) and a late Virgo stellium.

Early Sagittarius Mars, Chiron in Aries are his lone fire planets – but with Jupiter nestled between Pluto and Uranus – Peter has plenty of wisdom, enthusiasm and power to attain adventurous goals.  Chiron in Aries is a powerful drive to heal wounds through understanding/seeing the big picture, while focusing on taking the single-minded  independent lead.  Mars in Sag loves to explore, learn, experience and play.

Sag Mars quintiles (genius expression) Virgo Pluto and if that doesn’t make a randy, lusty, silver-tongued devil I’ll eat your hat.  Perfect casting !  It also indicates a drive to expand philosophies/perceptions surrounding perfection on a mass scale (Mars quint Pluto trine Moon).

Virgo Jupiter neck and neck with the innovator (Uranus) and the metamorph (Pluto) craft a clever, witty and practical punch.  Pluto trines exalted Moon in Venus – ruled Toro leading to favor, attraction via steady, humble groundwork – laid patiently, skillfully, and sensually, I might add. 

Tyrion LannisterKudos to leathersmith, & artisans all – fantastic work !

Peter has Gemini Sun square late Virgo Pluto/Jupiter/Uranus leading to a tremendous inner tension forcing intellectual/communicative self-improvement.  The key is versatility inherent to mutable signs – mental dexterity, witty repartee, being calm, cool, collected in a battle of wits.

That knock-out Virgo stellium sees Jupiter in exact sextile to Neptune in Scorpio – now that is the ability to powerfully flesh out any scenes on film (Neptune).  The minutiae of  expressions Peter is capable of turning out in scene after scene is stunning. Did you catch his eye twitching when Tywin (new hand in the office) was lecturing him ?  Go back and look – amazing.  He is all kinds of fun to watch onscreen !

Venus bang on Saturn in Toro has much to do with that artistic control.  Venus rules Taurus and the arts; Saturn, discipline and control – both are well-placed in earth.  Peter’s perceptual prowess coupled with powers of mimicry – Mercurial energy is working its charm !

I’ll pop some fun vids in the comments – fair warning – plenty of swearing and skin.
If it turns you off – don’t turn it on.


night flight

Flying on my Dreams II Artist: IceQueen777 (click)

This morning when I awoke and slowly rose to shake off the last bits of sleep, images began to form in my mind’s eye of my nights travels.

I had landed softly on a lush green daisy – strewn sunlit field after flying above a city waving and blowing kisses at strangers on the ground.  It was a much needed dream that brought serenity and peace of mind.  

Clouds were drifting past me and I was toasty warm having a blast looking and waving at the world below me… I even visited someone while still dreaming and told them how cool my flight to their house was.   I played games with their son while we patiently waited for dinner.  

I rarely remember dreams these days so it was a lovely Valentine’s gift from the universe.

I looked at my transit info asap, of course.  Transit Venus coming to conjunct Saturn in Aries which is trine Mars in Sagittarius (long-distance travel) in 11th house (natural house of Aquarius and flight).
My Mars is also quintile (spiritual gift) Uranus so flying dreams and yes, a bit of amour tossed in as well.  Lucky me ! xo

Flying dreams represent your ambition and wishes taking flight.  The condition of the flight you take in your dream represents how easy or difficult your climb to success will be for you. 




I’ve been happily exploring my new tarot deck and have done a reading for us !
A pre – during – post Venus conjunct Saturn reading.

Venus gives Saturn a big wet kiss at 6:48 CST USA, Thursday 29th.
Libra finds creative Venus in the sign she rules, on the lap of sure and steady Saturn who is exalted in the sign of balance.

Love, a dash of charm, (Venus) coupled with wit (Mercury) and radiance (Sun) all in Libra, means earthy, sensuous Pan (Saturn) is gonna get busy with Venus real quick !
This is great astro for working out the kinks in all relationships, so use it or lose it !  (Capricorn motto- Saturn rules- I use.) 

Fallen Angel deck
Pre:  53 amdusias  (harmony, planet- Venus, element-air)
A gathering of friends for a common purpose: peace and friendship.  Dreams, enchantment and magic are your guides on the path to creating a project that is close to your heart.

During: 2 agares (strength, turmoil, planet-Venus, element-fire)
Gather your allies, master the unconscious in preparation for the inevitable changes on the path ahead.  Brings the gift of eloquence to your cause.

After:  38 crocell (mystery, planet-Venus, element-fire)
Events below the surface are rising, listen to your dreams and omens.  Mysteries of the soul will be revealed in sleep, divination and by spirit guides.

Spirit card: 14 valefor (honesty, planet-Venus, element-earth) 
Did you notice every card is Venus ?!  Awesome !  Now here comes Saturn haha…
Beware of taking shortcuts by cheating, lying or stealing for the gambling gods will abandon you in the end when justice catches up with you.


kissing the stone

This evening, around 4:15 CST USA Mercury leaves Virgo, joining Sun, Venus, and Saturn in Libra.  Party time !
Libra is the house of parties and friends…but also lawsuits and enemies.
It is opposite the me Me ME of Aries and is the house of Balance and Us. 

Venus is at home in the house she rules and is warming up to old cuss Saturn on the couch at about 5 degrees…and she’s moving in closer…Saturn is looking good ~ he is exalted in Libra.

A spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar.
Ben Franklin

There is a sense of peace coupled with change in the air, with the grand earth trine involving Moon (feelings), Jupiter (poise), and Pluto (inner energy). 
Saturn is steady, diplomatic, fair and kind in Libra, especially with Venus at his side.  Pluto, with 6 aspects in the sky is manifesting change in Air (thoughts, communication) and Earth (physical world), and Fire (actions).  The Water element (Moon) is involved  via the steady Earth trine.

Mercury (Hermes) is the messenger, the traveller, the root of the name (herma) means ‘marker of stones’. 
Mercury (polarities) into Libra (scales of balance) can mean an over abundance of thinking/communicating followed by periods of quiet and relaxation (Venus).

It occurs to me I have vacation coming (yes !) and should make a calendar of chores so I can be more productive, haha Saturn, no rest for Saturn.   I will plan a day of reading (how weird to schedule relaxation) since Mercury rules reading, libraries, Saturn rules time, Venus, love.  The brick pictured above is on a path leading to a library, if you were wondering.
I will leave you with a gorgeous photo (Venus, art) of a mysterious moving (Mercury) rock (Saturn) to celebrate Mercury into Libra.


Lucky Muse

Uranus in Aries (unpredictable fire energy) is trine
Mars in Leo (creative, playful fire energy)

Mars (desires) is sextile (opportunity) Sun (spirit) 
Sun is conjunct Mercury (dexterity / communication)
Venus (art) is conjunct Saturn (concentration).

Shepard Fairey

Cancer Moon is banging around opposing Pluto and later will square Venus and Saturn, both of which have Uranus up their whatsit by opposition.

Lucky Jupiter may bring beneficial outcomes through a trine to Pluto changes.

Could be
Powder Keg Meet Fuse.
Paintbrush Meet Muse.