root of the root

Hello fine people- today’s reading for insight from The Psychic Tarot by John Holland.

Past:  Illumination, truth, time for you to shine- very positive card.

Present:  5 mental card speaks of change, learning, how situations are handled.  Be sensitive to your own energies and those of others.  Choose your battles.  Stay or go, fight or flight ?

Future:  Base or root chakra:  This chakra is most closely related to earthy issues.  It points to the basics of survival and stability, or remaining rooted in the physical.  Root chakra represents those issues involving Saturn, sex drive and fear.  Root chakra is primal.

Spirit card:  5 emotions card speaks of emotional loss, the heart heals and becomes stronger through new wisdom and knowledge.  Focus on the positive, what is left to be grateful for rather than steep in what is lost.