bees knees

Ok, how adorable is Patricia Clarkson ?!  Every movie I see her in I just love.  The Station Agent, Cairo Time, are my faves.
I just had to look up her deets ~

No wonder I like her, we have good synastry…!  She has Sun, Moon, and Saturn all tightly conjunct in Capricorn all trine Pluto in Virgo, and sextile Neptune.

A quick run down of the synastry: All of Patricia’s Capricorn stuff is conjunct my ascendant.  I can’t help but love Saggos, it’s in my blood.  Her Venus is conjunct my Neptune, my Sun conjunct her North Node, her Uranus conjunct my Jupiter.

Highly ambitious, hardworking, and perceptive, she studied drama at Fordham University, where she graduated summa cum laude, and earned her MFA at the Yale School of Drama.
Patricia is cool as a cucumber and if you have seen her work, you know she is a real class act.

Mercury, Mars and Jupiter are all tightly conjunct in Sagittarius, all trine Uranus in Leo !
ta DA !  Built for the spotlight !

SoOo all the raucous fun is just busting to get out  from underneath that cool conservative Capricorn demeanor.  Venus and Neptune are both in Scorpio giving her a deep well of unseen passions that pours forth in her work.
Patricia’s Scorpio Venus is square Uranus in Leo, lightning bolt passions !

Here’s the 7 minutes in Heaven interview that led me on this merry chase, she is cute as a button !
Mike O’Brien is adorable, and she is the one actress he’s interviewed that really goes for the kiss– love it !
We watch Mike fall in love a little bit…but who wouldn’t she’s great !