night flight

Flying on my Dreams II Artist: IceQueen777 (click)

This morning when I awoke and slowly rose to shake off the last bits of sleep, images began to form in my mind’s eye of my nights travels.

I had landed softly on a lush green daisy – strewn sunlit field after flying above a city waving and blowing kisses at strangers on the ground.  It was a much needed dream that brought serenity and peace of mind.  

Clouds were drifting past me and I was toasty warm having a blast looking and waving at the world below me… I even visited someone while still dreaming and told them how cool my flight to their house was.   I played games with their son while we patiently waited for dinner.  

I rarely remember dreams these days so it was a lovely Valentine’s gift from the universe.

I looked at my transit info asap, of course.  Transit Venus coming to conjunct Saturn in Aries which is trine Mars in Sagittarius (long-distance travel) in 11th house (natural house of Aquarius and flight).
My Mars is also quintile (spiritual gift) Uranus so flying dreams and yes, a bit of amour tossed in as well.  Lucky me ! xo

Flying dreams represent your ambition and wishes taking flight.  The condition of the flight you take in your dream represents how easy or difficult your climb to success will be for you. 



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  1. Welcome willowdot, thank you and glad you like . . . I had forgotten this dream & post until you found it !

    Please note Ice Queen 777 is the artist – click above or the link under image – I ALWAYS include a link, if I can locate artist, being an artist myself. If I cannot locate the artist and love the image, I request a contact and proceed, willing to link or remove as advised.

    This is the closest thing to a journal I have ever kept. My latest dream involved flood waters, perhaps I will include in my next post in accordance with full Libra Moon.

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