I’ve been happily exploring my new tarot deck and have done a reading for us !
A pre – during – post Venus conjunct Saturn reading.

Venus gives Saturn a big wet kiss at 6:48 CST USA, Thursday 29th.
Libra finds creative Venus in the sign she rules, on the lap of sure and steady Saturn who is exalted in the sign of balance.

Love, a dash of charm, (Venus) coupled with wit (Mercury) and radiance (Sun) all in Libra, means earthy, sensuous Pan (Saturn) is gonna get busy with Venus real quick !
This is great astro for working out the kinks in all relationships, so use it or lose it !  (Capricorn motto- Saturn rules- I use.) 

Fallen Angel deck
Pre:  53 amdusias  (harmony, planet- Venus, element-air)
A gathering of friends for a common purpose: peace and friendship.  Dreams, enchantment and magic are your guides on the path to creating a project that is close to your heart.

During: 2 agares (strength, turmoil, planet-Venus, element-fire)
Gather your allies, master the unconscious in preparation for the inevitable changes on the path ahead.  Brings the gift of eloquence to your cause.

After:  38 crocell (mystery, planet-Venus, element-fire)
Events below the surface are rising, listen to your dreams and omens.  Mysteries of the soul will be revealed in sleep, divination and by spirit guides.

Spirit card: 14 valefor (honesty, planet-Venus, element-earth) 
Did you notice every card is Venus ?!  Awesome !  Now here comes Saturn haha…
Beware of taking shortcuts by cheating, lying or stealing for the gambling gods will abandon you in the end when justice catches up with you.